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Imagine Finnick being your first kiss.

You couldn’t help the heat that creeped up your cheeks as Finnick approached you. You hated that he had such an effect on you. You hated that his charms worked on you just as well as anyone else. You hated that his smile made your insides melt, that he could reduce you to an awkward mess with just a look.

“Good morning, [f/n]. I trust you’re doing well?” Finnick stopped in front of you and popped a sugar cube into his mouth.

You averted your gaze and nodded shortly.

Finnick followed your eyes, ducking his head to your level, “Are we feeling quiet today?”

You let out a squeak of surprise as Finnick pressed his lips against yours in a quick but firm kiss. You could taste the sugar on his lips as you pulled away, wide-eyed. “What was that for?”

Finnick grinned, “So you do have a tongue,” he chuckled. “Just wanted to make sure it was still there.”

Gif Credit: Finnick