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What the eff did I just hear?

I was listening to My FM 104.3 (not a station a usually listen to) and this DJ guy called Valentine was asking some chick if she was a vegetarian and if she looked sickly. She laughed and said no and that her 2 year old son is also vegetarian. Then he’s all like “Oh noooooes! I don’t know what the doctors would say about that. Bring him over to my house for a weekend and he’ll be eating tbone steaks”. I know he’s exaggerating (at least I hope he is) but Wtf, why are you making her feel bad as if she’s poisoning her kids or starving them? She’s actually making him and herself healthy compared to most people. I’m not a vegetarian by FAR ( I eat chicken, turkey, and fish all day everyday) but respect other people’s HEALTHY lifestyle choices. You make it seem like being a vegetarian is equivalent to an eating disorder. It’s this mentality that makes people think that being unhealthy is a normal thing and that anyone else is a weirdo. Don’t shame other people for being healthy!


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“开心乐龙龙 - My Astro 新年万人 MV”

Thumbs Up!! Super nice Chinese New Year songs mash-up!! Proud to be a Malaysian!! ^^

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!