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Timeless S1:09

The Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde

You’ve read the story of Jesse James and how he lived and died. 

If you’re still in need of something to read, 

Here’s the story of Bonnie and Clyde…

…Someday they’ll go down together, 

They’ll bury them side-by-side. 

To few it’ll be grief, 

To the law a relief, 

But it’s death for Bonnie and Clyde.

─Bonnie Parker

One Hell of A Ride (c.h. imagine)

Summary: basically Calum and (Y/N) are Bonnie and Clyde.
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The story of Calum and (Y/N) was romantic, but also very tragic. Calum and (Y/N) were covering headlines of newspapers for years without getting caught by police. They robbed banks all throughout the south together as a couple in the 1940s. Of course, when they had gotten together, Calum hadn’t wanted (Y/N) brought into his crimes. But (Y/N) loved the adrenaline she got when robbing a bank and attention from the public. Calum and her were in this together and nothing would change that. (Y/N) was a local waitress who had gotten caught up by Calum’s tousled brown hair and chocolate orbs.
On this particular day, they were pulling a big job. A bank in Texas had fully recovered from the depression and Calum had his eyes on it. Wearing trousers, a striped button up shirt and suspenders, he looked determined as he eyed the familiar bank from across the street.
“I don’t know, something just doesn’t seem right about this job, Cal.” (Y/N) comments, biting her red lipstick covered lips. “You aren’t backing out on me now, are you darlin’?” Calum asks, glancing over at her. “Of course not, but this is a big job and there’s only two of us.” (Y/N) says. “Hey, look here.” Calum nudges (Y/N)’s chin until she’s looking at him. “Stop biting that lip, that’s my job.” He murmurs, leaning over and kisses her softly. (Y/N) sighs and gives in right away, kissing him back.
“Now, stop worrying that pretty little head of yours. We’re gonna do this and make it out to tell the story. Alright?” (Y/N) nods, getting out of the car. Calum follows, licking his lower lip as he looks up and down the streets.
“Gettin’ nervous, sugar?” (Y/N) asks, taking hold of Calum’s arm. “‘Course not. You look mighty fine, though.” Calum tells her, eyeing her brown skirt and white lacy top. “Come on, sweetheart. Let’s go knock ‘em dead.” Calum leads you into the bank and you both get in separate lines. You feel through your purse for the small shotgun Cal gave you. When it’s your turn to step to the banker, you pull it out. From the corner of her eye, (Y/N) sees Calum do the same.
“Nobody move!” Cal yells, firing a single shot in the air. The bankers put their hands up as you get behind the counter. “Open the safe!” (Y/N) yell. One banker leads you to the safe. The other must get an idea and point a gun towards (Y/N), because Calum says, “Put the gun down right now or I’ll shoot this whole place down.” The banker in front of you opens the safe and (Y/N) fills her purse full with cash just as the alarm for the bank goes off.
“Shit, (Y/N), hurry up!” Calum yells, helping her back over the counter. They both start to run out, but (Y/N) pauses by the door and fires a single shot into the ceiling.
“Don’t mess with (Y/N) and Calum!” She says, before Calum pulls her out of the bank and across the street. “Are you crazy? We could’ve gotten caught!” He mutters, starting the car. “But we didn’t!” (Y/N) says, laughing. Calum glances over at her as he drives and laughs. She leans over and kisses him softly. “We did it, baby!” (Y/N) say. Sirens wail behind your car as you drive and Calum curses under his breath. “Not yet, we didn’t.” The car chase goes on for a half an hour before Calum manages to lose the police. The adrenaline pumps through (Y/N)’s veins as she hears shots fired at the car.
The couple ditches the car twenty minutes later and make the journey to a local campsite on foot.
It’s getting dark and cold outside now, so Calum starts a fire. (Y/N) cuddles up next to him and kisses his cheek.
“How much money did we make?” He murmurs. “About $46.” (Y/N) says. Calum grins, kissing her temple. “I love you, darlin’.” (Y/N) smiles. “I love you too, Cal.” The rest of the night goes easy, with lots of love making and smiles.
But in the morning, Calum shakes (Y/N) awake quickly.
“Come on, sweetheart, we gotta go.” He says, pulling her up. A new car sits nearby and he drags her to it. “What? Why?” (Y/N) mumbles, rubbing her eyes. “I hear ‘em coming.” Calum says, starting the car. He drives away from the campsite quickly and (Y/N) bites her lip when they spot a row of cop cars up the road ahead.
“I’ve always loved you, (Y/N). I always will.”
“This is the end, isn’t it?”
Calum stops the car and looks over at you. He bites his lip, nodding. He leans over and kisses the love of his life as shots fire out from a few feet away. They’re blasted apart and shot many times all over, their blood splattering the interior of the car. Glass shatters as shots get sent through windows. When it’s all over, the sheriff walks up to Calum’s window and looks inside.
“You had one hell of a ride, (Y/N) and Calum.”