my gifs are bad and i should feel bad

All I’ve got is this cosplay gif but still. My name is Rami and I have been with my fiance for seven years now. When we first got together I had no label for what I was, I only knew that I wasn’t comfortable with sex. He never once tried to force me into it, and when he did finally ask about it and I told him, he just nodded and said that it was okay.

I’ll admit that it’s difficult sometimes, simply because he is highly sexual and I am ace with a healthy side dish of sex-repulsion, but every time I start to feel bad he does nothing but support me, reminding me that I should never feel bad for being what I am. I don’t know if I would have even discovered Asexuality if not for him helping me discover myself.

We’re planning on getting married as soon as we are self-sufficient. So to anyone reading all these ace valentines posts, have faith. If you want a relationship, there are people who will love and support you, even if they aren’t on the spectrum themselves.

From Some Git and myself,

You are all loved.


PSA: if your grown ass man is too scared to accidentally brush up against a wrapped tampon, it’s time to find a new man. Your period is natural and shouldn’t freak him out. #RemoveTheStigma #PrettyLittlePSA


parallels. rey + obi-wan kenobi.

happy birthday cali ♥︎


Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai 2015.12.03 - Arioka Daiki, Inoo Kei

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