my german boys:')

your daily reminder that “klein” means “small” in german. so “jared kleinman” means “jared smallman” and i think that’s beautiful.


Can I just brag about my boy here for a second? This Renegade, he’s only 14 months old and a complete monster.  There are some of his puppy pictures in there but the top ones are what he looks like now mostly. He’s a purebred German Shepherd, ¼ work and ¾ show. He’s my big baby and he’s being trained to be a service dog for me for my anxiety and depression. He’s too smart for his own good and it makes it hard to train him, but he knows that when I’m having a hard time that it’s his job to comfort me. He’s also a great protection dog, he is not trained but he does scare people off with his “I will eat your children” bark but he’s very loving towards everyone once he meets you or your dog.

I’m very happy to have this boy in my life even though there are days that I want to strangle him. His looks are the only thing that keeps him alive sometime, lol. Anyway, I just need to show off my boy.

  • America: You know you want to.
  • Germany: I don't wan-
  • America: You know you want to.
  • Germany: No I don-
  • America: You know you want to.
  • Germany: Look I'm not goin-
  • America: You want to do it!
  • Germany: No I don-
  • Prussia: *leaning over* Don't want to do what?
  • Germany: The Hitler salute.
  • Prussia: Go on, do it!
  • Germany: No.
  • Prussia: Go on, do it.
  • Germany: I'm just going to ignore you...

“I don’t want to hand you over to anyone. I always want to be by your side. Not to just watch over you, but be something that could experience emotions with you.”

DRAMAtical Murder Aesthetics: Ren


ID #32659

Name: Karla
Age: 16 (17 in summer)
Country: Germany

Heyy, I´m Karla and kind of a awkward person and a huge fangirl. I´m born in Munich but live in Berlin. My family came from France be we live here since generations. I love reading, watching series, meeting new people, music and lots of other things f.e. mountains (they are just beautiful). My favorite bands are fall out boy, the 1975, panic! at the disco, arctic monkeys and lots of other great bands. My fav series are doctor who, sherlock, harry potter, good morning call, my runway, grimm and some others. My fav books are the harry potter books (what else?), wonder and demian (Hermann Hesse is one of my fav authors). I´ll try to read more classic books in the next time. Btw I speak german, english and french. I´d love to learn japanese and korean (awesome languages and I want to understand my fav series bc they are in korean and japanese)

Preferences: I´d prefer to write with people between 15 and 18. Please don´t be an idiot, racist or anything like that. I´d like to improve my french, so if you´re a native speaker please text me. But I´d like to talk to people from all over the world as well

That moment in For Good you realize its one of the actresses’ last performance and their goodbyes and thanks descend to a personal level and you just know you’re gonna be a blubbering mess of tears by the end.