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Is it bad that I want Liam to stop talking about Zayn altogether? I feel like they went from one extreme to another in .5 seconds and no one is buying it now. A good 98% of the tags that I've seen in the "pillowtalk is my favorite song" post were either "too late", "damage control", or "we still remember what you said". Unless we get a reunion we're they both seem comfortable. I'm going to side eye his genuine their "support" is. The titanic interview was just heartbreaking . 💔

Well, and see, I’m going to guess that’s nahhhht the attitude that Team Loammy is looking for.  Fandom sentiment seems a smidge better now, but I think its more or less a wary one? After seeing the way the last week has played out, this is my general attitude to Team solo!Loammy:

But I wonder if they feel they fucked this up? Loammy won’t have the #1 spot, but he’s going to debut somewhere in the top 10 in the US and UK markets (which is good!), though the real test will be how it fairs on radio and second week sales. 

It seems pretty clear they’re reading fandom comments (hi Doyen Global interns!), but they reallyyyyy need to regroup and do better then whatever this goat rodeo is. As far as fandom is concerned, you fucked this shit up, my dudes - now’s the time when you maybe need to earn your paychecks and fix it. 


Me posing with my rhododendron bush that’s on the cusp of blooming. Hopefully next week🤞🏽
And my general attitude toward tonight’s episode. It probably going to be good which is why I’m so nervous.

Happy BFSN!

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Oh yeah, so I went to go ask our head HR lady if we could start stocking tampons in with the first aid supplies for emergencies. This was largely in response to my grumbles about having to go take a 30 minute break and walk to the nearest pharmacy to buy tampons since my coworker friends didn’t have any extras with them. Given that there are at least 60 women who work in my office, I didn’t think it was an unreasonable request. But lo, HR lady’s response was (I’m not kidding): “No. We’re not going to do that.” Just straight up stone cold. Not even a question about it. 

I went back to the first aid cabinet later that day and guess what my company DOES pay for for its employees in “emergencies”? Lens wipes. For people who wear glasses. Also, hand lotion. I’m not the only one who thinks that this inequity is ridiculous and sexist, am I?

So I’ve been slowly spreading the news of this outrage to my fellow female coworkers over the past week to test the general attitudes about it amongst my anatomical allies. This isn’t over, HR lady. I’m building an army. I’m coming for you.