my gif: doctor who



stumbling upon the REAL Doctor and REAL TARDIS after you followed who you thought was a cosplayer at comic con.

There was a flash of that classic jacket and hair - another one of your favorite Doctor cosplays. Damn that cosplay was good, maybe even a little too good. Every detail was flawless. I mean, the height and hair and everything. Right down to the shoes, this guy had it down.

You craned your neck around the sea of people and jumped up to try to get another glance at the quickly passing figure. It was the end of the day of your favorite con and you were exhausted, but you really wanted another look at the guy. Maybe even compliment him on how on earth he ever managed to look so spot-on. That would prove quite difficult, you thought, as it seemed he was practically sprinting away.

As you and a dozen others filed out of the convention center, you looked back and forth for the stranger in the crowd. To your surprise, that all too familiar jacket and hair were already a block away, as the man continued his swift pace down the street. How could this guy move so fast? Did he run? you thought, as you ran to catch him up.

Y/N, just why are you following a stranger, in the exact opposite direction away from where you want to go? your common sense tugged at you, but your feet were moving automatically. Something about this stranger… drew you to him. It was bizarre.

With a sharp turn he suddenly disappeared round a corner. You quickened your own pace again, and with a brisk jog you ended up turning onto an empty looking street.

You stopped short.

It’s what you saw that made the world stop turning. Everything around you went silent.

A blue box.

A real, impeccably looking blue police call box, hidden from view unless you were directly looking, stood slightly tucked away at the end of the street corner.

Police Public Call Box. The sign beckoned to you.

“TARDIS…”, you breathed, and that’s when you started running.

No… no, it can’t be… your thoughts raced, heart pounding, and it wasn’t just from the running.

Your hands met the painted wood. They shook as they grasped the door’s handle. This is real, properly real. It’s here, oh my God it’s here it’s real and I’m here…  

but the doors wouldn’t open.

You stopped.

This is insane… this is something for the con… you thought, as you pressed your ear to the crack in the doors. At first all you could hear was your pounding heart, and then a practically inaudible vibration. A hum. Yes, a hum! The vibrations traveled to your fingertips wrapped tightly around the edges of the box…

You stood up straight, and without thinking, your fingers snapped of their own accord. Your heart dropped as, with a familiar creak, the doors swung open.

Possibly part 2 coming?? Gifs are mine. (This is a story I’ve had in my notes for a while, hopefully it’s ok…:))