my ghd

okay but the fact that neither the comet in natasha pierre and the great comet of eighteen twelve NOR the groundhog in groundhog day: the musical sing is just… such a, , disappointment. step up ur game broadway i expected better than this come on

your fave is problematic: phil connors
  • some days he goes out without pants
  • slept with ninety percent of women in punxsutawney between eighteen and eighty-four and one dude when he was bored
  • has stolen eighteen million bucks
  • once masturbated seven times in the bath in one evening
  • has started seven hundred fights
  • has wasted endless nights getting wasted contemplating different ways to suicide
  • has tried every food and every drink and every cheat and every choice a thousand times
  • daily eats about a dozen donuts and he doesn’t know why