my gif failure

i swore i wouldn’t do this to myself

i swore

so anyway welcome to gay sports anime hell. 

Hey guys I actually finished it! I hope that Jack got to feel that wonderful rush of support and love from the community welcoming him home and back to semi normality. I am particularly proud of Jack for having taken these new opportunities and am so glad that he enjoyed himself!  : ) 

This community is great and I’m really happy to be a part of it because not only are we supportive of jack but we’re supportive and loving of each other. I recently had the tragedy of loosing 3 years of my work both art and not due to a mechanical failure of my hard drive People in this community were wonderful and supportive of me and I never would have met them if Jack didn’t have this wonderful community : ) 

So thank you. To the community and to Jack


It’s gonna be Mae. 

   ❛ Megatron has always been my responsibility.
     And, in many respects, my greatest failure. 

                    ❛ You’re  the  most  venerated  Cybertronian  who  has
                              ever lived ━ hero, patriot, icon ━ and it’s all thanks
                              to ME.