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“Drei mal schlecht gespielt, Tabellenletzter und leider zu recht ausgeschieden. Ich bin über unser Abschneiden total enttäuscht und brauche jetzt erst mal Zeit die Ereignisse zu verarbeiten, bevor ich wieder nach vorne blicke. Dennoch vielen Dank an all unsere Fans. An euch hat es nicht gelegen!” - via julian’s instagram

Rough Translation:
“We played badly three times, were last in the table, and unfortunately, although rightly, eliminated. I am completely disappointed about our performance and now I need time to process the events before I can move on. Nevertheless, many thanks to all our fans. It wasn’t for you!”


julian and presnel talking about the infamous non-call involving patrick battiston and harald schumacher during the 1982 semifinal between france and germany (x)

anonymous asked:

Wouldn't it make more sense for Klav to call Apollo bunny? Cause of the hair being like bunny ears?

yes, that’s true and makes sense and is very valid, but here’s the story behind the bunny nickname:

  1. Apollo had a bunny growing up. Bunnies are adorable and soft 
  2. Apollo gets drunk and starts petting Klavier’s hair, saying how soft his hair is and how adorable he is. 
  3. do you see where im going with this
  4. “like a bunny!!! i had a bunny once, did ya know?” “do you want a bunny, herr forehead?” “i already have one!! You!! you’re my bunny, haha!!”
  5. the next morning, apollo wants to die but klavier smiles and says that he likes the nickname, and thus apollo starts calling klavier bunny and my depression is cured and the economy is stable the end


Amazon was way faster than expected, so my new novel Tigerstreifenhimmel is available one day early. I am soooooooooo freaking excited, because its my first selfpublishing book and also my first book in the gay romance category. 

Here’s the blurp:
»Okay, es ist wie bei Schrödingers Katze. Es ist möglich und nicht möglich, dass es da jemanden gibt, den ich dummerweise nicht mehr vergessen kann.«

Das sagt Rike zu ihrem besten Freund, nachdem sie dessen Schwester Camila kennengelernt hat. Seitdem geht sie ihr nicht mehr aus dem Kopf. Camila ist überall – in ihren Gedanken, ihren Träumen und irgendwann steht sie sogar unerwartet einfach vor ihr. Von einer Peinlichkeit stürzen sie in die nächste, bis sie sich schließlich darauf einigen, einfach nur miteinander ins Bett zu gehen. Wochen vergehen und was eigentlich nur eine kleine Ablenkung sein sollte, wird zu etlichen gestohlenen Stunden. Schon bald gelingt es ihnen nicht mehr, ihre Gefühle füreinander zu verbergen - Doch keine von ihnen ist sich sicher, wo das hinführen soll.

Here’s the link:

And I’d shower you with my undying love but that would be creepy, so I won’t- I’m just sitting here in my happy spot smiling like a crazy idiot. So yeah. That would be all from meeee, I’m going to hide instead of refreshing the fuckin amazon page every 0.2 seconds. 

Tagging some friends bc you all got excited with me this whole month and I adore you for that fact: @writerinhighheels @lumina-rhiver @violet-clouds-and-skies @nanaschreibt @enasroterfaden

thats all. k. bye.


I’ve had a lot of people follow me in the past two days, so just an FYI this blog is hella gay for:

  • USWNT (soccer, but any sport with ladies)
  • Clexa (my babes that I occasionally angry blog about for hours)
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  • Jasanni (my German babes from GZSZ)
  • Sanvers (though not as much because there isn’t much content)
  • Supercorp (these gays are endgame and Karamel’s can choke)
  • Elena (from One Day at a Time)
  • Bechloe (I swear they better get together in Pitch Perfect 3)
  • Caliza ( @everybodyhatesjroth & @longlivetheheda these two gays are adorable and y’all should be following them because they love to talk about how in love they are. They are really great about providing support and saltiness to those in need.)
  • My mutuals (every single one of them)

If you have a problem with any of these then please blacklist them. And send me a message if I ever need to tag something differently. I want my blog to be a safe place for everyone.


*Ahem* Yes well I don’t usually post pictures of myself but apparently it’s ‘Langblr Selfie Day’! 

I’m Alice and currently studying a Bachelors in Hospitality & Tourism Management. Languages are pretty important in my industry and I love learning them anyway! I learnt English and Welsh in school, picked up some Dutch when I spent two years in The Netherlands for my dad’s job, learnt French in Secondary School, and in 2013 started learning German. I’m also starting to learn Italian too! But German is the only language that I feel comfortable with and I’m currently at a B1+ / B2 level!

I get these weird obsessions with language learning every so often and at the moment I can’t stop thinking about learning Russian, Romanian, Scots Gaelic and Japanese. HELP ME. I don’t have time or the mental capacity for all of those! :’)

Aside from Tourism studies, figure skating in my spare time, language learning and my love of travel, I’m also starting to focus on applying for a Masters degree! I want to go to Germany because I’m in love with the country (and my German babe hehe) and that’s where I want my career and life to be. :) 


Sabine. This is maybe none of my business, but I noticed how you were looking at the children at the park. And you say you have no one to talk to.

Oh my God… That’s a thing? I WILL FORGET LIKE EVERYONE!!!! Tumblr why would you do that to me

So… 2017 hasn’t been the nicest to me but I finally discovered Tumblr, and there are some people I’d like to thank for accepting me even though I’m an annoying bitch ;)))

@stoffelwaffle because you’re like one of the first people I wrote on here and you were… kinda nice to me loll no jk I love you bebé marry me

@onlyailisha because you’re my mum and I love you so much my beta reader boo <33

@teamgermany my German babe ;) happy birthday again to you my precious adult I love you

@godbastian MY SEWIS HOE I LOVE YOU even though you’re stubborn and annoying because of Croatia… Nah jk bura


@fzhabsburg because you’re so cute and sweet and always kept me from killing those bitches in the chat ;)) miss you come back

@harlot-of-babylon you’re super nice and I love your fanfics and everything pls teach me senpai

@chasingheadlights my cool ass öschiiii maybe we’ll get better in f1 2017 next year lollll


some people I really love following/chatting to because their content is 💦👏👏👏💦 and are just the best people ever omg I love Tumblr

@sebxvettel @sebastianvetel (love your gifs btw) @rcsberg @youreamonocoque @sestralena @redfiveferrari @princesspascal @tyretracks-andbrokenhearts @aaronoxladewilshere @theianitor @sainzjrs @anastasium @fortyfourtonumberone

And for everyone who I haven’t tagged and reads this, I love you as well, I hope you’ll have an amazing 2018 because I know that some of you need it. Be strong!


Christmas Lights (Don’t Shine As Bright As You) 

by anchoredlou

pairing: Louis/Harry

word count: 5,6k

summary: Louis meets Harry when he’s nearly five. He decides then and there that the two of them are going to be best friends forever. 

Episodes of Louis and Harry growing up together, falling in love and more. During all these years there’s one thing that haunts Louis though - he used to believe that the Christmas lights were set up for his birthday. Harry makes sure he doesn’t forget.

Loosely based on this post, manip generously provided by Leah 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVELY MEG! This has been a long time coming, but what better opportunity to write and post a fic for the first time than for your birthday! 

Thanks for being an amazing friend, thanks for being there for silly & sincere talks and loads of head canon exchanges via text. 

I hope you enjoy this x