my gentle loki

ilove-sapphics  asked:

how is it worshipping two different pantheons? how do you make it work? sorry if you already answered this question!

I’m so very glad you asked. I rarely get questions on this. I think you’re only the second person to ask me, and you’re the first to do it in a public ask.

So, I’m a polytheist, which means I worship and believe in multiple deities, but I’m also an eclectic pagan. For me, this means that I learn from and add religious ideologies from various open practices to my belief system. In my ‘About Me’ page I’ve also labeled myself a Lokean. A Lokean is a person who honors Loki as their primary deity, or one of them, if they have more than one.

How do I worship two pantheons at once? Well, I have an altar in my room split between Loki and Hermes. They are my two main deities. I do have an extra three drinking tumblers for “guest deities.” I’ve given offerings to Dionysus, Odin, Frigga, Thor and Apollo in the past. So, my main pantheons are Greek and Norse, but I’m open to others that approach me. I have recently had an interaction with someone from the Kemetic realm, but I’m still working on figuring out who it was and who they were trying to direct me to.

In my experience, Loki and Hermes get along well. They are both Tricksters, but for me Hermes is more the prankster and Loki is like a parental figure and mentor. I’ve been with them for almost a year, now. And I think I’ve done a lot of growing since I’ve met them. Loki helped me get my mental illness and anxiety sorted. Hermes helped me learn how to relax and take a joke. (I’m still working on that, though. (^–^) It’s an on-going project.) And they both have actively taken up encouraging me to try new things and enjoy my life. I remember the first time I spoke to both of them at once, I asked if there was anything I needed to know, and they both blasted “To Young To Feel This Damn Old” at me from my computer’s music library. They’re very good at talking with me through music, and if I want to easily communicate with them I use shufflemancy. They’re hilariously on point when it comes to giving me messages through that. Hermes hacked my music first and kept His identifying song on repeat for several minutes the first time He visited on His own. That was an adventure.

But, I mean, as far as how I follow both pantheons? I just pray, and spend time with both of them. I make offerings for them. I invite them on trips with me. I cry on their shoulders and tell them my fears. I make jokes with them. I read their stories. I make art in their honor. I read them books I like. I watch movies with them. Just, I’m a follower of them both. That’s the long and short of it.

I hope that answers your question. (^–^)