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Fangirl Challenge - [3/10] Heartbreaking scenes

“We spent our night in Rachamps in a convent. It was the first time we’d spent a night indoors in a month. The sisters brought in their choir to sing for us. It was heaven. The mood of the men was relaxed. We were finally being relieved and would soon be in Mourmelon. In the morning, we found out Mourmelon would wait. Hitler had launched a counteroffensive. We were bound for Hagenau to hold the line. But for that night, we didn’t know it yet. That night, we were okay. I tried to make a roster for the company to see who we had left. We’d come into Belgium with 1 2 1 men and officers plus 24 replacements. That’s 1 45 total. We were going out with 63. Guarnere was badly wounded, and Hoobler died accidentally. Joe Toye had lost his leg. Among the dead were Herron, Mellet, Sowosko, Kenneth Webb, Harold Webb, Alex Penkala and Skip Muck. A month in Belgium cost us one good officer, Buck Compton… and one bad one, Norman Dike.” - Band of Brothers 1x07

Sarah Smiles? What about Me?

{Imagine: Reader is in love with Brendon but he’s dating Sarah so she’s sad. 

Request: Yes / Can you do an imagine where the reader gets heartbroken when she finds out the Brendon is dedicating Sarah Smiles to Sarah, because she’s in love with him.

Word count: 942

I hope this one gets more notes than my last imagine….unles I’m just a “one hit wonder” XD. My ask box is open guys. Don’t be afraid to send me something!

Imagine coming up *ding ding*}

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(Part 2)

“Hey guys good morning!” You say with a happy and bright smile on your lips. Spencer goes up to hug you, as does Brendon. You and Brendon hug for a bit longer than you had with Spencer. “Hey Y/N, how have you been lately.” Brendon asks.

You had, had a crush on Brendon for a long time. More like since you joined the band. Which was way back when Brent had asked you, and you guys were doing Blink-182 covers. 

Brent was your brother. So when he heard you singing to Blink-182 he just had to ask you to join their little band. After Brent left, you decided to stay with the band not only did you really like Brendon but you had loved singing.

Your ‘daydream’ is interrupted by the snapping of fingers in front of your face. Brendon and Spencer were staring at you. “You ok Y/N? You zoned out on us.” Spencer asks. Brendon puts a his hand on your shoulder and squeezed it gently with a worried look in his eyes. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just zoned out like you said, not the first time it happens.” You say laughing nervously.

“Are you sure you can record today Y/N? We can always reschedule.” Brendon says.

You shake your head. “Guys! I’m FINE.” You say emphasizing ‘fine’. “Can we please start recording?” you ask.

“Yeah, sorry. Okay, Brendon has a song that he wrote and dedicated it to a special girl.” Spence says while wiggling his eyebrows. My heart drops a bit at hearing the he dedicated it to a girl. ‘Maybe it’s dedicated to me’ You thought, but you knew in your mind that, that would never happen.

Brendon looks at you with a shy smile. You live for these moments. When he acts like a little boy who’s happy. You just wish that you could witness them all day, everyday. “That’s fine. Who wants to start singing?” You ask with a smile on your face.

“Brendon can start since it’s for his girl.” Spence says. “Oh, okay.” He says nervously. He steps into the sound booth. Spencer Starts the music. Brendon stares at you while he’s singing.

I was fine, just a guy living on my own,
Waiting for the sky to fall.
Then you called and changed it all, doll.

Velvet lips and the eyes to pull me in.
We both know you’d already win.
Mm, your original sin.

You fooled me once with your eyes, now, honey,
You fooled me twice with your lies, and I say,

As he sings he’s locked eyes with you. As he continues singing the smile on your face starts to get bigger. Actually thinking that he’s singing to you, maybe he does like you. 

Sarah smiles like Sarah doesn’t care,
She lives in her world, so unaware.
Does she know that my destiny lies with her?

(Sarah, Sarah, Sarah)
Oh Sarah,
Are you saving me?

Waking up to a kiss and you’re on your way.
I’d really hoped that you would stay,
But you left and went your own way, babe.
I don’t mind, take your time, I got things to do
Besides sit-around-and-wait-for-you.
Oh and I hope you do too.

Your smile suddenly drops along with your heart. 

Sarah? Who’s Sarah? 

You immediately look away from Brendon to Spencer, who is giving you a sad smile. Spencer, aside from Brent, knew about your crush on Brendon. As your eyes fill with tears, you get up from your chair and start to get your things together. 

Brendon sees this and immediately runs out of the booth. “Y/N where you going? I thought you were liking the song so far?” He asks. Your grab your rucksack and throw it over your shoulder. 

“I have to go. Uh, Brent just called me. He wants me to go see him as soon as possible.” You say with your voice cracking. You don’t dare look at him in the eyes, knowing all to well that if you look at Brendon in the eye you would breakdown and tell him that you loved right then and there. You didn’t want that.

“Oh okay. Family first right?” He says a bit deflated. All while this is happening Spencer is just sitting in his chair wanting to escape the awkwardness of this entire conversation.

You nod and turn to the door. Right when your about to walk out of the studio you say over your shoulder, “Have fun with Sarah.” With that you close the door behind you.

You Got the first flight out to Nevada. 

As soon as your plane lands you are the first one to get off. You walk to baggage claim with tears in your eyes. You grab your stuff and walk out of the airport to hail a cab. 

“Ahhhhh I love you so much Brandon!!” You hear a high pitch scream. You turn instantly, mistaking Brandon for Brendon. You shake your head knowing that you are only feeling this way is because you are in love with someone who could never love you back.

You finally are able to get a cab. “Where to miss?” The cab driver asks. You give him the address to where Brent lives. 

Upon arriving at Brent’s, you thank the cab driver and pay him what you owe him. “Thanks” you say with a very small smile. “No problem.” and with that he drives off to his next customer. 

You walk up to Brent’s door finally letting the tears you’ve been holding for hours fall. Knocking while sobbing is not a pretty picture. You hear the locks being undone. The door opens to reveal your older brother, who you could confide in for anything. 

“He loves someone else.” You sob out to him. He says no words to you, only wraps his arms around you and walks you inside. 

“Jerry Cantrell & Sean Kinney are my Brothers! They will be forever. I spent 10 years with them and they will always be my Brothers, They will always be in my heart. And I would do anything for them. So if they ever asked me to play with them I’d definitely play with them!” - Mike Starr (Mike on possible reunion with A.I.C (Loveline with Dr. Drew 2/16/10)

stop reblogging stolen gifs

(this got long but it’s important; please read and reblog to spread awareness)

it has happened to me multiple times now that people have stolen my gifs and made their own posts with them. our fandom is so small and there are so few people who actually make new content and stealing gifs or reblogging stolen gifs is a slap in the face to them. 

some people who do it simply don’t know better because they’re new to tumblr or fandom in general. others do it on purpose while knowing it’s wrong just to boost their own blog.

what makes them keep doing it is that it works. they get notes for things they didn’t create. i’ve seen so many blogs i follow reblog stolen stuff. respectable blogs in the fandom with a lot of followers. and frankly you need to stop. stop reblogging stolen gifs. and no “but i didn’t know” is not a good enough excuse because in 90% of the cases it’s painfully obvious.

“but how do i know?” you might ask. easy. here are things to look out for:

  • coloring: different coloring styles in the same set. colorful gifs with pastel gifs. bright gifs with dark gifs etc.
  • sizing: if some gifs in a set are blurry but others are crisp click them to see the individual size. if there are both 100x100 gifs and 245x135 gifs in a set it’s probably stolen. most glaringly is if there’s a 500px gif and multiple smaller ones in the same set
  • text: more than one text style for subtitles in the gifset. different fonts. different font sizes. varying distance between the text and the lower edge of the gif

“i think something is stolen what should i do?”

  1. most importantly do not reblog it
  2. if you know who made the gifs, tell them
  3. or ask a “bigger” blog in the fandom if a) they think the gifs are stolen and b) if they know who made them

“omg one of my gifs was stolen. i’m so upset. what should i do?”

  1. keep calm
  2. message them. maybe they didn’t know the “rules”. most people are sorry and delete the post if you ask them in a civil fashion
  3. if they a) deny they stole your stuff or b) won’t delete the post you can block them and make a post about it. you have every right to call them out on it and warn other gifmakers and people that might reblog their posts otherwise
  4. if for whatever reason you don’t think you can do #2 or #3 personally. ask a friend or a “bigger” blog to message them for you

Ashton: We’re like brothers, man. It’s like, umm, we’ve been through everything together. We’ve written music together and we’re sorta chasing the dream together and uhh…

Michael: We can comfortably stand this close to each other without it being awkward

Ashton: Yea like… it’s brotherly.

-5SOS for Billboard