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Part 2: Imagine finding out that Ahkmenrah and the Tablet are returning to the Museum of Natural History.

When the alarm had gone off in your office about a potential break in and disturbance, the first thing you did was fall off your chair from shock. Then as you steered your face closer to the computer screens, you saw your fossilised Triceratops chasing a group of oddly dressed people, breaking glass exhibits as it ploughed through the west wing of the museum. They hid in the Knight exhibit and you watched one of the tin knights battle the bones of the dinosaur with brute strength and a sword.

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You were born at midnight. I was Pharaoh, and I had seen wonders most men only dream of. But when I first gazed upon you… you were instantly more precious to me than all the wonders of the ancient world. I knew I could never bear to say goodbye. I commanded the High Priest to create a gift to you, my son, using all we had learned of the mysteries of the Afterlife. Forget in the temple of Khonsu, God of the Moon and watcher over nighttime travelers… the Tablet of Ahkmenrah. The moon god bestowed his power upon the tablet, so that as long as it bathed in his light, our family could be together forever and not even death could part us.