my gifs are so shitty holy crap

Aaaaaaaaaaaargh! I’ve hit 300 (323) followers!!
Holy crap I can’t believe so many people are following my shitty blog!
Thank you so much!

And a special thanks to some really amazing people I’ve come to know and love because of this hell site (and discord)

@51potatoes @thelattergaysaint @monneygrabber46 @lesbroadwaymemes @lesbianmezzo @andrewsrannell @jemfinchknowswhatyoudidinthedark @imasoundoftomorrow @cool-beenz @planetorlandos @aggressivelybreathing @aquaholicmermaid @diddlywackmackmormondaddy @meggysmeg @ciaowhizzer @elderkrelborn

I’m so sorry if forgot any of you beautiful yeehonks <3 I love so much! You always make me smile when I feel down

Thank you for being you!