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There is a lot the old books tell us but, there is a part of my heart that still isn’t satisfied.

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Character Guide: Alphonse Michel from Pop’n Music 11.


things to love about castiel 1/
↳ Angelic sense of smell

sometimes i just think that we as a fandom don’t spend enough time talking about how, within the arsenal of badass angel powers, we apparently also have an epic sense of smell. like what the fuck else can cas smell? does he smell it every time dean gets turned on? or every time the winchesters are feeling depressed? was it confusing for cas not to be able to smell feelings when he became a human? can he still smell them by whatever logic allows him to still feel longing? you can’t just introduce something like this into the lore and then never revisit it, i have not forgiven and i have not forgotten.


I can go the distance! ‘Till I find my heroes’ welcome right where I belong!

Disney movie music 12/17

See Snow White / Cinderella / Sleeping Beauty / The Little Mermaid / Beauty and the Beast / Aladdin / Mulan/Pocahontas / The Princess and the Frog / Tangled / Frozen /  The Lion King / The Jungle Book / The Hunchback of Notre Dame / The Aristocats / Tarzan


31 days of Muse
Day 29 - Appreciation post: Dom Howard

“It’s totally mad to think that your music can really touch so many people, and we see it, you know? We see people screaming or crying. I read lots of tweets and instagram comments or whatever of that stuff on the web of people saying that you kind of have an effect on their lives and is an amazing and humbling feeling, it’s crazy. When we play we can see that in the audience sometimes, and on the stage is an amazing feeling, and it gives me and also the band the energy to perform even better.” (x)