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25.03.2017 Gero

In the morning we left Nagoya by train to meet my friend Yasu at Gifu station who was today’s driver. Even I have to admit that I don’t trust Japanese people driving cars it was really kind of him to bring us all the way to Gero.

Gero was referred as one of Japan’s three best onsen in the Edo period, even the town may now be quite a bit more urbanized than back then. Still the water got a special quality which makes Gero famous among visitor, mostly Japanese.

I had one thing very high on my list “What to do before I die”: stay at a Ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) and that was why we came over to Gero.

Until checkin we had lunch with Yasu and walked around the city. We were so lucky with the weather after the last cold and rainy days, that it made the day even a little bit more amazing. Another thing on my list was to see a firework in Japan, which was about to happen on that day. Very successful day for me! To be able to enjoy our Ryokan a bit, we set up a date to meet Yasu again before the Hanabi (花火, firework) would start.

After staying several days at guesthouses we weren’t used to all the special services you get at a Ryokan, like some staff will bring your luggage to your room, while another one explains everything every slowly. Including making us green tea inside our room which was even prettier than I hoped. With the traditional style and the river in front of our window I could have sit here forever.

We changed into our from the hotel provided Yukatas (浴衣, light summer Kimono) and got to the outdoor Onsen. I’m not a big fan of hot baths in general, but it’s a great experience to enjoy Onsen.

In our Yukatas we went to have dinner in the restaurant, which was included and around 5 courses which were all amazing. I was so damn full after it. It was already worth the money so much!

After being filled with amazing food we went out again to meet Yasu and Kohei for the firework. When it totally looks like the most typical double date ever, but you are all just friends spending a great day/evening together. Thanks guys for coming over!

Today’s calendar:
Weather: cloudy and sunny
Distance: Nagoya to Gero
Steps: 15,763 (11.19 km)
Accommodation: Gero Onsen Yamagataya

Positive: the whole day
Negative: nothing


Today’s Haul!

My Gifu came!! I am in love my Oshare Lace Llama. And I can’t believe how small the Festival boy is!

The pink marine baby is looking for a home. She comes with no tags, but she is good condition with a tiny bit of pilling on her legs. I will let her go for good price. ;)

Please let me know if you’re interested!

Thank you!