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Stanuary week two: Protect
He might not always be able to be there to protect his brother from bullies, but at least he can keep him from taking their words to heart.

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Any animal that fall sleep on your lap? Then you would love my snake. She always fall sleep curled up over me. Also, on like the weirdest places. The other day I mistakenly take her to my philosophy class cause she was in my bag and I noticed when I got there


good thing she didn’t escape!

I finally saw The Lightning Thief Musical yesterday!!! It was so much fun and totally worth it, 10/10 would watch again. It was very accurate to the books, obviously they had to skim a lot to fit everything in 2 hours, but the tone/feel was spot on and there were tons of little references for fans.

Best performances imo were Chris McCarrell and Carrie Compere who both have incredible voices, but the entire cast is great. Everyone (except Chris) had so many costume changes and also doubled as stage crew haha. Sarah Beth Pfeifer as a squirrel and Jonathan Raviv as Chiron made me laugh so hard. Honestly tho, Chris is the perfect Percy, his portrayal was amazing.

I sat in the first row so I got to experience the actors’ spittage up close lmao, also we got showered with golden confetti and covered in toilet paper via leaf blowers, it was awesome. My fave songs were Good Kid (obviously), Strong, and DOA. Tl;dr where is our cast recording???

Promised ‘bout GT, and there it is! Another traditional radur thing, this time it’s a moment short after they first met, when Radek was a kiddo. A really smol one, so Uryuu just couldn’t resist to protect him from the bad guys that were coming for the poor redhead and looked for him all the way down through the forest.

Radek © ~ @russiandumpling
Uryuu © ~ meeee


Greg Davies’ Fan Heater Action Man Story

goes to food court at mall
goes way in the back where there are no children around bc don’t want headache from loud screeching plus heat
food court is mostly empty
five minutes later surrounded by five different families with young children

I swear to god it’s like people who don’t like cats immediately having every cat in the vicinity crawl all over them

it doesn’t look as good as i thoUGHT
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