my gifs!! :3

23/03/17 Here are all the works that I have in my room currently, from around A5 to 80x100cm. The ones hanging on the wall included (some didn’t fit in the frame). Obviously I’ve made way more, but these were mostly commissions or gifts and they are hanging in some other houses.

The burgundy thick sketchbook that is on the top of the tower, a blueish flowery one with ribbons in the middle there, and the brown embroidered one that appears at the end (all a4) were made by me. Do I love bookbinding.

Also, after taking 30 photos and playing some sort of mix of reverse jenga and tetris, then cleaning everything up and putting all this stuff back, and uploading the photos to my laptop, I realised I missed out one sketchbook.


Because my desks are a fucking mess.