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Everlark First Kiss

For @everlarkedalways‘s Everlark Love Challenge. 

This is the first Everlark kiss I ever wrote. Hope you like it.

She closed her eyes and leaned towards him, finally erasing the distance between them.

His lips were soft and warm, and they welcomed hers immediately. Time stood still as he bit her upper lip, nibbling gently on the tender flesh.

The entire world melted away. She was floating, weightless. Tethered to the ground by the soft pressure of Peeta’s lips. She felt his hand tangling in her hair, pulling her closer to him and she sighed, breathless, into his mouth.

She wanted to get closer to him, to feel his warmth encasing her. But she was still sitting on a chair while he was still standing. She brought her hand to his cheek. The feel of soft stubble under her fingertips made her smile. This is real, she thought, we’re not in the Capitol anymore. Her thumb kept tracing circles along his jaw as she gently pushed him away from her. His eyes were unfocused, surprised, disbelieving, and her heart ached for him.

“Katniss?” he whispered, an edge of panic in his voice.

She smiled at him tenderly. She looked straight into his eyes, trying to pour all the love she felt for him into her gaze. When she spoke, her voice was barely a whisper, not intended for anyone else but him.


His face broke into the most brilliant smile she had ever seen. Something glowing and warm exploded inside her chest and spread throughout her body, and she remembered why she’d stopped kissing him. In one swift motion, she stood up, pushing the chair away from her with the back of her knee. Peeta followed her motions. His hand never leaving its place at the back of her head as he pulled her towards him. She wrapped her arms around him, holding on to his sturdy frame as she stood on the tips of her toes and reached for his lips once more.

Any Other Wednesday

honeylime08  asked:

Just read your PiP, 'Better Together,' and I'm intrigued by all of your canon-twists. I hope that there's more of this!

Hey, @honeylime08!

Wow! Intrigued! I’m really flattered 😊

Yes! There will be more. I planned this as a three part story with a short epilogue. I’m already working on Part 2, so it probably won’t take long to have it ready. 

Thank you for reading, hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

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katnissdoesnotfollowback  asked:

Hi there, Honey! I just finished your PiP entry, "Better Together," and wanted to say that I am intrigued. I had to scroll through your blog before sending this message, otherwise it would have been a mess of screaming and begging for a part 2. But since you've already announced plans to continue it, I can instead spend my time telling you that the changes to canon are fascinating so far. But I still want Coin dead. Lol. Thanks for sharing with us and looking forward to the next installment! <3

Awwww, really? Screaming and begging for a part 2? Well, I think that’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me.

Part 2 is coming along, I probably won’t keep you in suspense much longer. As for Coin… well, I won’t spoil anything, but I’m definitely not through with her yet 😉

Thanks for reading ❤️

PiP Sneak Peek. Better Together.

Here’s another little snippet of Better Together, the fic I’ll be submitting to PiP.
Canon Divergent, starts at the end of MJ, Prim doesn’t die.
Tell me what you think!

Peeta’s hand found hers. Giving it a little tug, he asked, “come closer.”

Surprised, Katniss did as he asked.

His fingers reached her face. Soft fingertips gently traced her profile, running over her forehead, along the bridge of her nose, and landing on her lips.

“You’re not a mutt,” Peeta whispered.

After months of sorrow and self-doubt, Peeta’s words wrapped around her heart and soothed her pain like no morphling ever had.

Overcome with emotion, she trapped his hand in hers and brought it to rest over her heart.  “Neither are you,” she whispered back.

PiP Sneak Peek. Better Together.

Here’s a little snippet of Better Together, the fic I’ll be submitting to PiP.
Canon Divergent, starts at the end of MJ, Prim doesn’t die.
Tell me what you think!

“But, he’ll be scared and disoriented!” Katniss yelled.

The doctors had finally decided to wake Peeta up, and she wanted to be by his side when he came out of the sedation. Only now, Prim was saying that she had spoken to the specialists and they weren’t going to allow it.

Determined to convince her sister, Katniss went on, “he should see a friendly face when he wakes up.”

“Yes,” Prim agreed, “but, where does it say that it has to be you?”

Recognizing the fire in Prim’s eyes Katniss took a step back.

Somewhere in the last two years, Prim had become a force to be reckoned with. She was just as determined and pigheaded as Katniss was and, in this particular instance, she was merely watching out for her sister. She wanted to keep her safe, and how could Katniss fault her for that?

But Katniss could be stubborn too, so she changed her approach. “C’mon, Prim,” she said in the sweetest tone she could manage, “he won’t hurt me. Even if he wanted to attack me, his arms won’t work. They’re probably as limp as mine. He won’t even reach me, Little Duck.”

“You’re probably right,” Prim admitted, “but I’m not taking any chances. I do agree, though, there should be someone he knows by his side. And that will be me. Alright?”

“Ugh, fine!” Katniss relented with an exasperated huff.

freddweasley replied to your post: I need my closet friend to come home. We need to…

I love you Missie! (I also feel the exact same, so look, we’re similar!) *HUGS* I’m sending you as much love as I can via the internet!!

Of course we are similar, my love! I would never doubt it :) If we lived closer we’d get along so well, i’d watch football with you and listen to you talk for hours about the players you like and then we’d eat food while we discussed celebrities and male models and then we’d finish off by watching Great Expectations purely to gawk at Douglas’ face and cry at Harry’s perfection. See how beautiful is our friendship?! And I rely on internet love like it’s the air I breathe so thank you. <3

akosiroxy  asked:

Hi! I enjoyed reading the one you posted recently. I love how katniss described her life and sharing it with Peeta. It was heartbreaking reading why peeta didn't want even to hold hands with Katniss but it was great that katniss and peeta were still able to reconnect. Im just sorry I didn't get the chance to read this when you first submitted it pip but I'm happy I read today 😃. Thanks, javis! 😃

Thank you Roxy!
This was the first thing I ever submitted to PiP. I remember being super anxious when I sent it in 😉

I’m really glad you liked it.