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community appreciation week 2017 day 3: favorite episode • Intro to Recycled Cinema

I feel the force. What? I don’t feel the force, I’m not allowed to. What do I feel? I feel Dracula force. I feel Dracula signals.

Fridget Fanart Problem!

Ok, so I have many Fridget GIFs, and I like posting Fridget art, and I usually make fridget GIFs after every Wentworth episode. Because I LOVE Fridget ❤️In fact, I have a lot of Fridget art ready to post. You know what the problem is?

People on twitter take My GIFs and post them as their own… It does take time and effort to make good GIFs you know! And when they’re taken the moment you post them and someone else posts your work and gets the credit, 

- well, it SUCKS  😡 

It’s great that people love my fanart! But in the fanart community the downloading of fanart and uploading as your own (and not crediting the maker) is considered very rude. Please credit someone if you borrow their fanart.

That’s all. Just had to get that off my chest.


Bobbie Draper in The Powerful Women of The Expanse Promo

She would cut off an arm or a leg for Mars, basically. But also, I’m really excited about when you get to see Bobbie in a more vulnerable light. It’s really important for people to see she’s not just this stoic woman all the time. - Frankie Adams