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Aye sweets; so last year I did a recolor of marigold’s knit sweater one piece (it is one of my many fave cc) and some time ago I discover a-radioactive-mess converting it to toddlers and hell; i just gotta make it a matchy-match thing. Thanks and credits to @sims4-marigold; @a-radioactive-mess & other creators cc that I used! ❤️ 

I’m not sure if you’ll need the adult original mesh to work with the converted one or for mine to show.. but I’m just gonna include all the infos below cos it’s easier that way ^^”

Original Meshes // Adult version —- Toddler version
My Download // Adult version —- Toddler version

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NOTE: the gif thing is making my preview photo’s color all wonky. it’s not the cc so don’t worry ^^

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                                    The Anniversary Part 3

Y/N’S P.O.V. 

“Nate” I muttered, awkwardly rubbing my arm. 

“Aye Y/N I have our orders” Austin came walking over and handed me my mint chocolate chip ice cream. “Thanks” I sent him a small smile.

“Who’s this?’ I looked at Nate, who was currently glaring at Austin, then back at Austin.

“Uh guys this is Austin, Austin this is Sammy, John, and Nate”  I introduced them and they awkwardly looked at each other.

“So this is who you’re fucking now?” My face reddened and I glared at Nate.

“It’s none of your business.” Austin coughed awkwardly and shifted on his feet.

“Ima go out on a limb here and guess that that’s your ex boyfriend?” I glared at Austin and he quickly shut his mouth. 

“Just know that I hit it first” Nate laughed and the guys were quick to glare at him.

“Bro that was low” 

“You’re such a jerk! I don’t even know how I put up with you for so long!” I stormed out of the small Ice Cream parlor and walked over to the park, that was conveniently by the ice cream parlor. The guys kept calling my name and made my way towards the swing set in the far corner and took a seat. 

Fast footsteps headed my way until they slowed down and took a seat on the swing next to mine.

“You’re right you know.” I kept looking forward and let my feet sink into the wood chips. “I’m an ass and I don’t know how you put up with me for so long.”

“You’re right.” 

“I know you deserve better but I just can’t get you out of my head! Every time I’m even semi over you you always seem to find your way back into my mind! And just seeing you with that guy made me crazy jealous and I was seriously considering bashing his head in if he laid a finger on you, but then I remembered that you weren’t mine anymore and I had to hold it in. And I guess that’s what made me say what I did, and I truly am sorry.” I turned towards him and found him already looking at me with a sincere look in his eyes.

“You can’t just expect to come over here and make a speech and have me falling at your feet, ready to forgive you.” 

“That’s not what I came here for! Dammit! Don’t you understand that I still love you and that I’m trying to fix things between us?!” 

“Why didn’t you go after me when I left?” I asked.

“I was scared. Scared that I had fucked up so bad you wouldn’t want to take me back.” 

“You should’ve tried.” 

“I’m trying now!! Isn’t that what matters?” 

“I don’t know if I can just get back together with you and have the fear that shit will just go back to how it used to be!” 

“I’m not asking you to take me back right now! I’m simply asking you to give me time to prove that I have changed and that I will treat you right this time!’

“All I can do right now is friends.”

“That’s all I’m asking Y/N!” He said exasperated, “And if after a while you still feel like you can’t get back together with me then I’ll understand and we can stay friends.” 

I nodded my head and outstretched my hand “Friends?”

“Friends.” He took my hand “… for now.” 

“Cheeky bastard” He let out a laugh and I smiled at the thought of fixing things.

Maybe this time things will go right.  

                                                  THE END!! ❤ ❤

I hope you guys enjoyed it and didn’t think it was crappy  ❤ ❤