my gif: gravity falls

Stanley and Stanford are ambidextrous

This might not be anything new for the seasoned Gravity Falls fans, but I haven’t seen anything of it before, so here goes! (It’s screenshot and gif heavy)

I saw a screenshot, while reading a meta post, of teenage Stanley and Stanford and for the first time noticed -

Huh, are they left-handed?

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Time ago I was working on this… thing (animatic? whatever) I left it incomplete for a long time and I don’t feel like to finish it.
So, there you have it, a bunch of gifs of an unfinished project 
Oh right, this Ford is also part of it, he was planned to dance along with Fiddleford, but I didn’t even started with it

Look what I’m in the process of doing. I’ve decided to try and animate the one storyboard scene with the incident that happened with the portal. I got really discouraged and thought I would not be able to do it and I didn’t even start yet. XD I’ve got like half of this scene done and the last scene all sketched out. Usually I tend to dive right in before even sketching anything out but I wanted to take my time and do a good job at it. And I must say that it’s looking quite decent. I’m planning to color it. I’m hoping to get it done before classes begin(which is next week on Thursday for me). Since move-in day is on Sunday, I probably won’t have time but maybe I’ll have it up before Thursday. This is a project I’m willing to finish.


Ford scrutinized you, a slight frown wrinkling his brow. You looked incredibly familiar, but it couldn’t be you. The [f/n] he had known had looked like you twenty, thirty, maybe even forty years ago. Ford put his suspicions aside. Maybe you were the child of [f/n]. It would explain how you were the spitting image of someone from so many years ago. Still, he wanted to talk to you.

It was several days before Ford was able to pull you away from Dipper for more than a few minutes. “Hello, [f/n]. I’m Dipper’s great uncle Ford.”

You offered a hesitant smile, “I know.”

Ford blinked and felt himself flush slightly in embarrassment, “I, um, I was wondering if you were in any way related to [f/n] [l/n]? One of your parents, perhaps?”

You rubbed the back of your neck and glanced around nervously, making sure Dipper was out of earshot. “I guess you could say that. It’s nice to know you haven’t forgotten about me.”

Ford felt his heartbeat pick up, “What do you mean?”

“I mean it’s me. I’m [f/n] [l/n]. It’s really not that odd, when you think about it. You know about all the things that happen in Gravity Falls. Is it that strange that I haven’t changed?”

“B-but how?” Ford stammered, trying to process what you were telling him.

You shrugged, “I got cursed by the Hand-Witch. I still don’t know how she managed it but I don’t age. I just… I just don’t.”

Ford’s chest filled with sympathy, “I’m sure we could figure something out. There’s gotta be some way to help you get back to normal.”

You offered a small smile, reaching up to rest your hand over Ford’s. “Thanks. That means a lot.” You heard Dipper’s excited voice in the next room and your smile grew. “It really does.”

Gif Credit: Dipper / Ford