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Hi Taylor! I just wanna tell you a little something about me. So over the past 4 years or so I have been struggling with my anxiety and depression. Recently over the past year it has gotten worse and I have thought about ending the pain. I know that is a sign of weakness but people are just so mean and society is so hard to please. One day I was thinking if I leave this world I’ll never get to hear your voice again. Your amazing songs. Your words of wisdom and that made me scared. So I been fighting. I hope one day we will be able to meet because that 10 year old girl of me is dying to meet you and thank you for everything that you have done for me. I love you so much words can’t describe it. I know that you probably will never see this but it is worth knowing that I got my story out there and that I’m fighting. Again thank you my life is so much better with you in it. One day hopefully I’ll get that hug from you and everything will be alright in my world. 💕 @taylorswift

Too late for that -Tom Holland

A/N: I don’t know why I keep ripping my own heart out. The second part is even worse. Enjoy!

Life is really not that entertaining when you are in bed half of the time and the other half you’re wandering through the hospital. Either to talk to doctors or to get yourself ran through tests and medication. It was one of those days where you didn’t have much energy because of the chemo and just lied in bed looking out the window. The tube in your nose tickled every few seconds when it sprayed fresh oxygen into your nose. You looked over to the door when it opened and your mom came in.
“Hey sweetie!” she said and was literally glowing with excitement.

“Uh..hi?” you said and were confused on why she was so emotional.
“What’s up?”

“Nothing. Just brought you some clothes and thought we should get you a little prepped up. I read that caring about yourself should help you get better. You’re always wearing that hospital thing. I brought you some nice jeans and a blouse. We can do your hair, maybe?” she offered and took the clothes out of the bag and laid them across the bed.
“Yeah…I guess.” you said and shrugged your shoulders In the last few months where your condition got worse you didn’t have the heart to say no to things which seemed to make your mom a little happier. To have cancer sucked, but to have a kid that suffered from cancer sucked even more. That’s the reason why you tried to keep her happy even though getting out of these comfy clothes was the last thing you wanted to do.

“Alright. Let’s get you out of bed.”

After you changed into the clothes your mom brought which you could have found cute if your bones weren’t poking out of your skin, showing how much weight you had lost. You were breathing heavily after you changed and had to sit down to calm your breathing.
“I’ll just put my hair in a ponytail.” you said out of breath and gave her a small smile before closing your eyes and concentrating on your breathing. After your lungs seemed to calm down a little you reached up to put your hair into a ponytail.

“How do I look?” you asked and smiled up to your mom who was obviously hiding her tears.
“Mom…” you sighed but she wiped them away immediatly and put a big smile on.
“You look stunning.” she said and made you chuckle. You leaned back against the head of the bed and pulled the blanket over your legs because your body didn’t really know how to heat up or how to cool down properly.

“I-…uh”, you started and closed your eyes again trying to not concentrate on the pain in your chest,“I should get some rest now. We’ll go out for a walk later, if you want?”
“Of course honey.” she approved and brushed her hand over your hair while leaning in to give you a kiss on your forhead, “Get some rest.”


You probably slept for half an hour even though you’d tell your mom you slept for two or three so she wouldn’t worry. The pain wasn’t always unbarable but it was always lingering in your chest which didn’t let you rest. You were looking out the window again, feeling a little drousy but not able to sleep. The wind outside was relentless, constantly dragging the trees and flowers in every direction. They were at the winds mercy, bound to be destroyed or survive without having a say in it. Helpless. Your gaze trailed back inside to your own body. Your hands were in your lap, your legs were outstreched - still in those light blue jeans.

Suddenly someone knocked on the door and the head of your mom peaked through the gap.
“Can I come in?” she asked and you nodded and waved her in. She was grinning again but this time she was holding her phone up as if she was filming you.
“What’s that?” you asked sceptically and raised an eyebrow.
“Nothing.” she answered and at the same time the door opened wide and someone in a red suit flipped into the room, landing perfectly right beside your bed.
“Oh, shit!” you cursed while laughing and pressed your hand against your chest because it startled you a little.
“Language!” your mom scolded you halfheartedly and you rolled your eyes.

“Hey! I’m Spiderman!” the person in the suit said, the mask muffling his voice and reached his hand out for you to shake it.
“I can see that. I’m Y/N.” you chuckled and shook his hand and pulled your hand back again.
“Nice to meet you.” he said and walked over to the side of the bed and reached out for his mask. As soon as he pulled it over his head your eyes widened and you felt your cheeks blush.
“Oh you’re really cute.” you blurted out and looked away while you heared him laugh at your comment. Now you understood why your mom insisted on changing your clothes. You would have been angry with her if she had let him see you in those hospital robes.


Tom, as you later found out, was a great actor. You hadn’t seen Civil War and Spiderman: Homecoming wasn’t released yet so you weren’t aware of the fact that they had cast a new Spider-Man. But he was great, he talked to you for a bit, made you laugh and for a little moment you felt admired. Because he had this look on his face as if he did not see you in this hospital bed. He talked to you as if you were two young adults at a party getting to know each other, but then he had to go on to the other people and surprise them. His manager actually came in to tell him that it was time to keep going. You did not expect to see him ever again. He was an actor after all, famous all around the world.

But he was going to prove you wrong. Almost a week later there was a knock on your door. It couldn’t be your mom because she was at work. It couldn’t be the doctors because they came in literally five minutes ago. You furrowed your brows trying to figure out who it could be but it was pointless.
“Come in!” you called and the door opened slowly. Someone in a black hoodie slipped through the gap and closed the door behind him. As soon as he turned around your mouth fell open.

“Hey.” he greeted you and took his hoodie off and shook his head to fix his curly hair.
“Wait a se-…Tom?” you said trying to figure out what was happening.
“Ah, okay. Alright where are the cameras? Mom! You can come out now!” you called with a smile on your face and looked around to see them coming out. But there was no one.
“Actually..” he said and stepped closer and pulled out sunflowers from behind his back, “it’s just me this time.” he added and handed you the flowers and sat down next to your bed on a chair.

You looked down to the flowers and up to Tom again, blinking, showing your confusion.
“Are you…okay?” he chuckled and waved infront of your face and made you look into his eyes.
“How did you expect me to react? Freaking Tom Holland just snuck into my hospital room.” you said and threw your hands into the air.
“Not my smoothest move. I admit.” he chuckled and scratched the back of his head.
“You don’t say.” you teased him while asking yourself where you got the boost of confidence in the back of your head.
“If you had given me a heads up, I would’ve changed into something…less hospital-y.” you joked while pointing st the robe and made him chuckle.
“Why? I see a perfectly fine, beautiful girl.” A smirk appeared on his face and you had to press your lips together not to grinn like an idiot.
“Not very smooth either.”

“Shit.” he chuckled and brushed his hand through his hair. His gaze traveled from your nightstand up to the bag of red-brown-ish liquid that was attached to a tube which lead to your arm. His eyes widened a little while stared at it and an awkward silence developed.
“It’s not as bad as it looks.” you said finally and his gaze jumped to you while his cheeks flushed.
“I-..I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-…stare.” he said while shaking his head and you shrugged your shoulders. “It’s fine. I stare at it sometimes. You try to understand things that keep you alive.” you tried to joke but it was a way too touchy topic.

“Anyways!” you added before another awkward silence could start, “why are you here?”
“I remebered having a good conversation with a gorgeous woman, so I had to come back to check on her.”

“Still. Not very smooth.”

“But effective.”


Surprisingly you had a very good time with the man you just had met. And after that he kept coming in as much as his schedule allowed him to. To a point where you became really good friends and maybe a little more which concerned you very much. It scared you, having feelings for somebody, knowing your state. Almost four months in, where your condition got worse every day, you were having some really dark thoughts. Did you deserve to be loved? Was it fair to somebody else to begin a relationship when you knew you’d leave soon? Were you even allowed to love anyone? To let someone love you?
“Hey starnger.”
Tom walked in with his hands full of bags and a flower between his teeth.
“Wha-…” even though you were not feeling well at all he still managed to make you laugh.
“Take it.” he mumbled and leaned down for you to take the flower and you did.
“A guy gotta eat.” he said and winked before sitting down and unpacked the food.
“I can’t eat any of those.” you said with a raised brow and he nodded.
“I know. That’s why I got you…this!” he said and pulled out a whole head of lettuce and held it right under your nose.
“Ha ha. Very funny, Holland.” you said pushing his hand away and rolled your eyes while trying to hide your smile.
“I know baby. I am the funniest.” he said in a cocky voice and you hit his shoulder playfully.
“Shut up.”

It was almost midnight when a nurse came in for the fifth time and told him to get lost this time. I asked her for five minutes and she was kind enough to leave us alone.
“Alright. I better get going. You need to rest.” he said and leaned down to give you a kiss on your forhead.
“Tom.” you blurted out when he had already turned his back on you.

“I need you to keep in mind that my condition isn’t getting better.” you said and he raised his brows.


“So…don’t.” you tried to give him a hint but he acted dumb.


“You know what I mean Tom. I’m dying!” you blurted out finally and crossed your arms infront of your chest.

“No I don’t and no you’re not.” he said while shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders like a child who didn’t want to come inside, even if it got dark outside.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” he added and blew you a kiss which made you sigh.

“Tom.” you stopped him again and took a deep breath, “Don’t fall in love with me.”

“A little too late for that.” he said and you saw him grinn before he left your room to avoid the angry nurse.

You’re Hurt

gif is not mine

Title: You’re Hurt

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 950

Warnings: Injured reader, fluff

a/n: This was at the top of my request list, which probably means it’s been there for a while. So I apologize for taking so long on this request. I hope you all love this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3 <3

This was requested by anon: What about a Sammy Imagine? Like something where the reader gets hurt badly on a hunt Sammy (the boyfriend) takes care of you. Love you

There were countless times where your boyfriend Sam Winchester would come back from a hunt with injuries.  You never failed to take care of his wounds as best as you could.  Luckily there was rarely a time where any of you had to go to a hospital.  Unfortunately, this time when you came back from a hunt with Dean, you were the one who ended up getting injured.

You ignored Dean’s pleas and went straight to the shared room you had with Sam.  A dangerous hunt always made you think about what you had with Sam.  It refreshed the painful reminder that your lives were incredibly dangerous and unpredictable.  

When you pushed open the door, you limped inside the room.  You quickly gained Sam’s attention.  He moved from the bed, rushing to your side.  The younger Winchester grabbed your arm, letting you lean against the other.  Sam sat you down on the bed, grabbing the emergency first aid kit that you kept on the dresser.

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Title: I Can Take A Hit
(gif belongs to of-badges-of-guns

A/N: Hope you all enjoy reading - any feedback is always welcomed and appreciated

Requested by Anon: “86 with gibbs?”
Word Count: 575
Pairing: Jethro Gibbs x Reader

86. “You got hit pretty hard.”

You were laid on the hospital bed with a face like thunder. It throbbed on the right side, your eye was pretty swollen and your ribs ached every time you even tried to move, not to mention the massive bruise on your right thigh. In the grand scheme of things you were okay, you felt a little woozy though it was the ache in your leg and ribs that were hurting the most. It was nothing compared to how embarrassed you felt to the suspect getting the upper hand on you.

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❧ Midnight Shadows  ; 2

 Pairing : Jimin x Y/N

 Genre : Fluff / Angst

 A/N : Sorry that it’s so short

1 | 2

‘‘Oh that’s a nice name’‘ I don’t know why people kept looking at me while I was talking to Jimin. That was really strange to be honest.

‘‘Yeah, can you leave me alone now?’‘ he says, rudely. I don’t get why was he so rude to me I didn’t do anything to him.

‘‘Fine, but one last question’‘ He looked up to me.

‘‘Just one question, and you’re never gonna waste my time ever’‘ he was very serious he never, smiled his expression was like stone.

‘‘Okay, so why are you this rude to me? What did I do to you. I never hurt you I just wanted to talk to you that’s all.’‘ I speak up more than usually my voice was pretty well heard.

‘‘You told your question. You can go now’‘ He looks back down at his book

I ran back to my room

How can anyone be that rude. Does he think I didn’t suffer enough, that I’m here. He might be depressed too but that’s not an excuse to talk to someone like that. If he didn’t like me talking to him he should’ve said that right away. He doesn’t like me. But there’s no reason that he should hate me. I mean I’m still new here.

But now I thought, why were the people so surprised I was talking to him? Maybe, he’s like this to everyone and that’s why they were surprised. Honestly, I couldn’t get rid of any thought in my head.

Why was he so rude to me?

The day past quicker that it normally would. It was still freezing cold in my room I don’t know why. I went to sleep and covered myself in blankets that I wouldn’t be so cold.

I was still thinking about life.

Honestly, that Park Jimin guy made my life worse I don’t know that it was possible to make it worse but he did it. I usually care about other people’s opinions. And him being this rude to me really hurt me. I thought we could’ve been friends.

The days went through and they were all the same. Going to the cafeteria outside, and Jimin just ignoring me. I didn’t have any friends neither did he so why didn’t he accept my company?

So I was thinking and one day I just approached Jimin.

‘‘You never answered my question though’‘ My voice sounded like I was crying a lot. Which I was in my room always. My parents never visited me and I didn’t have any friends here. I was broken.

‘‘Have you been crying?’‘ He said shocked.

‘‘Why would you even care if I was though?’‘ He tried to say something to me, but I cut him off

‘‘Why are you so rude to me? I just wanted a friend to laugh and spend time together. I never wanted to cry and feel broken. I wanted a friend that I could trust’‘ he grabbed my wrist

‘‘Look I don’t hate you, I’m not used to talking with people okay? Don’t cry because of me’‘ ending that sentence he walked away.

Connecting The Dots

Paring: danisnotonfire x reader

Rating: PG

Warnings: none, just a ton of fluff tbh.

Word count: 1121

Enjoy :)

Usually, being with Dan included tons of kisses, touching, tickling, all that cute coupley stuff you see in the movies. However, it’s been different lately. It seems as if Dan is trying to pull himself away from me, and I hate it. I want him to be happy, whether that’s with, or without me, but I need to know where he stands on the matter.

I wake up the next morning, to a cold bed. Dan had already gotten up to start his day, which was not like him at all. Most days, I wake up first, mainly because of the fact he’s up until four am every night on tumblr. I try to brush it off as I begin to start my day, but it sits in the back of my mind, eating away at all of my thoughts. When I enter the kitchen, I see my beloved boyfriend eating his cereal while leaning against the counter.

“Morning,” he mumbled, milk spilling from the side of his mouth.

“Good morning,” I reply, smiling at him, as I grab some frozen waffles out of the freezer. That was the extent of our conversation. After my answer, he had migrated to the living room, leaving me by myself. I told myself it was because he had a lot to do, which I know he does, but deep down it still hurt. Every day it seems to get worse, but he’s yet to move from our bed, or to kick me out, so I assume everything is alright… Kind of.

My phone buzzed in my pocket, and when I looked at it, I saw that Dan had tweeting something about his next video. “Do you want absolutely terrible advice from someone who can’t figure his own life out? Send me an email for the next Internet Support Group video!”

Instantly, I got an idea. I could send him an email from a fake account, and get his advice on the matter. Though, it might not work out, as he probably will be flooded with thousands of emails. I decide to go through with it anyway, and begin to construct the perfect email. With one last proof read, I press the big send button, and hope that everything will work out.


A few days had passed since Dan sent out the tweet, and the days had been exactly the same. The occasional hello, the awkward silence when both of us are in a room together. It isn’t something big, right? I keep trying to assure myself everything is alright, but I just can’t believe it.

“Hey, (Y/N)? I’m gonna film the video now,” Dan told me, setting up the camera in our bedroom. Just like the other Internet Support Group videos, he had gone through all (or most of) the emails, and picked a few of his favorites. He left his door open, thankfully, so I could hear what he recorded.

After recording, and rerecording, his intro a few times, he finally began reading the emails. One was about a girl who was in love with her best friend. Another about a boy who wants to convince his parents to let him get a dog. Then, I heard the familiar writing of the email I had sent just days before.

“This lovely email is from (Y/N), (Y/A), London. It reads, ‘Hey Dan! Recently, my boyfriend, who shall remained unnamed for his sake, has seemed really withdrawled lately. I know he’s busy, as he’s got much to do, but even in his downtime, he spends it away from me, usually on tumblr or playing Mario Kart. We barely even talk anymore. I’m not sure if he wants to break up with me, or if he’s not happy anymore, but it’s worrying me! Help!”

I sat on the couch, waiting for his response to the email, wondering if he would be able to connect the dots or not. After a bit of pondering, he started talking again.

“Well, (Y/N), I wouldn’t say he necessarily wants to break up with you. Maybe it’s just a little stick in the mud, yeah? Try talking to him, get his attention, maybe sit down and kick his arse at Mario Kart next time he plays. There might be something going on in his life that he doesn’t know how to figure out at the moment. I would say try to talk to him before jumping to conclusions, but if he still acts that way after your talk, smother him with a pillow while he sleeps- I mean, whaaaat?”

A chuckle escapes my lips, causing Dan to turn towards me, as I had been watching from the doorway.

“Me? Kick your arse at Mario Kart? That’ll be easy,” I tease, a half smile on my face, praying he makes the connection so I don’t have to explain it. His eyebrows furrow for a second, before he understands what I mean.

“(Y/N)?” Dan whispers, stopping the camera from recording, and making his way over to me. “Oh, love… I didn’t know that’s what you felt like.” His arms wrapped around me, one hand stroking my hair.

“I- I didn’t know any other way to ask you about it,” I swallowed, listening to Dan’s heartbeat.

“Darling, you can always talk to me. Always. I know we haven’t been as intimate as we used to be, but we’ve both got a lot going on right now. How about this. Friday, cancel all your plans. It’s going to be our day,” Dan tells me, pulling my face away from his chest. He looks in my eyes, a small smile on his face, before he kisses my nose. “I love you, (Y/N). So much. Never forget that.”

“I love you too, Dan,” I respond, standing on my tippy toes to kiss him. So there we were, standing in each other’s arms, hugging for what felt like an eternity. And it felt wonderful. It reminded me of the early days, when our friends would always tease us about the amount of physical contact we always had. Dan let go of me, ripping me from my thoughts, before beginning to speak.

“Hey, (Y/N)?” Dan called, sitting on his bed, and patting the spot next to him. “I think it’s time we tell the world, yeah?”

“Wha- Dan are you sure? I don’t want you to do this because of what just happened,” I stammer, fiddling with my fingers.

“I’m positive, (Y/N)! Get your cute butt over here, they’ll love you.”

So, I did. I sat down next to my amazing boyfriend, and he pressed record.

“Hello Internet! Today, I’m joined by my wonderful date mate, (Y/N). Say hello, beautiful!”

Save me: Josh Dun Imagine: Part 5: Finale


“It’s five years today.” I mumble. “I know.” I look at the snow that’s falling outside on the balcony of the hotel and whisper, “I miss you.” Everything replays in my head. 


Y/N dropped the news that she was engaged and it made my heart drop. “R-really?” She just nods as her eyes are glued to ground. I watch her fingers delicately playing with the huge ring on her left ring finger. How did I not notice it? “No.” I say. No?” Her face is full of confusion, “No. Y/N, I waited this long for you to come back and I didn’t expect you to automatically fall in love with me and run into my arms, but I can’t let you marry whoever it is.” 

 “I-I have to go.” She rushed into her car and i’m left in awe as she drives off. AS if on cue, it begins sprinkling and i’m left alone on the street. 


You tossed and turned all night, Josh’s words replayed in your head. He loved you. You spent all that time trying to get over him just to come back and have him say those words. Words you wanted to hear ever since middle school. It was gloomy and raining outside, but you knew you had stayed up all night. “Fuck.” You whispered to yourself. You grabbed your phone off the nightstand, 6:43 A.M, and texted Jenna. It was early, but you needed someone. Jenna was up and was at your hotel room at exactly 7. 

“What’s wrong?” She immediately asked as she walked in and sat on the messy bed. “He loves me.” You say. You explained what had happened with Josh and by the end of it, Jenna has her eyes wide and her mouth is hung open. “But, I’m engaged, Jenna. But, I don’t know what to do. I could’ve just told him that I am getting married to Michael. But, I hesitated and then just left.” You sighed heavily and threw yourself back on the bed. “Y/N, honestly, you’ve already given yourself the answer.” You lift yourself back up with confusion running through your mind. “The fact that you even have to question yourself is your answer.” 


Best Friend Y/N: I need to talk to you. Meet me at Tyler and Jenna’s. 

When I read the text I wasted no time in getting ready and driving straight to Tyler’s. Traffic was slowly moving because of a huge accident up ahead. All I could see was a flipped car on the divider. I drive slower as I get closer to the accident, but my foot steps on the brake pedal hard when I see Tyler standing there. I don’t care about the cars behind me, I care about why Tyler was standing on the freeway in the rain. I just place my car in park and rush over to Tyler, “Tyler! What are you doing here! Are you okay!” I shout so he can hear me over the cars and honking. I can see the tears running down Tyler’s face despite the rain also drenching him. He can’t speak. His mouth is open, but no words are coming out. He points in a direction and my eyes follow to meet with Jenna being wheeled to the ambulance. She sees me and starts screaming and crying, “I’m so sorry, Josh! I’m sorry!” She keep repeating those words and I’m confused as to why. 

I was about to ask Tyler, but he was already in the ambulance with Jenna. A cop approaches me, “Sir, you need to get in your car and go. You’re making this traffic worse.” He says. “But, what happened? Why are my friends in an ambulance?” I ask. “You know them?” I just shake my head yes, hesitantly. “Then maybe you know the girl that was with the driver, Jenna Joseph.”

“What happened to the passenger?” I ask. “The passenger died on impact, son.” My heart stop for a second, “Who was the passenger?” I ask. I regret it. 

“Her name was Y/N.” 


As cliche as it may seem, I don’t remember what happened after that. But, I do remember all the days I spent locked in my home, sobbing and physically feeling my chest tighten and my heart hurt whenever I thought about her. 

Some guys thought it would be smart to race on the freeway in the rain and one guy almost hit Jenna’s car, causing her to swerve slightly, but the slippery roads caused the car to go straight into the divider and flip over. Jenna was on the way back to the house with Y/N… because Y/N had decided to tell me she always loved me. That part hurt the worst. I blamed myself. It was because of me that she left the hotel. She shouldn’t have. She should’ve stayed. 

Shortly after, I met her fiancee. With him was a baby girl that Y/N had just a couple months before coming to visit. The fiancee basically came to drop off the girl to Jenna and Tyler because he said he couldn’t handle her himself. He had even planned to call of the engagement with Y/N. I fought him. I kept the girl. 

My five year old daughter looks up at me with eyes that look just like Y/N’s. “Daddy, did you love mommy?” I hold my daughter’s hand tightly, “She was the girl I loved and always will love, She was my best friend, baby girl. My best friend, my first love, and my last love.” 

“Hey! What about me, daddy! We have the same name!” I laugh and lift my daughter up into my arms, “That’s what exactly what I mean, baby. Y/N is my last love.” 

Nightmares & Confessions Pt. 2

A/N: I’m glad alot of people requested a part 2! N&C Is my favorite story so far.

Request: This was requested by several people.

I love you.

I love you.

The words were on repeat in my head. I never thought I’d hear these words, and now that I had I was clinging to them. Never wanting the sound of his voice saying them to leave my head. I brought the shoulder of my shirt to my nose and smelled the scent. It still smelt like him and every time I took it in, the memory of that moment resurfaced like it was happening all over again. I knew I was never meant to hear the words, nor did I bring up that I had when I left the next morning. I remember anticipating my departure, thinking it would be awkward. That our friendship was ruined by the night of vulnerability, but it wasn’t. Stiles was different towards me, a good different. I stayed after we awoke, only to eat breakfast. We sat on the bar stools, eating cereal and talking about normal things. In the middle of me talking about something trivial, he placed his hand tenderly on my thigh. The action was so slight, yet it affected me so much. I wanted to pounce on him, and kiss him until I couldn’t breathe anymore. But the fear of awkwardness or worse, rejection, kept me at bay. However, when I left he walked me to my car and before getting in the car I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him into a tight hug. He snaked his arms around my waist, the heat of him warming my slightly exposed skin. This was last night, Friday night to be exact, and I spent my whole day trying to busy myself from my thoughts. Some how, though, I was always dragged back. I’d just finished reorganizing my record collection, this time by era, when my text tone sounded. I picked my phone off the ground next to me and checked the sender.

Bat Man. It read.

That was Stiles’s name in my phone, not because of the fictional masked superhero. But because for some reason he always seemed to have a bat in his hand when danger presented itself. I’d coined him the nickname and, although he detested it, He let me call him it on occasion.

Hey. he said.

It took a moment for me to text back. I was a nervous mess trying to find the words to say. I realized I was being silly. He’d just said hey, but things were different now. We were different now.

Hey! What’s up? I’d decided to say. It only took him a second to text back.

Can you come over? I need to talk. he replied.

The seriousness of the words scared me. Talk about what? Us? Or the lack there of? My heartbeat sped up a little and again, I struggled to find the words.

Course. (: Be over soon. 

He didn’t reply back. I was sure he regretted last night, that he wished I’d never come over. Worst of all I know he regretted our kiss. The one thing I was keeping for myself. The one part of the memory of last night that I swore to myself I’d never forget. He’d never wanted it. I sighed, the unknown was staring me in the face and it was ugly.

Later that evening, I made the not long enough journey to the Stilinski Residence. It was getting late and the street light already were on. I pulled into the drive way behind the old blue jeep, and got out of the car. Mr. Stilinski’s police cruiser wasn’t accompanying Stile’s vehicle in the driveway, and I took that as a sign that once again the Sheriff wasn’t home. I knocked on the front door, but no one came. I listened for the sound of life from inside, but all was quiet. I pulled out my phone to text Stiles but a message already awaited me.

Just walk in when you get here. Lock the door behind you. He wrote. 

I felt silly now for knocking but all the same walked in the familiar house, locking the dead bolt behind me. 

“Stiles?” I hollered in the quiet house.

“Up here.” He yelled back announcing his whereabouts. I followed his voice upstairs to his room. The door was cracked slightly and light poured from the small opening. I knocked, before pushing the door open in its entirety . 

“Sorry, I didn’t check my phone until I got here and-” I was cut off by the sight of Stiles. He was sitting on the floor at the end of his bed. He was looking at the floor, and even as I entered he didn’t make eye contact.

“Stiles?” I whispered concerned.

Slowly, he lifted his head up to look at me. When I could fully see his face, I saw that he’d been crying. Or was crying. It was hard to tell. His under eyes still had the tint of purple under them, and the were complimented by the red that now surrounded his irises. Tears pooled in his eyes threatening to spill over, and it looked like he was feeling every emotion all at once. I rushed over falling to my knees beside him.

“Hey! What’s wrong? What’s happened?” I asked rubbing his back soothingly. He balled his hands together to make one big fist, and brought to his lips covering his mouth. 

“I fell asleep…it was only for a second…and the nightmares.”

“Shhh. It’s okay. Stiles. It’s okay.” I pulled his head close to my chest with my free hand holding it there. He stayed there a few moments allowing to coddle him.

“No. It’s not Y/N!” He finally spoke pushing me away gently. I freed him from my hold, and sat on my butt next to him mimicking his posture.

“What do you mean?” I asked. 

His gaze was at the ground again, and I wondered if this was the moment (despite his nightmares) that he was going to tell me he’d made a mistake last night.

“I did something I can never take back.” He started

‘Here it comes.’ I thought to myself.

“Something I’m going to be haunted by for the rest of my life.”

‘God! What have I done? I’ve ruined everything! Me and my freaking big mouth. Oh, I like you Stiles. Nice going, Y/N.’ I scolded myself.

“I…I killed Donovon.” He said finally.

I remained silent taking in the information. I was shocked and relieved but mostly confused. Before I could respond, Stiles went on telling me what happened. He explained how Donovon had attacked him, and chased him to the library where he later killed him.

“It was an accident.” He insisted. “I pulled a prong out and the scaffolding fell, and the next thing I knew…” He didn’t let himself finish.

It was quiet again as I tried to find words to say. It was an accident, and he was trying to defend himself. But a boy was dead now, and even being an accident it was Stile’s doing.

“That’s why you’ve been having nightmares.” I realized, and he nodded his head in response.

“How am I suppose to tell Scott, or my-my dad?” he chocked. Tears collected in the corners of his eyes again.

“We’ll figure something out.” I promised placing my hand in his knitting our fingers. “We’ll find someway to tell them both.”

He looked into my eyes searching them. Maybe he was surprised at my understanding. Or maybe he was wondering if I thought he was a homicidal maniac. I gave him a reassuring smile and he returned it. 

By midnight, we hadn’t moved from our spots on the floor. We were still talking, just talking. I didn’t bring up the subject of Donovon again, I thought Stiles had had enough anxiety for one night. I tried to talk about anything else. We talked about school and homework, about the pack, and even about his mom for a little bit. 

“It’s been me and my dad ever since.” He yawned, which made me yawn.

“I should probably get out of here.” I said with a sleepy smile.

Stiles frowned. “Maybe just a few more minutes.” He flashed his beautiful eyes at me and I couldn’t resist.

“Fine!” I laughed. “But you just became my pillow.” I laid my head on his lap and stretched out my legs. He began telling me another story about him and Scott when they were younger, and my mind focused on his lips. They moved so beautifully, and elegantly as he spoke.

“…and then Scott pushed me in to the pool and-”

“Kiss me.” I said suddenly.

  “W-w-ha-what?” he fumbled over his words.

“Kiss me.” I repeated.

He chuckled pushing some of my hair behind my ear, and he bent down kissing my lips softy. It was just a peck, but the glory of the moment made my heart sing.

“I like you.” He muttered against my lips.

My eyes met his and I smiled. 

“Only problem is I love you.” I whispered.

TITLE: Under My Skin

PAIRING: Matt Murdock x Reader/OC

REQUEST/PROMPT: “I think we need to talk.” You and Matt decide to move in together, learning quirks about each other that you hadn’t noticed before.


GENRES/WARNINGS: Nightmares (not described), fluff, angst.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Gif source unknown again, as it was from a forum/thread site. If it’s yours and you’d like credit, shoot me an ask with the link! Title is in reference to the song “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” by Frank Sinatra.

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                                                  Soul Mate 19

“The voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time.”

A/N: Finally, a clearer version of Kylo taking his helmet off, I’m not crying, you’re crying. Alright, kiddos, I decided that was a decent break of not having a lot of angst, so get ready for the end of this chapter! Enjoy! [GIF NOT MINE]

Warning: None…well, angst.

Word Count: 3.5K+



It was as if what had happened between the two of you moments ago didn’t happen at all. Kylo was being oddly quiet and you were growing more and more anxious. Why the sudden change of mood? He was quite happy when the two of you were lying on the bed, that is until Alastair came in…could that be it? It wasn’t a big deal, after all, sure he had nearly seen the two of you naked, but he didn’t. It was itching at your skin, it was bothering you that there was a string of quietness attached to the two of you the entire walk to wherever he had landed the TIE fighter. “Kylo…” You called out, trying to match his rather quick pace. “Kylo.” It was as if he was ignoring you. It was only the two of you out here as Kylo had literally kicked out Alastair from the room the moment he told the two of you you were both stuck here.

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You were having a horrible day and your boyfriend Craig, also known as Mini Ladd, wasn’t home. He had been out most of the day for whatever reason, you had forgotten as your day had progressively gotten worse. You texted him, telling him that you wanted him to get home as soon as he could, going without an answer for almost two hours, your phone chiming as you got a text.

‘Sorry sweetheart. Got caught up at a friend’s house and am on my way home now. I’ll get you something to help you destress.’ The text said, making you smile weakly before you pressed the power button quickly, setting your phone on the couch beside you as music began to play from the speaker.

When you woke up, you heard bags moving as something moved on top of you, making you open your eyes quickly to see a black and white kitten walking on your stomach. “I wanted you to know that you’ll have someone around for every time I leave.” Craig said, pressing a kiss to your temple.

Requested by: anonymous

Maybe there’s a reason we don’t see Stiles without a shirt. Maybe there’s a reason his Mom thought that small!Stiles was trying to kill her. Maybe there’s a reason why Stiles still isn’t great at lacrosse. Maybe there’s a deeper reason why Stiles & Scott became such good friends so young. Maybe there’s a reason why hardly anything is mentioned about Stiles prior to the death of his mother. Maybe there is another explanation for the heart in the fresco.



Stiles Stilinski had a heart transplant.

Your Mind, My Heart…

Stiles was born with a heart defect. As a very small child, he was limited to mostly indoor physical activity. He couldn’t keep up with the other kids, so his Mom would send him with books to read during outside time in pre-school and kindergarten. His friend Scott liked to read with him, too. Scott has trouble breathing. He thinks Stiles does too, and that’s ok: he’s learned that if he says his heart doesn’t work, people don’t let him do anything at all. Stiles likes to pretend to Be Dad. His Dad would give him simple versions of observation games the department taught to new Deputies and even tried to teach him a bit of military strategy & tactics from those handful of years in the Army. Stiles would read while he ate, then go outside and give the books to Scott. Then Stiles would sit and watch his schoolmates play, trying to train his brain. He knew he wouldn’t be able to run or play like his peers or be a cop like Dad, but if he worked on his education he could still do something important when he grew up. If he works hard enough maybe he can put people like Scott’s dad in jail. Stiles knows what happened at Scott’s house and it makes him angry.

Stiles watches. Stiles remembers. More importantly, Stiles notices.

Mom was getting worse, his own chest hurt more often and his Dad was sad all the time. One day, Stiles was waiting outside of his Mom’s room at the hospital and saw them wheel the nurse’s kid to the elevator. He looked tired and scared with an oxygen mask on his face. Stiles frowned, Nice Nurse Melissa was….well, nice, unlike Mean Melissa at Admissions, and her son Scott was a great friend…or would be when Mom gets better and Scott’s asthma calms down. Then Dad is calling, “Son? Your Mom and I are done with the Doctor, you can come in now.” Stiles hopped up and joined his parents. A little while later, a man came in and took blood from Mom, then took blood from Stiles. He piped up, “Mom and I have the same blood, AB!” For some reason, Dad and Mom both started crying when he said that. The man gave Stiles one of those lollipops with a weird string handle, patted his head and said something about Anti-Jims as he left. Stiles wondered if Anti-Jims were the reason his heart hurt and Mom’s brain was so tired. He said so out loud, then Dad pulled him into an awkward but fierce 3-way hug. Mom kisses his forehead. “Our Stiles, love. You always said he’s got your mind and my heart.” The hug grows even more fierce as all the Stilinskis in Beacon Hills cry together.

Mom was getting worse. It had been almost two years since her first stay in the Hospital, the last six months of which she’d spent in BHMH. Dad and Stiles couldn’t take care of her at home anymore, she kept wandering off or attacking them for no reason. After they put her into the hospital full-time, she started saying that Stiles was trying to kill her, that he wanted to rip her heart out. Worse were the days the nurses would have to restrain her because she’d ripped off her IVs and clawed deep, jagged, bloody gouges into her own chest. One evening, they found Stiles cowering in the shower, his small hands covered in her blood. Through blue lips and gasping for breath, he told Nice Nurse Melissa how he’d tried to stop Claudia but wasn’t strong enough. She hugged him gently, washed his hands while he drew deep on the oxygen mask and whispered Mom-sounding things as he drifted off to sleep. When Stiles woke up he found the Peanut Butter Cups that Scott had gently placed into his jacket pocket. Maybe they’ll finally get to hang out more soon, Stiles thinks as he pops the first cup into his mouth. He saves the second one for later.

Stiles was getting worse. His chest hurt more often now, for longer periods, and he had an oxygen tank at home. He slept a lot more, too. It was just more time for nightmares and terrifying visions of all types. He hated it. He forces himself to stay awake for long periods of time. He doesn’t get to spend time with Scott, he doesn’t go to school regularly. He hears his Dad on the phone talking about donors and test results. Dad sounds scared.
His entire life revolves around the hospital.

He’s in Mom’s room reading out loud to her when she suddenly gasps and looks over at him. Stiles jumps up, startled. This is the first time in weeks Mom is actually *looking* at him like she sees him.

She smiles, weak but radiant. “Stiles…”
His name is the last thing he ever hears her say.

He vaguely remembers pushing the emergency button when she stopped breathing. After he was hustled out of her room, Stiles sat in the waiting area. His book bag was still in the room, he was worried and bored and tired and didn’t know what to do. He asked Melissa for some juice, but she looked guilty and said he couldn’t have any right now. Sighing, he put his head between his hands and waited for Dad to arrive. He hears a whisper, “Our Stiles…my heart.” He squeezes his eyes shut.

It was all a blur after that. Dad ran in, hugged him and then followed Melissa into Mom’s room. He notices that Dad has blood on his hands. Whatever happened, Dad looks sad but not afraid. Stiles rubs at his eyes, exhausted from it all. Then Dad picked him up and got into the elevator with a couple of doctors. The doctors help get Stiles straightened out in his own room, and he doesn’t fight or argue. He’s numb and tired and now Dad looks like he’s about to cry. Another doctor comes in and tells Stiles that they have a new heart for him. Stiles tells his Dad and doctor both, “Will you tell Mom? She’ll be so happy…” trailing off as the doctor looks sharply at Dad and the chart, and falls completely silent when he is pulled quickly into his Dad’s chest.

He realizes later that the heart is hers.
Was hers.
Will always be hers.

Stiles recovers in record time. He’s energetic again, even more than before. He goes back to school and goes back to spending most of his time with Nice Nurse Melissa’s son Scott. They grow up in the usual fashion and start high school. He goes out for lacrosse with Scott on a whim, thinking it’ll be good for both of them to get a bit of exercise but ends up liking it more than he’d care to admit. Stiles has good checkups from his cardiologist and keeps his transplant a secret from everyone. He swore Melissa to secrecy shortly after the operation and she agreed to never tell Scott. She understands Stiles more than most. At school he avoids the Trainers and nurse, he doesn’t take his shirt off where anyone can see, he never talks about his Mom. In all of Beacon Hills, only a handful of people know about his heart and it’s going to stay that way.

Then as luck would have it, Scott is Bitten and everything goes to hell in a handbasket. When Stiles finds out that werewolves can hear heartbeats, he screams silently and tamps down the panic rising along with his curly fries from dinner. Is there a difference in his? Can they tell? He feels fiercely possessive of those beats. Her beats. He clenches his fists angrily until he feels his temples and wrists throbbing. Suddenly all the fight pours out of him, the pulse at his temple like a gentle kiss and pressure at wrists a reassuring squeeze from Her. It doesn’t matter, and since none of them say anything, he guesses his secret is safe.

Sometimes when he can’t sleep he’ll try to be still and quiet enough to hear it beat. Tries to pretend he’s pushing his ear to her ribs again, listening to the oceanic pulse of her blood as they cuddle together.

He can’t and he isn’t and he’s lonely.

Midnight Shadows  ; 7

 Pairing : Jimin x Y/N

Genre : Fluff / Angst

 A/N : This part is longer so thank god

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I went home, unluckiest person in the world huh?
Yes, I’m pretty damn unlucky It started raining on my way back home. How great it is. Tomorrows work too. I hope I get it over soon, because I just wanna sleep & rest. But I thought how was Jimin feeling about all this? Yes, I know he felt really bad.
But maybe, it’s gonna be easier for him when she’s gone. I don’t think she’s gone for long though. She’s too atached. I have a fear for any other girl he’s gonna date.

I went home all wet. Rain drops started dropping on the floor.

“Great” I said to myself.

Well it is true that I’m pretty damn unlucky.
But now I just wanted to go to my bed. Just dig right in there and sleep tight. Yes, I needed to dry off my hair before going to sleep. Thanks to the rain.

But now, the moment finally came where I went in bed. Finally all this day this is all I ever wanted.

And I finally fell asleep. I thought about this all situation I mean it’s not like I like Jimin or anything so it wouldn’t be too bad to get close to him as a friend.

Yes, the past actions of mine we’re very stupid.
But that’s why it’s called the past you live and forget.

But. The morning came. Wow I really hated this, I quickly turn off my alarm because it’s annoying.
Why did I even make that my alarm I think to myself. But I’m begining to be off track.

I quickly dress up and put some makeup on. Aswell as fix my hair so I wouldn’t look like some horror film villain. I look in the mirror.

“Looking, ugly as always”
I get my bag and I rush to work. I see Jimin wearing the employee outfit.

I think to myself what the heck is he doing here?

“Hey, Jimin that outfits only for employees”

“Yeah, I got a job here.”

I didn’t want to be this unlucky. When did I ask for any of this. My life was going well until this.

“Why did you get a job here though”

“Because they we’re hiring people?”

Why the sarcastic reply. I just wanted to know why you got a job HERE. Not anywhere else.

But something popped into my head.

“Wait where’s Choa”

“I think she quit the job?”

I remember her saying that it was the best job she’s ever had. But now she left out of nowhere?
Seriously my days keep getting worse and worse.

“So I bet we’re gonna see eachother everyday”
He looked enthusiastic about all this.

Oh look it got even worse.

“Hah… I guess so” I look even more dead inside.
GREAT. I really did hope this was some kind of joke and that choa didn’t quit.

“Also, will you wanna catch up anytime soon? Since yesterday when we tried to do that it messed up” Oh, he’s talking about his (ex) girlfriend cheating.

“Oh, sure I forgot to ask are you feeling okay after yesterday I mean she did hurt you?”

“I guess so” I really got confussed is he still sad? No, one knows.

So the job ended, and I was ready to go home. I took off that ugly uniform that I had and grabbed my bag.

“Hey, I think my aparment is next door to yours” WHAT. DID. HE. JUST. SAY.

“How come?”

“well since I moved out of the one I had shared I moved into a new one”

“Wait… How do you know where I live?”

“I saw you walking to work”


Well this is wow. Why next to my apartment wasn’t the job enough. Why is life so cruel? I just wanted to live my life peacefully but now I can’t. I’ll need to see him everywhere.

“Well I’m gonna go home” I wished, I prayed that he didn’t say we can both go home.

“I can go with you since I live next to you” Oh no.
This is very bad. Is he a mind reader? Why couldn’t you possibly give anyone this extreme bad luck. Why me?

So I awkwardly walk home with Jimin next to me.

“Well this is my apartment cya”



“Do you want to watch a movie or anything like somewhere on netflix”

Oh, I could decline the offer but I might seem rude and “rude” isn’t what I’m trying to be as a person.

“Sure I guess, text me when you do want that movie night of yours” And I went into my apartment. Finally no human interaction peace and quiet-

I hear a knock.


I open the door.

I see Jimin and he says “Well, I think we could do movie night right now”

“Right now..?”

“Yeah, It’s midnight perfect for movies right?”

Why did I even try.

“Okay, fine we can do movie night but you pick out a movie”

I went in the kitchen to make popcorn because what’s a movie without popcorn am I right? After microwaving some popcorn I go back inside my living room.

And I think actually, why am I doing this.

He turns on some scary movie I don’t even know the name of. It’s not even scary? What is this I could’ve spent my life doing something productive and now I’m watching a “scary movie” I’m not even scared of.

So this is my fusion with a series of books by Janet Evanovich featuring the character of Stephanie Plum. This was supposed to be for AU week but whenever I try doing things in advance I need to post them straight away (I have no sense of control). Also this is a belated birthday present for the gorgeous Miranda @livingdeadblondequeen Hope you like it! Thanks Jo @fanfantasticworld for the gorgeous cover!

After catching her husband cheating and losing her job, Caroline finds herself back in the old neighbourhood and needing some form of income. When she finds out someone from her past has skipped out on his bail she decides becoming a bounty hunter and tracking him down is a great idea.  

One for the Money

The fumes from the garbage bin were putrid and as much as Caroline Forbes wanted to be as far away from the stench as possible, she had to find her damn car keys. She decided that this was most definitely her lowest point which was saying a lot given she’d caught her husband cheating with her high school nemesis and lost her job all in the past three months.

She felt something slimy come into contact with her hand and screamed, retreating quickly from the bin.  She noticed a piece of soggy lettuce stuck to her hand and shook her arm furiously attempting to dislodge the stray – and well past its expiry date - vegetable. Maybe she didn’t need her car that badly.

“And here I thought you were being melodramatic when you complained about being broke last week.”

She looked over into the smug face of Lorenzo St John, or Enzo as she liked to use just to annoy him. His reputation as one of the best bounty hunters in North America was legendary, not to mention his cool demeanour and impeccable dress sense. Caroline figured she might have been slightly attracted to him if he wasn’t such a sarcastic, know-it-all with the opposite sexual orientation as herself.  

“Excuse me?”

“Rifling through dumpsters for food,” he motioned to the limp piece of lettuce on the ground. “I’d be more than happy to shout you lunch, darling, but you’ve got to take a shower before I take you out in public.”

“Who says I want to be seen in public with you? Anyway, if you must know, I’m looking for my car keys.”

“I’m not sure I want to know how they ended up in there of all places.”

“It was Mikaelson,” she growled, his surname causing the anger she’d briefly supressed to return with a vengeance. “He threw them in there so I couldn’t follow.”

Enzo let out a deep, throaty laugh, not even bothering to hide his amusement. Just when she thought her day couldn’t get any worse she had to put up with another arrogant Englishman using her for entertainment.

“It’s not funny.”

“On the contrary Caroline, it’s hysterical. I have no idea how you get yourself into these situations but thank you for brightening my day.”

“You’re just as juvenile as him,” she muttered. “If you’re going to stand around making jokes the least you could do is help me.”

“And ruin my $5000 suit,” he scoffed. “Not bloody likely.” Caroline spun on her heel, sick of seeing that judgemental expression that seemed to be permanently etched on his face and continued to gingerly pick through the bin.

“So, how exactly did you let him take your keys?”

“He distracted me,” she mumbled, hoping that the faint scratching sound wasn’t a rat rifling through the dumpster too.

“Did he pull a gun on you or what?” Caroline felt her face flush knowing his distraction techniques were less violent and decidedly more sexual. He’d been using that tactic on her ever since they were kids growing up in the same suburban neighbourhood.  You’d think she would have learned by now.

“Yeah something like that,” she lied.

“What happened to the gun I got you?”

“I left it at home,” she answered, well and truly tired of his incessant questions. She’d be with her nagging mother right now if that’s what she wanted.

“The whole point of being a bounty hunter and having a gun is to use it, Caroline,” he lectured.

“I’m not really the violent type,” she said, catching a flash of metal between a burger wrapper and barely recognisable banana peel. She dived in, too excited by her sudden find to care about the ramifications. Her sense of smell had long since disappeared which was something at least. “Ah ha!” She cried triumphantly, climbing out of the bin slowly and adjusting her fitted, black skirt accordingly.

“Nice work, Oscar. Now, about that gun.”

“I don’t even know how to use one, it would be pretty irresponsible for me to be shooting up the neighbourhood now wouldn’t it?”

“So, you lied to me?”

“No, I just didn’t disclose the full story, there’s a difference.”


“Alright, I didn’t want to admit that in front of the guy at the gun store, he was kind of cute,” she offered, albeit feebly.

“Yeah he kind of was so I’ll let it slide this once,” he conceded. “Right, meet me at the shooting range but only after you’ve showered, I might even buy you lunch if you use soap.”

“Hilarious, St John. Although I have a pressing commitment in Mikaelson’s apartment, it was the reason I came here after all.”

“I’m curious darling, how do you plan on getting inside?” He asked, a curious expression crossing his face.  

“Oh, I’ve got this break and enter thing down. You know, I’ve seen a few movies.”

“How about I come with you, just in case.”

“In case of what?”

“We’ll never get inside his apartment today if I have to list all of my concerns, trust me on that,” he grinned, grabbling her arm and steering her towards the front stairs. “Just don’t stand too close to me, you smell really bad.”


“I think we’re going to need a few more lessons,” Enzo drawled a few hours later, sending a questionable glance over the table at her burger and fries. “And maybe a few healthy eating suggestions while we’re at it.”

“Says the guy eating nothing but air,” she grumbled, gesturing to his rather plain and, not to mention, lonely salad. “I’ll have you know I love calorie laden food and, while we’re at it, my shooting wasn’t that bad. I might not have reached the target but it was my first time.”

“Oh, that I didn’t expect but I hoped you’d at least get somewhere on the paper,” he scoffed.

“Is it your aim in life to make me feel bad about my shortcomings? I’m doing the best I can given my lack of…”

“General bounty hunter attributes?”

“I was going to say lack of experience,” she scowled. “The least you could do is help me out and stop being so negative.”

“Fine,” he sighed, pushing his plate away and crossing his toned arms on the table. “Why exactly do you want this so badly?”

“Fifteen thousand dollars, why do you think?”

“You are so easy to read,” he smiled, knowingly. “Yes, you want the cash but whenever I mention Klaus Mikaelson…”

“Don’t say his name.”

“You do that,” he surmised. “So, what exactly is your problem with the guy? Is it the cop thing because I always assumed women liked a man in uniform?”

“Yeah, a cop that shot someone and then skipped bail, not too sure he’s all that squeaky clean.”

“Klaus Mikaelson may be many things but guilty he’s not, I can smell a set-up a mile away.”

“How do you know?”

“It just doesn’t add up, Mikaelson has been a cop for fifteen years with no prior history. I’m surprised they haven’t given him the keys to the city yet.”

“He may be a good cop but he’s also a womanising and arrogant idiot,” she muttered, shoving a French fry in her mouth in frustration.

The first time she met Klaus Mikaelson was when she was six years-old. He’d teased her mercilessly and then proceeded to behead her favourite Barbie doll just for fun. Then when she was eight he pushed her into a muddy puddle in her favourite dress. At eleven, he told everyone in their class that she had a crush on Alexander Jackson and then at the ripe age of sixteen he took her virginity behind the counter of the video store she worked at after closing. Caroline couldn’t complain about that last one given it wasn’t the worst way to spend a night but he did practically ignore her afterwards like she was just another notch on his belt.

“Oh, do tell?”

“He’s not worth my time or my energy.”

“Yet, here you are chasing him around the neighbourhood for a crime he probably didn’t commit. Did you and he, you know?”

“Why do I suddenly feel transported back to High School?” She scoffed. “You’re always so indifferent but as soon as you sense a whiff of scandal you become a teenage girl.”

“You did! And by the way deflection doesn’t work on me, Forbes. Now this avid thirst for revenge makes so much sense,” he said, rubbing his hands together gleefully. “He had his way with you, then left, and you’re extremely pissed.”

“I’m not pissed, just mildly angry,” she pouted. “Anyway, I already got my revenge this is just an added bonus with an extremely attractive cash prize.”

“Oh really?”

“A few years back, he might have been on the side walk and I just happened to drive by and accidentally put my foot on the accelerator instead of the brake. Poor guy broke his leg in three places.”

“Maybe you do have the balls for this bounty hunter gig after all,” he chuckled. “Pity we didn’t find much at his place earlier.”

“I did find these,” she mentioned, pulling a set of keys from her handbag. Enzo’s eyebrows shot up as he watched her dangling them gleefully in his line of sight. “I thought I might borrow his jeep; you know given he’s getting around in that beat up van these days.”

“And what’s wrong with your car exactly?”

“Have you seen it?” She drawled thinking about her sorry excuse for a vehicle given her money issues. “Anyway, this is more about baiting Mikaelson. The only other thing he loves more than himself is his car and knowing I’m riding around in it will drive him crazy.”

“Crazy enough to come out of hiding?”

“I guess we’ll have to wait and see,” she mused, finally feeling the best she had in weeks.

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liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike. let’s talk about their reactions here? because i 100% believe in my filthy trash bin of a heart that this episode was the point of no return for parker and eliot both, the point at which they both realised holy shit i am in way over my head. 

look at those reactions. like, it’s not simple relief, it’s relief and *total fucking whelm*. and neither eliot nor parker has–allowed themselves, maybe, the relative luxury of just thinking about what someone means to them. because it’s always been a liability. for eliot, caring too much about people would just be something that someone could use against him; for parker, it’s what archie’s cautioned her against a million times: we don’t get involved. 

and worse for both of them, really, is that they’re not–not too caught up in a job, not too wrapped up in their own reputations or…or things that could be forgivable, really. things that they could realise and chide themselves for and then pull back from, do better. no, instead they’re both of them way overinvested in another person, in a person who could be hurt, who could be taken from them because they weren’t good enough or fast enough or–or just because sometimes you lose. 

parker and eliot have always been aware of when they should cut their losses and get out. but this–this isn’t an acceptable loss. maybe neither of them can say the word love just yet, even to themselves, but this is where they realise it.

hardison doesn’t die, but he comes back to life anyhow, and when he does, the whole world changes.