my gif set!


I really HATE finishing everything and then that’s when I notice I missed something. Happens every single time. 

Anyways, I really missed drawing these dorks so I’m making up for lost time. Have another transformation gif set among the sea of many. I forgot animation could be tedious but it’s still so fun. I also wanted to announce that I’m planning to open a patreon account very soon. I need some extra cash to pay off a few bills. ;_;

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“Do something about it.” His lips worked, over and over again, forming and swallowing whole sentences before he stilled. “Guess it was too late,” he said at last. Jedha City was gone. Saw was gone. His people were gone. The little girl was gone. “It wasn’t too late,” [Jyn] said. At least the pilot had tried.
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, novelization written by Alexander Freed