some unlucky kiddos :’)

You should be at peace’

I dunno about you but if I got my mums still beating dissected heart from an ethereal floating whale child I would be a little conflicted about it :/

(you can tell I’ve never uploaded gifs before I don’t know how to unshite the quality)

If I lose myself tonight, it will be by your side..

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Part one  [+130 links]

To celebrate this blog reaching 10k visits, here’s animation masterpost part II. I’m glad you guys found the first masterpost helpful. I hope you guys start using this information right away, practise is key. Happy animating !!

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14 other softwares (including 10 free ones) on the animation masterpost part one

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animators/illustrators (25)  & student blogs (30)

worldwide animation studios (35) & short films *focused on non-USA animation* (30)

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