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Danny - MyKPOP Promo Message!

Tagged by @smexykai! Thank you for tagging me, sorry it took like a week!

First KPOP song you have ever heard?
Troublemaker by Troublemaker, I feel so weird typing that :’D Like I know they are a duo, but omg its so weird typing the same thing twice.

First group you ever liked?

EXO, I still remember the first time I watched Overdose!
First ever bias?
Chanyeol! I loved the fact that he rapped and his red hair.

Songs you know all the words to?
Uhhm, probably anything from BTS.

Fave girl groups?
f(x) and Apink!

Fave Boy groups?
TOO MANY. BTS and EXO obviously, and I really love Seventeen, VIXX, SHINee and GOT7!

Favourite Solo artists?
Favourite Dancer?
There is no question, Hobi. He slays my life.
How long have you been a KPOP fan?
Uhhhm, probably two and a half years.

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