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mother mother at the shelter last night… screamed til my voice gave out…. ✨💖✨

Hi there love your blog! I was wondering if you you could do a Draco malfoy imagine where you are best friends with the golden trio, and its fourth year at the Yule ball and you don’t have a date, but you still go. And you’re sitting there with Ron and harry, and Draco walks up and asks you to dance in a really shy and fluffy way and the guys are protective but they eventually say alright and you and Draco dance together for the rest of the night. Thank you!

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As one final touch, I finished my mascara and looked in the mirror. My light blue dress fit me perfectly, flowing gracefully down my body. My hair was gently curled and put up into a complex hairstyle on top of my head, and my makeup was not too prominent on my face, just the way I liked it. 

I noticed something about my eyeliner and stepped closer to get a better look. The wing on my left eye didn’t match with the wing on my right eye. Humphing, I rubbed them off my eyelids and proceeded to try to draw new wings. 

“And why did Dumbledore have to say that magic makeup isn’t allowed?” Grumbling, I quickly swiped on new eyeliner and grabbing my shoes, sped down the stairs to the Great Hall.

When I entered, it was like walking into a whole other world. The professors had really gone out of their way to make the Hall a winter fantasy. Ice sculptures lined the walls, and fancy chandeliers hung from the ceiling. 

I scanned the room quickly for my friends, and found Neville and Ginny in the crowd, awkwardly standing next to each other. Ginny looked uncomfortable and a bit scared of the older students surrounding her, and Neville looked like he wanted to speak to Ginny, but had no clue how to. 

I made my way over. 

“Hey, Ginny! Neville!” They both turned to look at me and looks of relief flooded their faces. 

“Y/n! You’re finally here!” Ginny grabbed my arm and dragged me over.

“Yeah, I had a little trouble with my makeup, and then I had to wait for my nonexistent date.” I motioned to the air beside me, accidentally slapping someone and earning a glare from them. 

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Best of Game Grumps: Windwaker Starters (part 1)
  • “What is happening.. ___?”
  • “Buttlet? I’m into it.”
  • “Big Brother.. BIG BROTHER!!!”
  • “I messed that up..”
  • “It didn’t sound like you said speak.”
  • “You alright buddy?”
  • “Climbing down the latter, climbing down the latter with the swinging camera. uh..”
  • “Hit the dock.. let’s go back up the latter..”
  • “Into the ocean!”
  • [gargling underwater noises] “Onto the land”
  • “You look great for.. a piggy..”
  • “Woah.. sorry to interrupt sir…?”
  • “Your shark pushing..”
  • “I told you to never come in here when I’m pushing sharks in my underwear!”
  • “This is the ultimate GET OUT OF HERE moment..”
  • “Don’t tell your grandma I been pushing sharks!”
  • “If she catches wind of my shark pushing.. it’ll be divorce number three for sure!!!”
  • “Very good. Keep thrusting.”
  • “All day everyday he’s just pushing that whale”
  • [laughing] “IT’S A SHARK GOD DAMMIT!”
  • “Fuck the pigs.. not actually but..”
  • “Are you making a statement on police officers or..?”
  • “GOT THE PIG!! Love the pig..” 
  • “Is this what you came for everyone… PIG NUDGING?!”
  • “Nudge the pig!!”
  • “She just shoves her finger in you..”
  • “Uhh I’m a pirate and I have to pee.”
  • “Stupid.. get ahold of you.. she’s gone…”
  • “Your sister’s dead.. fucking get over it.. it’s been 8 seconds.”
  • “You should say goodbye to your family.. OH WAIT..!”
  • “Yes you could say that..”
  • “She’s with the birds forever..”
  • :”It looks like it’s going ohhh noo.. why was I born as a pear..”
  • “Take it.. and sometimes push it into the sand, it’ll make a cute little design.”
  • “Don’t forget to hold the button while targeting.. I’m dead inside.”
  • “If only one would stick around with me in my final days..”
  • “No.. it’s okay.. I’ll just die alone..”
  • “I’ll be back REAL soon..”
  • “I’ll be dead REAL soon.”
  • “Little does he know she’s just completely dead.. she died on the railing already.”
  • “I wonder what’s for dinner.”
  • “Stop right there! Most of us real pirates aren’t even allowed in there..”
  • “I’ll smack you right in the butt mister.”
  • “AHHHH.. put stuff in me.”
  • “I don’t care what bag you have.. unless it’s GUCCIIII.. none of that knockoff bullshit.”
  • “It looks welcoming if anything..”
  • “What was his name..? Satan?”
  • “Wow.. there’s like a million barrels out here.. where’d they all come.”
  • “Glowy.. glowy.. glowy.. it’s just a ball that glows.”
  • “Kiss me.. shnim shnam bum dum dade da.. neem nam..”
  • “What does that mean?’
  • “This.. is bullshit.. it is my fucking brithday right now.”
  • -Oh God, I wish I could somersault upstairs..”
  • “How much scarier would it be if he didn’t speak English..?”
  • “Are those like fear farts?”
  • “Looking out the window, I wondered.. I contemplated.. is his penis bigger then mine?”
  • “The look on his face was perfect..”
  • [mouth full] “I’m hot.. stickyy sweet..”
  • “Yeah I’ll come to the entrance of your dragon roost cavern..”
  • “They.. are.. ten!”
  • “You are sexy.. that duck bill does everything for your face..”
  • “Gotta get some hot new giant kicks for my giant feet which indicate a giant dick..”
  • [in a public face[ “ALL AROUND THE WORLDDD..”
  • “Wanna play the penis game..?”
  • “One person starts it and says penis as quietly as possible.. the next person has to say it louder. The person who loses is the one who refuses to go any louder.”
  • “Everybody hated playing the penis game with me because I always won immediately..”
  • “Yo.. I got these tattoos.. they symbolize some Chinese shit..” 
  • “She just flies up into the fire…”
  • “Come, come my lady.. I’ll make your legs shake. You make me go crazy.”
  • “AHAHAHAHA.. I knew he was the one..”
  • “Speak now or forever– ALL AROUND THE WORLDDD”
  • “Got her! Oh she’s sad.. Good! I won’t even bother to poke holes in it..”
  • [cluttering noise of someone tripping in the dark] “DAMMIT!!”

December Prompts !

Day 20 : Coffee Shop

@coffee-without-a-pause told me my Hux was always a jerk (well, for a good reason!!!), so I tried to draw a nice Hux. This feels so wrong :(


It’s kind of worrying how much I love my blue trainers, here are some other things I love:


Standing dangerously close to the edge of cliffs.

Wibbly wobbly bridges.

Miniature rivers carved into rock.

Hexagons, naturally occurring hexagons yo!

Lists of things.

My blue trainers, I know I said that already but I really like them.