my generation

Millennial generation praise / rant.

Millennials will be the cause of two things:

1) reusing garbage/recycling as art and useful “life hacks” thereby reducing their waste production.

2) producing the most waste because they will not eat anything past the expiration date… including cheese, yogurt, and jerky. (All of which came about BEFORE modern refrigeration)


We all are
seeking approval of ourselves.
To follow through on promises to a smaller you,
when dreams were larger than life.

We all are
aching for what we’ve lost.
Tear brimmed eyes and moot conversation
speech becomes an art we lack.

We all are
hanging on for dear life.
What we lack in cash, we make up in spine.
A generation that feels too much with not enough time.


On this day in music history: September 17, 1967 - The Who appear on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour on the CBS television network, performing “I Can See For Miles” and “My Generation” (taped on September 15, 1967). It is the band’s first US television appearance following their breakthrough live performance at the Monterey International Pop Festival in June. Prior to the taping, drummer Keith Moon packs one of his bass drums with an explosive charge to set off at the end of “My Generation”. He fails to tell anyone that he has used several times the normal amount of explosives. When Moon detonates the charge, there is a massive explosion that engulfs the stage in smoke, causing one of his drum cymbals to shatter, cutting him on his arm and leg when he is hit by the flying shrapnel. Guitarist Pete Townshend is closest to the blast when it goes off, singeing his hair and causing him significant hearing loss. Actress Bette Davis, one of the other guests on the show that night passes out from shock backstage into actor Mickey Rooney’s arms (also appearing on the show), after witnessing how Keith Moon is injured in the blast.