my gif:mass effect

Sorry Shep, he wore it better….I mean the armor of course

Oh Legion, we miss you our dearest geth boy :’C

For the N7 day. Sorry for the low quality, I promise I’ll scan it next day but I feel like shit now… so tomorrow….


Kal calls Veetor “kid” because Veetor never finished his pilgrimage.  Veetor is now Veetor'Nara nar Rannoch, and while pilgrimages are still a part of quarian culture, he never plans to step off the homeworld.  He will forever be considered a child by some and a failure by the rest.  Kal sees him as neither, but still calls him “kid,” mostly just to get a rise out of him.

April 11th. Shepard’s Birthday. This collage of images on the ME2 face database was what started it all for me. I had never played the games before, and was looking for a nice face for my Shep, when I stumbled on this guy.

There, he was named Adrian, I believe, but for me, this guy slowly grew into my Shepard.

To me, this will always be the face of Commander Alex Shepard. A Ruthless Spacer who fell madly in love with Miranda Lawson and would do anything for his crew.

Mass Effect has been a huge part of my life in these past few years, but I’ve grown more and more distant from it recently. Alex Shepard needed his rest, but I think it’s about time to revisit him.

Happy Birthday, Commander Shepard.