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theme 10: dark things (by myrory)

inspired by this one picture i had saved for like 900 years and i really wanted to use because of course it makes perfect sense to create a theme just so you can use a picture you like. (also merry christmas!!!)

thank you for snowyweasleys for making the gif preview!!

  • header -> sidebar on scroll
  • three different codes: one with the scroll effect, one with just the header, and one with just the sidebar!
  • 450x70 header image
  • 150x200 sidebar image
  • slide out ask (optional)
  • links on hover
  • post info on hover
  • 500px posts
  • there’s a post on the preview with more on how to use this theme so it looks its best!
  • i worked super duper hard on this so follow my rules and dont touch the credit or steal!
  • like or reblog if you’re using or saving it!
  • theme blog // htmlheroes
  • static preview // code (both) (header) (sidebar)