my garden of delights

Come play in my new garden… I promise dark delights and pretty black lacey things.

This feeds on my love for all things dark, romantic, gothic and still witchy with a touch of dark occult. Its just standing up, so I will be adding new songs to the track listing and posting a lot.

Also updated my page with links where you can find me! Pinterest, instagram, etc etc. Go click, go follow.

Fine Art Sites,Database and Blogs (updating)


Each and every website/blog had a hyperlink before, but all of them disappeared since 7/15 owing to tumblr’s bug. Please search on tumblr to find the bloggers, and copy keywords to search for other websites. 

This is an ever-updating list, since tumblr doesn’t update reblogged post, please open the original link of this post to get the latest list

I’m a painting lover, though I’m a bad rookie at it. Impressionism, Renaissance, Pre-Raphaelites and Barbizon School are my favorite genres. I love a lot more, mainly focused on watercolor and oil painting. 

I would appreciate any related supplement to this list ლ ( ◕ ᗜ ◕ ) ლ. 

Thanks to all I mentioned in this post, for sharing inspiring art. 

Search Engines/Database:

Art cyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine

The Athenaeum

Web Gallery of Art, searchable fine arts image database

Paintings Art Gallery - Gallerix (support reverse search of painting) Advanced Search

Wikimedia Commons 

Artble: The Home of Passionate Art Lovers

Art Project - Google Arts & Culture - Visual Art Encyclopedia - Artist - Web gallery of art


Art/Gallery Websites: 

Artstack-art online  (collect artworks online)

Arcadia Art | The finest artworks throughout the world and the centuries. All images are in high definition.

Russian Fine Art   (FB)

Landscape Paintings | Landscape Oil Painting | Landscapes Art at Toperfect

Artchive | Gallery artists, artists social network online gallery of contemporary paintings   ( Twitter )

my daily art display | A daily dip into the world of art  

Inspirational Artworks: LINKS -

Ambleside Gallery

Heritage Gallery West  

Art Gallery | SR Brennen Galleries 

Let’s Paint Nature! | Hiking & Painting in Nature – Chicago

Realist Art Resource  (FB: Realist Art Resource)

The Artist’s Road

Kai Fine Art   (Twitter: @Kaifineart )

Tatha Gallery  ( Facebook )

Mountain Galleries at the Fairmont  (Twitter:  @MntGalleries )

Insight Gallery Fredericksburg  ( Facebook )

Portraits Inc.–representing the world’s best portrait artists  ( Facebook )

Art TV–Youtube

Astoria Fine Art Gallery in Jackson Hole,USA

Dick Idol Gallery - Located in downtown Whitefish, Montana,USA

Painting Tutorials: 

Watercolor Painting Made Easy: Lessons, Techniques & More


Fine Art Tips Facebook  

Zimou Tan

Art Pro

Jay Lee Watercolor Painting

Wei Taillandier

Personal Websites of Artists:

Claude Monet biography and paintings in high definition

Vincent Willem van Gogh biography and paintings in high definition -

Alfredo Rodriguez Paintings

Rovina Cai Illustration  Tumblr:@rovinacai

Yaphleen Illustration  Tumblr: @yaphleen

Claire Basler Floral Painting  (FB: Claire Basler)

Sergey Zhiboedov Watercolor

Anne StahlContemporary, abstract paintings by artist Anne Stahl

Polina Yakovleva Illustration

Becky Joy Fine Art - Impressionist Oil Landscape Paintings  (Twitter: @beckyjoyartist )

Nick Andrew Oil Paintings  (Twitter: @NickAndrewArt )

Kieron Williamson Oil Paintings  (Twitter:  @krwartist )

@serge-marshennikov  Oil Paintings

Anatoly Korobkin and Diana Korobkina Oil Paintings

@qinni  Watercolor ( Youtube channel )

Ann Oram Oil Painting  (Twitter:  @Ann_Oram )

Anna Armona Watercolor

Sandra L. Strohschein Watercolor  ( Facebook )

Sung Ho Lee Watercolor ( Facebook )

@wratshit Illustration

Kanta Harusaki Watercolor  ( Facebook )

Linda Wilder Oil Painting ( Facebook , Artstack )

Iris Grace Watercolor  ( Facebook )

Robert Hagan Oil Painting ( FB )

@artbylouiseterrier Illustration Website

Donna Young Oil Painting ( FB )

Oleg Kozak Watercolor 

Daniel Gerhartz - Oil Paintings and Portraits  ( FB ) 

Vitaly Stroinov Oil Painting ( FB )

D. Eleinne Basa Oil Painting  ( FB )

Katy Lipscomb Illustration ( FB )

Richard Musgrave-Evans Oil Painting  ( FB )

Yoann Lossel Gold Leaf Painting   @yoannlossel ( Youtube )

Simon Leonidovitch Kozhin Oil Painting  (FB)

Phatcharaphan Chanthep Watercolor and Oil Painting

Jane Hunt Oil Painting  ( FB )

Robert W. Cook Watercolor  ( FB )

Pol Ledent (French artist) Oil Painting

Ahad Vatani (Iranian artist) Watercolor

Malgorzata Szczecinska Watercolor  ( FB )

David Joaquin native American Art  ( FB )

Pam Herrick prophetic art  ( FB )

Zheng Liang Feng(冯正梁) Watercolor (FB)

Painting&Other Inspirational Blogs:

♦ Painting, Sculpture

Fine Art Blogger  

ARTECULTURA | Revista Virtual de Artes, com ênfase na pintura do século XIX

Tutt'Art@ | Pittura * Scultura * Poesia * Musica   ; Masterpiece of Art  (Twitter: @MariaLaterza )

ART BLOG MarkovArt | The Art blog about the Old Masters and Contemporary Artists

Konstatin Sterkhov: Art Of Watercolor

@rainlullaby99 (scroll down and find more blogger)



@topofartcom website 


@ ladydior13 


@art-of-eons (the-esoteric-arts)


@kaiganoshoujo (Twitter:甘美な少女の絵画bot)































































































































♦ Nature Photography

















@elvenforestworld (Vk group: Elven Forest )
































































@thearcheresspictures (archeress)






♦ Crystals





Ok but giomis and shitty pick up lines

Mista waggles his eyebrows at Giorno and tells him “if you were a flower you’d be a damndelion”

Giorno laughs and tells him “you know dandelions are weeds right?”

Mista whistles “damn. That makes sense though, because you’ve taken over the garden of my heart”

Giorno is so delighted he turns his mug into a bird that flies away as they begin cuddling at the breakfast table. Everyone groans and is disgusted by these shitty teenagers in love. Abbacchio looks down at his coffee mug and wonders if maybe he can drown if he gulps it all down fast enough.

anonymous asked:

hi, im protestant, from mexico. so i've been teached that mother mary is really a pagan goddess of fertility related to lilith and mesopotamia which means is a demon so catholics are worshiping a demon, but… how do i know is true, i have so many doubts about it. i just wanted to ask your opinion about it. not that i really believe such thing.

…………wow, I really thought I had heard everything, but this is a new one.

The short answer is–no? I’m not even sure where that’s coming from? Catholics believe that Mary was a Jewish woman from the first center AD, who gave birth to Jesus Christ and therefore was the Mother of God. We also believe that she was born without sin, in order to carry God for nine months. She was holy and first among women, but she was absolutely a human woman–she got rocks in her sandals and screamed and wept and lost a son, just like any other woman would.

(and Catholics technically don’t worship Mary, we venerate her. I discuss the differences in this post.)

I have read comparative mythology papers that argue Mary is the Christian answer to the “divine feminine” or the “divine mother” of some pagan religions. But that doesn’t make her any less definitively Christian. (My many issues with comparative mythology are a topic for another day.) Additionally, the closest analogue would certainly not be Lilith, who occupies her own space as temptress, demonic queen, and bringer of illness within Catholic lore.

(I talk a little bit about Lilith and her evolving history in this post)

Other than that, I’m not sure what to say. Whether Mary is a demon…is never an argument I’ve had with myself before.

All About Rosemary

All About Rosemary

I keep rosemary in my garden. It’s a staple!. Because its fragrant aroma is absolutely delightful, I frequently run my hands through its branches to send the smell wafting through the air. Rosemary’s botanical name, Rosmarinus officinalis, means “dew of the sea”—probably linked to its native Mediterranean. Rosemary has been used in many cultures as a symbol for remembering those who have passed away. Due to rosemary’s reputation for enhancing memory, Shakespeare’s Ophelia petitions Hamlet: “There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray you, love, remember.” In ancient Greece, students inserted rosemary sprigs into their hair when studying for exams.

Growing Rosemary

You can purchase a rosemary plant, or alternatively snip a stem from an existing plant, dip the end in rooting compound (available from garden stores), plant it in soil with plenty of sun and excellent drainage, and water regularly to prevent soil from drying out. If you live in a frost-free area, you can leave it outside during winters. Otherwise, keep rosemary in a planter to bring indoors during winter. Be careful not to overwater; just water whenever the soil feels dry.

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lemonbird514  asked:

Firstly, you got me into smut you sinner (*whispers* thank you) and second, how do you write smut? And what things do you need to avoid?

You’re welcome my little cherub. And this is purely my personal way of writing, there’s no real right or wrong way to learn how to write.

For me, personally writing smut is full of embarrassment and internal flailing because you are about to share something which is likely more than just a little bit personal with a lot of people whilst fervently hoping they’re into it too and you’re not just weird. I mean it doesn’t have to be a personal thing, but you can normally tell when an author is into something, and when they’re just doing it because they think that’s what readers want to read and are writing it begrudgingly.

It’s no secret I’m a power play diva, that shit is my jam like strawberry on toast, and even if I didn’t have the experience of being a professional smut editor (I love looking at my resume sometimes, like, yep there it is, smut editor) because it’s of interest to me, I’ve explored certain aspects of it, usually through reading or from just straight up thinking about it in my head for hours on end.  So I’ve had time to develop ideas and let them simmer down into the bare bones of what I enjoy about a scenario, and what I think others might like about it too. Learning how to convey tactile and emotional responses to stimulation in a scintillating way is also helpful. So instead of merely writing:

“he spanked her hard and she cried out”


“she writhed over his knees at the feel of his hand connecting with the tender flesh of her behind, the feeling hot and sharp, sending a jolt of shame and arousal through her core.”

So there you have the action, described in a way that your reader can understand, and also the emotional and psychological effect it has, telling them why it is enjoyable.

or from the dom perspective, rather than writing “he spanked her ass and she cried out”


“he watched her wriggling over his lap, the round swell of her ass a tantalizing sight. His palm connected with a loud smack, eliciting a pained yelp that shot through him like a bolt of pure pleasure. He massaged the skin to take some of the sting away, careful of her needs.”

So there you have more emphasis on the psychological and emotional aspect of what is going on, which tends to be the part the reader is really looking for because it’s what they want to explore. It’s something secret and private being laid open for us. It’s why we’re reading something rather than simply watching a bad porno where everyone sounds stilted and like they’re in pain.

Working on dialogue is important too. There’s times when I’ve been reading something otherwise really well written, but the dialogue comes off as though the characters have been stunned over the head with a thesaurus and are trying to remember their own names. If it sounds like it belongs in cis het porno, don’t do it. No one talks like that. At least not anyone not acting or anyone who is not a serial killer.

As for avoiding things. That’s a hard one. (that’s what she/he/they said, badumtcsh) As a personal rule, I try to avoid language that is misogynistic or harmful. I’m not ever going to call a character a slut unless it’s being cooed lovingly in a moment of clear cut dirty talk between respectful partners.

Also as a personal preference, don’t refer to female genitals as “slit” or “gash”, as it’s part of the misogynistic dialogue that reduces women to meat, and also sounds like an injury that needs to be plugged. I’d rather have to read the words “her secret garden of delights” than “her gash”. I mean neither is good but at least one sounds whimsical instead of violent.

Also weeping. Unless someone is crying. Nothing Should Be Weeping.

Also penises have a refractory period unless your characters have od’d on viagra, and for reference, 10 inches is the length of my arm from wrist to elbow. I can’t speak for everyone, but if something that size came anywhere near me, my secret garden of delights would seal shut in terror.

Just…yea. Play around with it, get past the stage when you feel like you’re dying out of shame and embarrassment and write the thing. Get a feel for what kind of stories you like to tell as a writer. That’s really the best thing you can do.

As the sun turns into the moon
As the chaotic day turns to a quiet night.
I watch him expose his bare body
In the comfort of our home
His hazel eyes
His Sun kissed tan
His Masculine silhouette.

He pierces a look of desire my way
Then presses his lips against mine
Before his lips follow my neckline
Leaving stamps of love along the way
His tongue traces my linings
Exciting my already trembling body.
Muffled moans overcome

Warm breath reaches my pelvis
I welcome him
With spread thighs and rised hips.
He eagerly sinks himself
Into my garden.
His eyes full of delight.
Im Paralyzed by pleasure.

His body shaking and yearning of need
I savour his anticipation
But he patiently traces his lips back to my mouth.
Kissing me passionately
I finally direct his body over mine.
Our bodies entwine.
His eyes look to mine for approval
Suddenly I feel myself filled.
A delightful beat between my walls.
A sympathy of moans ensue…

Ecstasy begins to kick in,
Raging sensations,
bodies thrust.
hearts race.
spines tingle.
teeth clench.
toes curl.

Plateau awaits,
Long awaited torrential spasms,
A rush of pleasure,
A warm surprise
We each embrace with love.

I am delighted with my garden right now. Tonight I will be able to make curry with tomatoes, green peppers, and hot peppers, as well as herbs, all from my garden. The only thing I needed to buy was the paste, garlic (which won’t come in until early july), and onions. Well, and Beef. But the basics is all but 2 of the veggies will be from my own work.

So much of it is coming in so wonderfully!

you never liked poetry until you heard it in my voice,
pronunciations unfamiliar
as if the words would disappear
                                             before they reached your ears

my legs are crossed and i’m picking
through the months
through your words
no longer separated from the pack

you pictured me running into your arms
pictured me in white hotel sheets
pictured me next to you every single drive
pictured me, 3477 miles from you, curled up


my hand wrapped
     around the

“say garden” you’re delighted, the heat relaxing your eyes
“say pyjamas” you’re mocking me, but we love it

you’re mocking me,
but i love you,

smiling as i slip out every word,
your bird.

smiling, even, 
as we

my face on your screen


—  sweet dreams. CC x

Sweet Spring Seed Siren

wow i’ve had real creative blockage happening lately but i bought a whole load of pastel coloured markers today and i’m happy i did. spring is just starting springing where i am and there are so many delights in my little garden and so many things to plant. i just want to wear plants and tattoo plants onto myself and sleep in the soil (too many jumping spiders though so i’ll probably just keep sleeping in my bed)

gemma flack // ink & markers 2014 // buy prints here

8.2.16 [9/100 days of productivity]

four days later and my succulent family has grown exponentially thanks to my gardening grandma who was delighted that i asked if i could have any of her baby succulents. she ended up giving me six with a bunch of leaves to propagate my own as well. she’s a nutter but in the best way possible.

today’s work was some more history notes on the russian revolution which i actually really find interesting! history is definitely one of my favourite subjects at school even though so many people find it boring. sidenote: i am still in love with my macbook. it’s my baby. 

I am only a
…flower in your garden
a shadow of light.

I am the gardener in delight

My face without for
nothing is with
I am all things, a dreaming awareness

of my dream.

Any Sufficiently Advanced Magic is Indistinguishable from Technology - Sera/Dagna - M - 7605 words

Dagna explores Skyhold, and also Sera’s pants.

One of my two Wintersend offerings this year, for Luddleston - I got to think a lot about Dwarves and magical theory, and also about filthy jokes, which are some of my favourite things. A delight! @too-ticki was full of excellent ideas about this one, and her help was absolutely invaluable.


In the garden, the sun is warm. You wouldn’t know you were in the mountains, sitting here surrounded by the high walls, all the green living things. The drone of bees moving from flower to flower, thronging around the row of hives.

Sera has a bottle, and a cloth soaked in some mix that she’s being cagey about the exact nature of, and is applying the latter to the inside of the neck of the former. The lazy deep scent of blood lotus, and nectar sweetness. Something more. Something that lets it all pull together.

“Wouldn’t show this to just anyone, get it?” Sera says.

Sets the bottle down.

A lazy spiral of bees, drawn in towards it.

Like magic.

Both of them watch, Sera with eyes narrowed in consideration, Dagna with fascination, itching to fetch her instruments and examine the pull on the fade. Finally, Sera plucks the bottle up, stoppers it.

The cloud of bees left outside dissipates. A slow-motion explosion.

“It’ll keep for a while,” she says. “You happy?”

“What else do you do?”

Sera shrugs. “what do you mean?”

“Bottles. You put other things in them?”

“Ice,” Sera says. “Lightning’s good, I like lightning. Fire too, but sometimes it gets away. No good with no eyebrows, right?”

“Alchemy,” Dagna says, delighted. “You’re an alchemist. Let me watch you work some more.”

A flicker of suspicion. “Hang on,” Sera says, slowly. “I thought you only liked magic. That’s what everyone says.”

“Well,” Dagna says. “Alchemy kind of is magic. From the right angle.”

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