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There’s being a good big brother and then there’s being a belligerent little shit, Brax

For @ doctress , who suggested:   ‘Braxiatel and the Doctor of your choice playing chess? Or maybe the Doctor and Brax stealing each other’s hats!’


You break me down, you built me a believer, believer
I let the bullets fly, I let them rain
My luck, my love, my God, they came from…

Irving Braxiatel Time-Line;

“In November  2003, Miles Richardson made the first of several appearances of as a younger Braxiatel set prior to his appearance in the Benny plays. This was in the three-disc Doctor who Audio, Zagreus, a special story by Alan Barnes to celebrate Doctor who’s the 40th Anniversary.”-Bernice Summerfield, the inside story.

A lot of people have asked for an updated version of Irving Braxiatel’s time-line and here it is! I am aware that other people will have their own theories of how Braxiatel time-line works but in my mind, this is how Braxiatel’s time-line works from Empire of Glass, Gallifrey, Dellah, Collection and Legion and back to Gallifrey again.

Hope this all makes sense!

my-holy-tardis-of-gallifrey  asked:

Good lord... considering that gif and those leather pants pic, i don't think i want to think about the others, if yoongi is the smallest

LOL OK SAME (but lets be real i’d still ride the heck out of any of them even if they had dicks the size of elephant trunks)

Anonymous said: Where is that gif of Yoongi I need it because I’m a pervert


Anonymous said: Pls direct me to this gif of yoongi jumping around in the pool, goods bouncing, to save a life (and end it) Also it’s for science 🌚

lol here you gooooo ~

Remember those romana WIP I posted a while ago? Well here’s the final thing for Juliet Landau’s version or Romana III ( a seriously underappreciated incarnation there’s clearly not enough fanart of her out there and yet she’s amazing!)

The first in hopefully a long series of dw fanart, the summer holidays are almost there and it’s a good way to not get rusty during the break.