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She seems intelligent, strong, self-assured, but why would a person like that agree to marry such an obvious monster?

“I hope you don’t keep up the tradition of killing queens.” She blinks at me, gray eyes piercing.

I. AM. SO. SORRRRRRRRYYYY THIS TOOK FOREVER!!! :(( my phone went whack and tumblr was literally not working on it and i just cleared my laptop of a virus and graaaaah :((

Woah… you guys I? hit? over? 200? followers??? It means so much to me that you all want a little part of me and my blog in your lives  ❤ I wish I could give you all the appreciation and garlic bread you deserve! I know 200 doesn’t seem like much but for little ol’ me its its a big deal, how you guys put up with my shit talk in the tags and late night drabble I’ll never know. To those I speak to daily, mutuals, and those who I am yet to interact with, thank you so very much

So for my first celebration with you lovely people I decided to do some blog rates~


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- You try to get the remote from Bucky -

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“Where’s the damn remote?” you growled, flipping cushions up to find nothing. “I can’t watch this movie anymore” you whined.

Mistletoe “Right here sweetheart” you heard Bucky drawl from the door.

“Babe, give it” you said not in the mood for his antics.

He simply chuckled and shook his head, disappearing from the doorframe. You sighed and got up to chase him. He was at the end of the hall, right in front of your shared bedroom door.

“Bucky come on” you said exasperated.

“Come and get it” he challenged and you took off down the hall. With his back against the door, you were face to face with him. He grinned and tilted his head up.

“Now, who would put that mistletoe there?” he said with fake innocence.

You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend and got up on your toes to kiss him on the cheek. “Nuh uh, try again” he teased, biting his lip seductively. You licked your own lips and his eyes followed the movement before you kissed him passionately. You slid your hand behind his back where he hid the remote and took it from his grasp. You giggled and ran down the hall, Bucky hot on your heels.