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My Reylo Cosplay Spoils from Comic Con

Disclaimer: I went to the MCM London Comic Con recently, and while my friends kept photographing all the undenialy awesome cosplays, I’m way too lazy for that (plus I can just get their pics afterwards), and decided I’m only getting my phone out to take pictures of reylo. Of course the popularity of reylo couple cosplays is nowhere near things like kirito x asuna, etc, I did manage to capture a few, but in other cases I just took photos of Kylo Ren and Rey cosplayers. So not all images may be intended as reylo by the cosplayer, but I think reylo fans will find them adorable or awesome anyway.

Additionally some of the pictures may be repeated from my earlier post of hug the Kylo Ren Challenge.

The first reylo image I shot is a genderbent version, but actually these two cosplayers didn’t know each other! They met just as I spotted them and squeed for a picture! It was hilarious. I guess it was a fangirl coincidence of fate.

The lovely fem!Kylo Ren in the picture is @thel-thalion . Thank you so much for the opportunity to get this awesome shot!

This was the first actual couple I encountered, so sorry for the image quality, I was just too excited.

These were a pair of siblings who were completely adorable. The tiny!Kylo Ren was actually really really shy and kinda afraid of me (oh no, a girl!), while the tiny!Rey was exactly the inquisitive brave little girl you expect her to be.

These two were there with a group of friends I believe, so I have absolutely no idea if they were doing a couple cosplay or not (probably not), and they were adorably shy and just so surprised I wanted to photograph them. Just look at how awkwardly ramrod straight that Kylo Ren is standing, bless him, way too cute.

Now these two had absolutely no illusions about what sort of trash shipper I was, and what was the picture I wanted when I asked “Can I take a picture of the two of you?” as they were chilling next to each other. Thank you kind souls for indulging me so much!

This shot is actually one of my favourites, a completely accidental delight. As I was just peacefully completing my hug all the Kylo Rens challenge, I spotted this awesome guy, who was actually taking a tiny!Rey with him (most likely his daughter, they looked completely adorable hand-in-hand, and the tall Kylo Ren with a bright blue child’s backpack on his back). As I went up to him and asked for a hug, my friend took a candid shot unbeknowst to me, and this beauty was captured. It was only when we looked at the picture in detail did we notice how adorably distressed the tiny!Rey was XD Gosh I adore her, now I want to hug her too!

Just as I got on my train to get home, my friend spotted this couple, and I ran after them to ask for pictures. They were incredibly kind, though mildly surprised until I explained I was at the con too, just didn’t have time to cosplay. (next time though!)

So all in all, I was one very very happy shipper, thank you everyone so much for filling my heart with love, and allowing to get all these lovely memories and pictures :D

Me with my OTP <33333

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xP It's official, Keith, Lance, Shiro and Hunk are your pretty boy Voltron gateway drugs. But seriously, I think Keith and Shiro are super hot, especially Shiro.

Girl, yasssss. Shiro is DADDY AF!!!! Oh my gawwwd. Like sign me the frig-frack up. Say no more, fam. I’m there. 

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65 in America is a D :( anything below 60 is an F. Our system sucks.

Oh my gawwwd what?? that is crazy. i’m pretty sure you have to get something below 49 to fail here. oh my gosh wow that sucks so much. I can’t believe how big of a difference that is. damn.

This is my absolute favorite gif in the entire Gotham series…it has such an effect on me…like seriously…the way he sucks his finger…my gawwwd Robin lord Jesus lol