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To those who said I wouldn’t make it,
I stand here while I’ve survived heartbreak, bullying, disloyalty, a several stabs in the back, loss—heart wrenching loss that shredded me completely, with more love to give than the amount that’s been consumed from me.
I stand here today with a heart that’s not afraid to live, to love, to glow at opportunities— the light coming off its breakage.
I stand here with an unwavering smile as the scars cover my fists from fighting back, raw at the knees from falling and getting right back up, wearing a gash at my chest and another at my back, bleeding out for the world to see.
I stand here after I survived more than I thought I could handle,
Ready for what more my life has to offer me.

“Trying to get on my pimp shit
But I’m stuck on a druggy trip
So I fucked an ugly bitch
All the pretty hoes ditched
Yeah they know what snow is
Hope she gushes when that fat ass backs up, ima nut
Grey flags stay at half mast
Half cocked
Shawty blast
Oddy’s head popped gasp from the blast
I got a gash in my thick skull
Throw me in the trash call for pick up
Death over bitches all cause of crystal
Blood spilling in my motherfuckin pimp cup
Used to love the bitch NOW she sucking other dicks

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Darkness Part 3: Void Stiles

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So this is it! The last part of Darkness. I hope you all enjoy this one! Xxx

Part 1

Part 2

I always wondered what it would be like to be a werewolf. To feel practically invincible as I would heal from any wound or injury.

But the more I thought about it the more I realised how awful it would be. Yes, I’d heal from the injury but then that would just make me all shiny and new for the next one.

I would constantly be going through the pain until I couldn’t take it anymore. Until I had felt enough and would feel nothing at all.

Pain was all I could feel right now. It ran through every part of me, centred around the large gash in my side, which I could feel the sticky metallic smell of blood staining down my shirt.

“Y/N…” I could hear my name being called faintly, but I didn’t want to listen to whoever was talking to me.

“Come on, Princess you need to wake up.” Cold fingers were brushed against my head and I flinched at the change of temperature.

“Y/N?” I heard again and this time, I forced my eyes open.

It took a moment for the room to come back to me as everything was dark and fuzzy around the edges.

I was lying on a couch, my head propped against the arm and my feet elevated on the other side. There was a cool towel on my head and a soft pillow resting underneath my neck.

Once I had blinked most of the fuzziness away I was suddenly aware of the presence next to me after I slowly turned my head, even the slight movement sending a shot of pain up the side of my neck and I hissed in pain.

“Take it easy, little one.” A voice cooed, sending a cold breeze across the back of my neck.

Void Stiles.

Was this Void Stiles? His skin was the same pale colour, with the same dark circles under his eyes. But then his eyes were different.

Unlike the usual dark orbs I was familiar with, the ones that were cold and demonic, the chaos practically seeping out of them these ones were bright and glassy as he carefully removed the cold washcloth from my head and set it down on the arm of the couch.

I blinked in confusion a couple of times until he suddenly looked up at me, his eyes locking to mines.

And then he did something I’d of never had expected. He hugged me. His arms gently but firmly wrapped around my shoulders as some of my pain leaked away.

“What happened?” I croaked as he pulled away, my voice scratching painfully at my throat.

“They hurt you, princess. They hurt you and I couldn’t save you.” Void Stiles said regretfully before his eyes hardened.

“What were you thinking? I could have lost you! And… I might still.” His eyes trailed down my side and as soon as I thought about it a harsh stab of pain worked its way through my body, making me gasp.

“Your injury… you won’t survive it.” Void Stiles said, as his fingers slid slowly across my forearm, long dark lines swirling up his arm.

Tears filled my eyes as his words went through me. I wouldn’t survive? I couldn’t die. Not after everything I’ve been through.

“Unless…” He said as a tear rolled down my cheek. I looked at him, his outline slightly blurry through my teary eyes.

“I’m going to do this, Y/N because I can’t survive without you. I honestly cannot do anything without you, my little dove, okay? Because I love you.” I let his words sink in, distracted from the pain in my side for a moment.

“I love you too,” I whispered, everything becoming blurry and dark as I began swaying, unsure of if it was me that was spinning or the room.

I never saw the look of shock on Void Stiles’ face or the determined set of his jaw. But I did feel his cold fingers cup either side of my face as he crashed his lips to mine.

Instantly the pain vanished, replaced with a new feeling. It was faint at first but got stronger and stronger. Power.

And if this is what Void Stiles felt every time he even got a taste of chaos it was all worth it. My eyes were burning as a cold numbing sensation washed over me. But anything was better than pain.

Well, my pain anyway.

Void Stiles finally pulled away, gasping for breath, the colour black engulfed his eyes, not another colour seen as he stared back at me.

His hand came up and brushed the hair out of my eyes and I noticed that his skin wasn’t cold to me anymore.

Void Stiles linked his fingers through mines and slowly pulled me to my feet, the pain in my side completely gone as Void Stiles guided me over to the side of the room where a large floor length mirror rested against the wall.

I didn’t recognise myself. I stared at the girl before me in the mirror. Her skin was a sallow ashen white, highlighting the dark contour of her cheekbones and sharpness of her jawline.

Her hair was in dark curls, bouncing around her head as she turned it from side to side. Her lips were chapped, pale like the rest of her face apart from the dark rings under her eyes.

Her eyes. All completely black, framed by her long dark lashes.

She was dark. She was chaotic.

And she was me.

Let me know what you think! Xxx

Just love this series of pics, and obviously afterdeath is so stunning!!!, but then I saw that little cute new kid (for me) named Glitchy Color made by @darkness-pure, and I fall in looooooveeeeee, so I have to draw him!!!!

Love the idea that his parents were Error and Fresh… incest? hahahaha, and the relation between them? uyuyuy my gash!!!

Just a practice for warm my hands =D

My shitty experience: be careful when getting piercings

Make sure you get it done by someone who knows what they’re doing, even people with this as a profession don’t always know what they’re doing.
I got my eyebrow pierced a couple months back and it healed fine ( well I thought it did) but this morning the bar fell out. I don’t mean it came loose and fell out, I mean it fell out and took a small chunk of my eyebrow with it.
So now I have a gash in my eyebrow and I don’t think it will heal, the skin over it was dead, it didn’t even hurt when it fell out.
I don’t want you to vomit so I won’t go into too much detail, but you get the picture. The piercer left only a small gap between the pierced holes where she put the bar through, over time my body just kinda pushed it out when healing.
So if you want to get some piercings done please do your research first. Look at reviews online and ask around.
Unless you want to lose a chunk of your eyebrow.
But seriously please take care!

Are you my nurse now?~ Natasha Romanoff x (fem) Reader

Request: Oh, how about Reader was injured after a long mission and she’s getting bandaged up , no shirt  and the nurse is you know xD ( Insert the black widow )

Warnings: HELLLOOO this is borderline smutty.  Here, let me throw some sexual tension at you. Some cursing. Enjoy. 

“Shit.” I hissed as I collapsed onto the medical bed. The medical examiners all had left to get supplies. My side was gashed up pretty bad from a few knife wounds, my shoulder dislocated, and a gunshot wound in my right thigh. I also really wanted a shower. I pulled my shirt over my head and tried to pull my sweaty sports bra away from sticking to my skin.

I heard the door open and I spun around. 

There was Natasha. Natasha Romanoff. 

“Oh, uhm- umm, sorry, let me just- “ I rambled and tried to stand up. She placed her hand on my shoulder. Her fingers on my bare skin made me shiver. 

“Y/N, we know each other. You have to be scared.” She whispered. The hairs on the back of my head stood up. I blushed. 

She stood back and grabbed some gauze. She grabbed the stitches and started working on my side. I tensed and grabbed the table. She smiled up at me. I tried to hide my intensely red face. 

She finished stitching my side and I jumped as she kissed my ribcage. 

“Natasha?” I asked. 

“Shh.” She said, standing up. She connected her lips to mine in a soft kiss. I felt myself tense up and wrapped my arms around her shoulders. Her hands ran up my thighs and my sides. She broke off. 

“What…” I said. 

“I’ve wanted to tell you that I like you for a while.” She replied and brushed her hand against my cheek. She kissed down my neck and my chest. My breath started heaving. She stopped just as her fingertips brushed against my inner thighs. 

“Are you my nurse now?” I asked. 

“Let’s get out of here and find out.” She muttered. 



Free Me

Pairing: Sam x Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3.9k

Warnings: Smut, squirting, oral, lanuage, DP, anal

A/N: It’s been a few years since I’ve written anything but this is my first ‘Supernatural’ fic so leave your comments below! Much obliged.

The impala roared to life and Dean floored it down the highway. I was wedged uncomfortably between both Winchesters’ with a gash in my inner thigh and blood dripping from my hair; though it wasn’t mine as far as I could tell. Sam was rubbing my back to comfort me, and Dean’s jaw was set with tension as he concentrated on driving. By the time we reached the motel, we were all exhausted. Our day wasn’t over yet. I followed the boys inside the worn-down motel room and slammed the door shut behind me.

“Before any of ya’ll try, the shower’s mine,’ I huffed and shoved past them as I made my way to the back of the room. I didn’t even shut the bathroom door before I was stripping. Taking off my jeans though, was difficult. I barely recognised the pain until now, but as I peeled the fabric off my thigh, I winced in agony. Sam popped his head through the door and frowned.

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There was a mirror behind the crowd on the wall, and I watched myself like a painting, frozen. The gash in my side bled and bled. It was so beautiful I cried right there in front of five thousand people. I was letting out the boy who had died on his plastic cross in elementary school. He escaped through the hole in my ribs.

Favorite lines from The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell

BFFS forever (Smut)

I walked into my room, dropping my bag at the foot of my bed. I looked at the gash under my eye from that bitch at school today. At least she looks worse than me. I smirked and fell backwards on my bed. “Nice eye.” I gasped and shot up, looking around. “Jesus Tate. You scared me!” He laughed, his brown eyes twinkling. “Sorry, Y/N. What happened?” “Some girl at school picked a fight with me, but it’s okay.” Tate touched his thumb to my cut. “I have an appointment with your dad today, wanna meet me in the basement after?” I shook my head yes and smiled. He literally disappeared. When I moved into this house with my family, I heard stories that it was haunted but I didn’t really believe them until I met Tate. He died in this house a long time ago, and he’s my best friend. He see’s my dad as a psychiatry patient to help him remember what he did. Sometimes he forgets that he’s dead. I turned my music up really loud and did my hair. There was a knock on my doot and my mom stepped in, “Y/N? don’t you have homework to do?” “nope, i did it all in class.” “okay. well that weird kid is in your dads office, so just stay up here. he creeps me out.” “that’s not nice mom, he’s seeing dad for a reason and you’re being judgemental.” “yeah, well..” but she never finished, she just walked out of my room. I covered up the gash on my eye with a little bit of make-up. When I was done I laid on my bed and waited for Tate’s session to end.

“Tate?” I whisper-yelled into the darkness. He had been done with my dad for about 35 minutes now but wasn’t in the basement yet. “Tate? Where are you?” Someone put a hand over my mouth and pulled me into the shadows. My heart was racing and I didn’t have any time to even think, when I was let go I spun around and almost started screaming when I looked into Tate’s face. “That wasn’t funny, jerk.” He laughed anyways, causing me to laugh. “Let’s sit out in the tree, Y/N” He took my hand and led me outside into the backyard, once we got up to the branch that we claimed as our own he flung an arm around my shoulder. “Ya know, I’m really glad I met you, Y/N. You’re like a breath of fresh air when I’m angry.” “Thanks Tate, I’m really glad I met you as well. You’re my bestfriend.” He looked deep into my eyes and my heart fluttered for a second. That was weird, I thought to myself. He laughed, showing off his perfect teeth and adorable dimples. Did I just call his dimples adorable? What the hell is wrong with me? We sat outside, talking about life and outer space, and high school, and him, and me, and everything. I yawned and Tate looked at me. “Tired?” He asked, smiling? I shook my head yes and he climbed down the tree, then held his arms up for me. “I’ll catch you, I promise.” I climbed down the tree a little and jumped into his body, and he did catch me. He held me there for a second before he put me down. “I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asked me. “Of course Tate, goodnight.” Before I got a chance to walk away he kissed my cheek, turned around and was gone. I brought my fingers up to the spot where he kissed me and I smiled. Do I like Tate? Do I like a ghost? Is that possible? I went up to my room and fell asleep.

“Y/N?” I heard it faintly, but didn’t know if I dreamt it, or if it actually happened. “Mmmm” I heard a giggle, but I couldn’t open my eyes. “Y/N, wake up.” I forced myself to roll over. “What?” “Wake up.” Finally I got my eyes open and I saw Tate. I sat up really fast, and covered myself. All I had on was a shirt and underwear, how embarrassing. “Don’t cover up, you look beautiful.” He said, tracing his knuckles down my face. He leaned in and his lips touched mine. I opened my mouth to let him in, and he took the invitation. He put a hand on my face and another on my lower back and pulled me forward. “I really really like you Y/N..” He gasped between kisses. He slid a hand up my shirt and gently laid it over my breast. I pulled him backwards on top of me and let a little moan escape my lips. I pushed his hips into me and I felt the bulge growing against my thigh. I reached my hand down towards it and squeezed gently. He growled into my lips and started kissing my neck he was nibbling softly on the tender muscles making me sweat with anticipation of what was going to happen. he worked his hand up my thigh and slid my panties down while I unbottoned his pants. Once they were down around his ankles he positioned himself against the opening of my vagina and slowly pushed himself in. I gasped out loud. It was thicker than I thought it would be. He buried his face into the crevice of my neck and pushed in and out. “Tate..” Me whispering his name pushed him over the edge and he moaned and I felt his warm liquid spreading through my insides. It felt so good. He pulled himself out and knelt down in between my legs. He touched his wet warm tongue to my clit and started licking it in circles and up and down and I entangled my fingers in his hair and arched my back, I could feel my release coming. “Tate.. oh god Tate..” With those words I felt my own pleasure take over and I was losy in a paradise for a few moments. When it ended we both lay next to each other, breathing hard and holding hands. “I didn’t hurt you did I?” He looked so concerned. “No Tate, I promise.” “Come on, gotta get you cleaned up. How about a bath?” I shook my head yes and followed him into my bathroom.

I am a stranger in my own home. Floorboards creak beneath my calloused feet, lights flicker above my war-torn head. The battlefields behind my eyes see death among the dust, blood within the apple-juice stains ingrained in the off-white carpet of the living room. Window blinds are shut, a wall between the light and myself. The curtains sway, blown lightly by the vents above the floorboards, ghosts so accustomed this darkness that I welcome them with. Mirrors are cracked, shattering my reflection, leaving unforgiving gashes over my eyes, over my mouth. My lips are sealed, my voice forever weighed down by the cement of my thoughts. My fingers graze the ivory keys of a long-forgotten grand piano, and with detached hesitation I hold them down. The A key sounds a G-sharp, and dull imperfection echoes, bouncing off the blue-gray walls of this empty, unfamiliar home. Coffee cups containing burnt-out cigarettes sit, fallen over, on the weathered back porch. A stone birdbath lies, crumbling, behind the mossy-roofed shed, rust-colored water pooled at its colorless, cracked rim. In its reflection, a figure, distorted and lost. I am a stranger in my own home.
—  Insomniac’s Journal