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Transatlanticism - (I thought it was about time this was remade 7/_?)

#every time i see this on my dash i am more and more enamored by it #just the way arthur’s head does this little dip as he leans closer#and the way his eyes get justor:  a little heavier - like he’s closing them #and the way merlin is watching him with absolute wonder - lips parted eyes open wide and those FUCKING EYELASHES #and the way he has his hand on arthur’s arm just… holding him there #and they’re both leaning in just a little closer #and i can practically hear the fire crackling next to them and the crickets chirping in the background #and the creak of the trees in the wind and the leaves rustling on the ground #and basically the entire universe whispering ”kiss him” #whoops tag feels (merlsy

This was a stop start project over lots of months so it changes styles a lot of times -.-’ I kinda started it because I’d had the whole “Modern Merlin walks past a reincarnated Arthur” thing stuck in my head for ages but then I thought @ptelly ‘s butterfly in “Return of the King” was kinda iconic so I tortured myself some more and threw that in there :)