my ghost prince


“Underneath all of the programming and underneath what has happened to him there is still  B u c k y  B a r n e s  and there is still an American patriot and hero.” (x)


I got asks for prucan doodles, comic and the ghost prince!AU…..SO HAVE THE THREE IN ONE!:D

At the palace where Gilbert family lives in the capital some old wings of the palace where just abandoned after the last royal family vanished in one night….And with the wars that would ravage the country for centuries no one thought of taking off old portraits…

Fluquor (officially the song that is the soul of this au.)

I am in LOVE with that new watercolor paper.:) and it was a good occasion to draw a bit of that au. (even if i am not sure such a scene would happen in the actual story. but eh.)

I still have a big video on going about “fluquor based on that au but i don’t think i will be able to finish it until i am in vacation. (which for me should be around the end of october.)