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Ṯ̷́h̴̩͆e̵̱͋y̸̺͝ ̸̛͖a̴̦̾r̵̠̋e̶̗̕ ̸̧̀n̴̢̉ö̷́ͅt̶̻͘h̷̥̎i̴͓͋n̷͖̕g̷̛̻ ̶̖͋b̸̹̆ȗ̶̳t̴̨̀ ̸͔̕P̷̪̈́Ǔ̵͚Ṕ̸͕P̷̬̅Ȇ̵̖Ţ̸̐S̷̜͒

Wanted to make myself a new banner so I though I would draw some of the egos as dolls but it turns out that drawing dolls is a lot harder than you think 

Not too pleased with out it came out but does anything really ever come out as you hoped?


taylor swift meme: [½] albums » red

“This album is about the other kinds of love that I’ve recently fallen in and out of. Love that was treacherous, sad, beautiful, and tragic. But most of all, this record is about love that was red.”


Because this is absolutely the Manga ending (in some places frame for frame, line by line) redone into an anime form, so that the upcoming Clear Card Arc would actually make sense to anime viewers.






YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - 4 Koma

Baby Bump

Yuuri is used to gaining weight. He’s not so familiar with pregnancy.

well, y’all asked for it! :P

*If the comics are hard to read, tap on the image first to bring it up in the Tumblr viewer, THEN right click view image for the unaltered slightly higher resolution.


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


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[TRANS] LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her' - Jungkook Thanks To

My family who is my biggest source of strength and whom I love the most
I will quickly become a greater person and make you happier.

Bang Shi Hyuk PD-nim, Vice President Yoojung, Director Shinkyu, Director Seokjoon, Director Chaeun, I’m always grateful for your great job and for all the meetings and great talks you give me whenever I have a hard time.
I will grow up more in the future.

Woojung-noona, Surin-noona, Bunhong-noona, Hyunji-noona, Jieun-nim, Nayeob-noona from Contents Business Team.
Kkothayeon-noona, Jinah-noona, Inhye-noona from Concert Business Team, please help us take a lot of beautiful photos and film a lot of good contents in the future as well. You work so hard every day already but when we’re abroad you have it really hard. Please take care of us in the future too.

Sungho-nim, Hyojin-noona, Daito-sensei, thank you for working hard so we can shine brighter when we go overseas. I’ll work harder.

Sunghyunie-hyung, Hyunjoo-noona, Sunkyung-noona, Gabriel-hyung, Gaeun-nim from VC Team, thank you for staying up all night to come up with cool outfits and cool styles so we can look cooler. I’ll become cooler.

Jooyoungie-hyung, Hyunjung-nim, Jua-hyungnim, teacher Sungdeuk, Gahyunie-hyung, Partnership Business Team: Heesun-nim, Kyungjin-nim, you’ve worked hard. We’ll continue to Youngji-hyung, Changwonie-hyung, Jinse-nim, Wooyoungie-hyung, Giwon-nim, Jiwon-nim, Aram-nim from Music Production Team. Thank you for making wonderful music for us and thank you for making those songs become even cooler.

Hobeomie-hyung, Sejinie-hyung, Jungilie-hyung, Kwangtaekie-hyung, Yootaekie-hyung, Joongminie-hyung, Sungseokie-hyung, Yoonjae-hyung from Management Team. You work the hardest alongside us and always take care of us be it day or night and go through the most. I’m sorry that I can’t move fast, I’ll work hard to adjust this in the future.

Joowon-nim, Jieun-nim, Yoori-noona, Joy-nim, Onnuri-noona, Saetbyeol-nim from Communication Team, there are some people I don’t know well yet but I know you all work really hard. Thank you so much and I too will do better in the future.

Sunjung-noona, Mijung-noona, Seungwoo-nim, Hyewon-nim, Dayoon-nim Yeonhee-nim, Miryung-nim from Trainee Development Team, you’ve all worked really hard to help those who follow after us grow. We’re counting on you.

Hyukki-hyung, Eunjung-nom, Eunsang-nim, Junho-nim from Financial Team, your work must be very very complex but you work so hard to handle it for us. Thank you.

Jaedong-nim, Minjoo-nim, Jungwook-nim, Junsu-nim, Donghun-nim from Management Support Team, you work so hard until late night even though we don’t get to meet often. Please take care of us in the future as well. Have strength.

Director Lee Hyuk, Yoonyoung-nim, Myunghak-nim, every time we go to Japan you work the hardest. Please take care of us in the future too. Thank you for your great job with the tour.

Pdogg PD-nim, Dohyungie-hyung, Supreme Boy, ADORA-noona, and.. Other people whom I don’t know really well, anyway, thank you so so much for making many many wonderful songs for us. You’re the best composers.

Chief Dareum, Hyuna-noona, Seolji-noona, thank you for making our faces beautiful, I hope we will continue to work together in the future.

Chief Naejoo, Chief Jihye, Jinyoungie-hyung, Seunghee-noona, Sohee-noona, thank you for making our hair fabulous. I’ll change more so I can pull off various concepts. Let’s work together in the future as well.

Chief Hajung, Hyesoo-noona, Seoyeon-noona, Yeonhwa-noona, Sejin-nim, Soohee-nim, thank you for buying and dress us in beautiful clothes. Please take care of us in the future as well.

Director Lumpens, Director Hyunwoo, it’s like we’re one now. Please take care of us in the future too.

Chief Mugunghwasonyeo who took the poster photos for us, even though it was raining and super hot, thank you so much for working hard to take beautiful photos. And Chief Kim Heejun who took the album jacket photos, thank you for taking cool photos even though I was lacking a lot.

Jinwoo-hyung, Jungjoo-hyung from 85GYM, if it wasn’t for you guys, we would be so tired when we do concerts. Thank you so much. Please take care of us in the future too.

Thank you so much for always being by my side and becoming my source of strength, let’s keep working hard and grow together in the future.

My dear ARMYs, the album you have been waiting and waiting for has finally come out.
I hope you would listen to it a lot, and isn’t the music quite good?
We have prepared a lot so I hope you would love it,
Thank you so much for waiting for us every single time, I gain strength from looking at you guys.
Thank you a lot, thank you ARMY.

“I wanted to bring you back here. To where I first confessed my love.” Jaal turns, smiling softly, the bundle in his arms catching her attention, “And where you reciprocated, and gave yourself to me. I was - and am - humbled by your love, Aria. And I have a gift for you.”

He shakes the bundle out then, and Aria gasps a little, feeling giddy.

It’s a Rofjinn, the same colours as his but with a little Pathfinderemblem sewn onto the right shoulder, smaller then his, built for human shoulders-

“You made me a Rofjinn.” she breathes, feeling suddenly shy as he steps closer and hooks it around her shoulders, settling the material so easily that it’s like it’s always been there.

“You may recall, quite some time ago, when I mentioned making gifts for everyone,” Jaal’s voice is soft, full of affection, as he secures the clasp, examining his handiwork proudly, “And, finally, I was able to finish yours. Do you like it?”

“I love it.” Aria pauses as a memory strikes, something he’d said recently, something that seemed to fit with the sudden trip to Aya, the special meeting place -

“How do Angara propose?”

“We ask. And offer a token of affection, in most cases. It can be a piece of clothing, jewelry, or a handcrafted instrument, to name a few.”

Oh. Oh.

Beautiful, perfect commission I grabbed from @soddingcloudgazer ! I couldn’t resist when she opened again - and I am so very, very in love with the finished picture. I may have squealed a little when I got this email at work! ♥ ♥

Featuring Jaal and my Aria Ryder, wearing the matching Rofjinn he made her as an engagement present ♥

The blurb is an excerpt from Log #24 of The Misadventures of Aria Ryder! You can read the full chapter here or here !

Thank you so much again Ida they look so perfect ♥

Adventure Time Comics Supports Bubbline

Marcy helped PB to get the heart crystal for experiment while she was sleeping <3

Princess Bubblegum is trying to cheer Marcy

Even though Princess Bubblegum has a lot of responsibility, she still wants to hang out with her bae

Nice catch Marcy (I should point that the green skin people are vampires and they aren’t supposed to look like that and they should be dead)

The amulet looks like from episode “Broke His Crown”

I still can’t believe Marcy prank Simon for creeping around PB.


Oh my glob, their dancing and she doesn’t mind dancing with her before she goes to bed for sixteen days.

“Stop trying to hit on my girlfriend, Simon” 


She ditch her duties and basically said to important people to get lost so she could hang out with Marcy


“Be the same person around Lemongrab as you are when we’re alone, please? Please?” Oh my GLOB

Dat look on PB face when Marcy was helping Finn with fighting the Lich and she doesn’t say any caring words to Finn 

Was those pest about to say that Marceline loves PB for her?!?!?!?! Judging the way she look in the fifth panel

Oh my glob


I can’t believe Marceline got killed by this guy :’(

Poor Bonnibel Bubblegum. Sitting in a dark throne room alone next to Marcy throne :’(

Future Princess Bubblegum to Princess Bubblegum - “Marceline still loves you”

Future Princess Bubblegum to Marceline - “I love you Marceline”

That what I like to believe of what she said to them :)


She’s jealous guys, SHES FU@KING JEALOUS!

Her band are trying to give her confidence but their not helping. When she sees Bonnie, she got it back. 

Princess Bubblegum meeting Marcy Dad and he’s embarrassing her in front of her band and her girlfriend


When Bonnie clap, Marcy blush




“But don’t hurt her” Damn that was gay

Princess Bubblegum looked so sad for blasting Marcy off to space. :’(


She’s not done yet. She has to find her bae in SPACE


Please don’t blame Bonnibel for sending you to into space, just look at her face, Marcy! ALL I WANT IS FOR YOU TWO TO BE HAPPY TOGETHER!!!


I’m getting hurt 

The Star Crossed Lovers

Just say “sorry” and kiss already!

This page is basically telling that she needs Marcy in her life

I just realize that Princess Bubblegum does crazy rescue mission when Marcy is in danger like this and in the Mini-series “Stakes”


Their holding hands


Originally posted by hedajauregui


Oh my glob, is that Marceline and Princess Bubblegum child!?

Yet again, this is probably another reason why this ship could actually become cannon. I’m still waiting for Bonnie and Marcy to hug each other because we never saw them hugging in the show   

This literally took me  two and half hours to make this post and it’s probably my longest that I’ve ever done and now I can sleep 

anonymous asked:

Idk if you've been asked this before, but what are your thoughts of Bensavi?

You know a lot of things in this generation I really don’t like about relationships. A lot of the times people believe that communication isnt so important and there’s this foreign bullshit concept of being “whipped” or “cuffed”. People have this wild misconception of “chasing each other” and “playing hard to get” like texting back hours later, or not being open about your feelings as much as you should. People don’t realize how important it is to communicate how important they are to you. Tell your girl how you feel, it doesn’t make you weak. Tell her how much you appreciate her and love her, so she never has to question your opinion of her. Tell her how you’re proud of her trying her hardest and working her butt off everyday, always show her you feel this way by doing little things. Cook, listen to her, hell just write her a little message telling her these things. Anything to make her feel appreciated and cared for. Don’t you dare tell her these things because that’s what you think you should do, you tell her these things because that’s how you feel, and you want her to feel loved and appreciated just on top of the world with and without you. Don’t make her feel like that way only because she’s with you. She lived without you before you met, she could live without you after, make your presence a positive one that way she never wants to live without you. Never let her forget her worth and how you feel, I promise someone else would love to be in your place to show her, and just because you have her doesn’t mean you should let her forget these things. Be open about how you feel, if something makes you uncomfortable you should be able to tell your significant other. Create a safe place so that they know they can come to you about anything, and you will listen. People fight too much in relationships about little things. Fighting to me, is stupid. Grow up and be adults, is a fight really worth losing them over because you can’t set your ego down for 5 seconds to admit you were wrong and fix things? Grow together, you water me, I water you. That’s how it should be. This doesn’t make you “whipped, or cuffed” either. I hate the idea of cuffing season. Yes, having your girl with you to do holiday things with is so great but it’s so stupid come summer you’re like “nah I wanna be free now”. Fuck that noise. I want you in the winter, the summer, all four seasons. I want to go on spontaneous road trips and adventures with you all summer, end our night at a 24 hour diner drinking milkshakes and laughing at 4am, as much as I want to spend the holidays with you decorating Christmas cookies and kissing under the mistletoe. I want an all year life adventure, with 1 person and I want us to always be open and honest with how we feel, that’s how it really should be.
—  Just after a life full of love and laughter

“I’d done it to brighten the otherwise dark room. They‘d never commented on it. I don’t know why I’d ever expected them to.”- A Court of Thorns and Roses, by Sarah J Maas

A Cat, a Fox, and a Bee walk into a Bakery 28

“It’s alright, Chloe. You’ve got this,” Pollen whispered in her Chosen’s ear, pressing a tiny kiss to her cheek before zooming up to hide in her ponytail.

Chloe huffed and turned her nose up.  “Of course I do, Pollen.  It will work out just fine.”

Pollen wasn’t convinced. Chloe was constantly fidgeting with her purse, her shirt, and her hair.  She wasn’t saying it in so many words, but the girl was freaked.

Pollen gently tugged at a lock of hair in reassurance.  While Chloe would have to do this on her own, that didn’t mean she couldn’t offer moral support.

“… Thanks, Pollen,” Chloe whispered.  The girl took a deep breath, schooled her expression, and pushed open the door.

Her father and her future stepmother looked up from where they were bent over something on her father’s desk, heads close in discussion.

“Daddy, I need to tell you something.” By now Chloe was doing everything she could to channel her inner Queen Bee, the same part of herself who stared down dangerous akuma and whose first thought was ‘I’m going to kick their ass.’ “I’m now officially dating.”

“That’s wonderful, baby girl!  Do I know him?”

Chloe wasn’t able to completely repress a wince.  “… Yes?  Sort of?” She took a deep breath to brace herself. “I’m dating four people.  They’re all classmates of mine.”

To be fair, there were few things that could strike the mayor of a city that regularly dealt with the results of a supervillain targeting someone’s bad day speechless. Chloe’s announcement was one of those things, it seemed.

Why was this so much scarier than fighting akuma?  Oh, right, because it was generally considered a bad thing to beat up all of your problems outside of supervillains.

Akuma were a lot easier to deal with in that regard.

“You’ve met Adrien, of course.  The other three are Nino Lahiffe, Alya Cesaire, and Marinette Dupain-Cheng.  We have already been on a few dates-“ Honestly, mostly movie nights and cuddles, but Chloe was learning that they certainly had their place in a relationship.  Still, it was very nice to be able to show off all of her loves to the world. “-and I felt that you deserved to know, Daddy.”

Her father finally found his voice.  “Absolutely not, Chloe!  It would be one thing if you were just dating another girl, that’s fairly accepted these days, but several people?!  Did you ever think about what this would do to your reputation?  My reputation?  I’d never get re-elected if this got out!  No, you’ll simply have to break it off.”

“She will not, Andre.” Chloe started, having forgotten the presence of her future stepmother.

The woman was standing there, arms crossed and one foot tapping.  Elizabeth, or Beth as she preferred to be called, was American, and while her French was steadily improving from being immersed in it, she still wasn’t fluent yet.  The woman was tall, even slightly taller than Chloe’s father, with long blonde hair that she usually kept pulled back in a ponytail.

In truth, Chloe had no idea how the two had met, or what her father saw in a woman who regularly wore flannel shirts and jeans.  Ever since their introduction, she had been doing her best to avoid Beth.

“Chloe is you daughter, Andre.” Beth still had trouble with tenses sometimes, that Chloe knew, and apparently she hadn’t gotten past it yet. The tall woman prodded a finger into Chloe’s father’s chest.  “Is you… job? Is that the right word?”

“I think you meant ‘responsibility’,” Chloe said faintly, more than a little stunned.

“Yes, thank you Chloe.” She turned back to Andre and continued her tongue lashing.  “Is you responsibility to look after and support her!  No matter what!”

“But… Beth… sweetie…”

“No ‘sweetie’ me!  You support Chloe, or wedding is off!”

“I…” Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Andre caved.  “… Yes dear.”

“Be happy for Chloe. She found people who make her happy, let her enjoy that.” Beth’s phone dinged, and she pulled it out to glance at the time.  “Lunch break over, back to work.  We talk more later.”

“I… yes.” Still a little stunned, Andre turned and left.

Beth let out a long sigh and turned to Chloe.  “I know you do not like me.  I do not blame you, I would not either.  But know that I have you back.”

Chloe looked away, then jumped slightly as she felt a small tug on her hair from Pollen.  “I… maybe we could… spend more time together?” She said hesitantly.

Beth gave her a bright smile.  “I would like that.”


“It went better than I thought it would,” Chloe said as she continued to run the brush through Alya’s thick hair, gathered it into one hand, then began sectioning it.  “Daddy freaked out, but then his fiancée, of all people, chewed him out for it.”

Marinette raised a brow, but carefully didn’t move from where Nino was brushing her own hair out. They had a little time before school started, so they were passing the time waiting for Adrien to join them by playing with each other’s hair on the school steps.  “Really?”

“Yes.” Chloe flushed a little, even as she began braiding Alya’s hair.  “We’re going shopping Thursday, actually.” She sniffed a bit, turning her nose up slightly.  “The woman has no fashion sense whatsoever, so obviously I’ll have to help her out. Maybe I can convince her to rethink some of the wedding plans to something less tacky.”

“I’m glad it worked out okay for you.  My parents teased me a little, but they were really supportive.” Marinette leaned back against Nino, giving a content hum at the feel of the brush running through her hair, and unable to hide a small blush as Nino ducked his head and pressed a kiss to her cheek.

“My family was betting on my love life.” Alya huffed, crossing her arms to sulk.  Chloe poked her in retaliation as she ended up pulling her half-finished braid out of her hands, forcing Chloe to restart it.  “Apparently my mom got closest, she got everyone but Chloe right.  The only one who did bet on Chloe was my grandmother, who apparently liked the 99 to 1 odds.”

“My Mama doesn’t really approve, so she’s taking a wait and see approach,” Nino chimed in.  “She just worries about me getting hurt.”

“Well, if we have anything to say about it, that won’t happen,” Marinette said, twisting a little and tilting her head up.  Nino chuckled and obligingly leaned down to kiss her.

Alya was turning to look indulgently back at her boyfriend and girlfriend, when something caught her eye. She stilled, then tapped Chloe’s ankle where it was beside her hip.  “Chloe? Is that… Adrien, walking to school?”

Chloe looked up from where she had been putting an elastic on the end of Alya’s braid, frowning in concern.  “Yes. Which is-“

“Weird, because normally his dad insists on the limo,” Alya finished, frowning as well.  “And he looks…”

“Something’s wrong.  Really wrong,” Marinette murmured, just loud enough for the rest of them to hear it.

Later, none of them could have said who moved first, but a beat later all four of them were up and running towards their boyfriend.

Adrien looked up at the sudden sound of footsteps, took one look at the four, and his face crumpled.

Marinette was the first to reach him, just as his knees gave out, and she grunted as she caught the brunt of his weight.  Nino was there a heartbeat later, helping her hold Adrien up as he started to sob into her shoulder.  Then Alya and Chloe were there, and the four pressed in around Adrien, holding him from each side as his chest heaved with his sobbing.

“Shh… shh… we’ve got you, babe,” Nino murmured into Adrien’s hair.

It seemed an eternity before Adrien’s sobs died down, and Marinette wasn’t sure exactly how damp her shirt was other than ‘very’ by the end, but finally the blond sniffled and pulled back a little, going to wipe his face on his sleeve and being intercepted by a handkerchief that Chloe shoved at him.  “S-sorry.”

“Hey, no, don’t apologize. If something had you reacting that way, it must be serious,” Alya said softly.

Adrien’s face fell, but he seemed to be all cried out for the moment.  “My father… didn’t take it well.  He told me I had to break things off.”

Chloe was just clearly winding up when Adrien held out a hand to stop her.  “I told him no.  And he… he…”

Marinette’s eyes widened as a chill settled into her chest.  “Adrien, what did he do?”

Adrien gave a bitter, choking laugh.  “He disowned me.  Said I’d still get my trust fund and the money I made from modeling, but I’m no longer his son.  He said I have to be out of the house the day I turn eighteen.”

All four of them were stunned speechless.  Chloe recovered the fastest, and in all her years Marinette had never seen the girl that angry.

He’s dead.

“Chloe no, we’re not posting your bail,” Alya said automatically.  Her expression had darkened just as much as the blonde’s, but her eyes were far more calculating.

No one will know it was me if Queen Bee drops his ass off of-“

“No.” Alya cut her off. She was squeezing her phone so hard that Marinette could almost hear it creaking.  “We’re not going to kill him.  We’re going to ruin him.”

Honestly, Marinette had been half in favor of Chloe’s plan (no one hurt her Kitty like this), but Alya’s declaration got her attention.  “What?”

Alya smirked, and there was a fox’s cruelty behind it.  “We are going to ruin him and the entire Gabriel brand.  We will beat him down until he is left with nothing, and we will leave him alive, because there is no point of beating an opponent like him unless he knows, every day for the rest of his life, that he lost.”

Slowly, a cruel grin grew on Chloe’s face.  “I like the way you think, my dear.”

“And how are we going to do that?” Nino pointed out from where he was cuddling Adrien into his chest, soothingly running his fingers through his boyfriend’s hair.  “We’re kinda still teenagers in school.”

“Oh, something like this will take a while.” Alya rubbed her hands together gleefully.  “And we beat him at his own game.  Between the five of us, we could totally build our own fashion empire and crush his.”

“… What,” Marinette said flatly.

“Look, Marinette is a good designer, and she’ll just get better with more practice.  Adrien can model and give insight to the fashion world.  Chloe knows business and politics inside and out.  And Nino and I can handle advertising, social media, and any tech issues.” Alya was now angrily tapping at her phone as she made notes.

“You guys would… seriously…” Adrien stared at Alya, at a smirking Chloe, at Marinette who had a slowly growing grin.

No one hurts you, babe.” Nino nuzzled Adrien’s ear, making him shiver.  “If we have to create an entire fashion empire to get revenge on the jerk who did, then, well…”

Adrien gave a choked laugh. “You guys are ridiculous.”

“We’re your ridiculous.” Marinette grinned at him.  “You in?”

“I… yeah.  I’m in.” Adrien sniffled a little as the three girls dragged him and Nino into another group hug, and buried his face against Alya’s shoulder.  Really, he didn’t know what he did to deserve these four, but whatever it was, he was one lucky cat.

The Foxhole Court, Chapter 10 – Your Friendly Neighborhood Shrink

In which we meet Betsy Dobson who appears to be Molly Weasley’s long-lost Ravenclaw sister, some quality Renee time happens, Kevin’s Stoic and Mighty Demeanor has nothing on Dan’s doughnuts, and actual school happens at some point but who gives a shit (spoiler alert: It’s not Neil Josten).

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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gay-street  asked:

Would you ever consider doing basic tutorials as to how you draw different face shapes etc...? I really admire your art and I've just started out drawing myself. ♡

Thank you :) Ahhh, it means a lot! <3
As for your question? I don’t know how to explain such things in a tutorial. When I want to change the shape of the face I just change it. I change the size and shape of the chin, jaws, cheekbones and forehead. But equally important is the place of the eyes, nose and lips and the distance between them.

I really don’t know how to make a tutorial that would show the process of those changes (I should think about it). Anyway, all the alterations might be more visible and exaggerated or more subtle. Everything depends on what you want to achieve.

BTS x Modern Magic!AU

i haven’t written something for all the boys in a while, so i decided to get back in the groove with this cute lil bangtan au ive been thinking about,,,,,,enjoy~


  • vampire 
  • he’s never actually bitten a person before because he grew up in a family of, to put it politely, “vegetarian” vampires. but even when it comes to drinking animals blood,,,,he feels horrible about it
  • like he’s always on the brink of starving because when he has to go out and hunt for food he like,,,like he catches a rabbit but he lets it go two minutes later because he’s like “i can’t,,,,it’s too cute,,,,,,,”
  • ever heard of a vampire having an ethical dilemma when it comes to feeding on an animal’s blood? no? well meet namjoon,,,,,,,,who all the other vampires said read too much ‘human’ philosophy and got tricked into being so damn humble
  • but you, who once took a philosophy course with namjoon in your class, figure out pretty early on that he’s a vampire
  • mostly due to his clumsiness as in ,,,, he was drinking red stuff out of a bottle that said ‘tomato juice’ but he had been picking at the label and it came off just in time for you to see under it the words ‘pigs blood’ and you were like what now
  • and namjoon begs you to not tell anyone he damn near cries and you’re like i wont ????? obviously you’re not dangerous if you’re here around people and haven’t attacked anyone by the way how long does that bottle of blood last you
  • and he’s like ,,,,,,usually others drink two of these a day but i make one last a week and you’re like what?? why ??
  • and he’s like “i ,,,, feel bad drinking blood,,,,,,,even an animals,,,,,like it died for me. it died for my sins,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like bro that’s deep but you do know that’s how the food chain works,,,,,and he sighs like yEAH ,,,,,,but i feel so bad,,,,,i need to go mourn the pig that died for this,,,,,
  • and you’re like in shock because what now is he seriously a vampire but also,,,,,,,you’re very intrigued and you’re like it’s kinda endearing how sulky and pouty he gets over literally????? eating his lunch 


  • potion brewer 
  • kind of runs out of a black market for other wizards and witches, but some humans find out about it through like back doors and things like that
  • he specializes in two things: truth potions and love potions. those are the most popular 
  • and other brewers say that it’s immoral to brew potions that tamper with peoples emotions like love potions or potions that force someone into only telling the truth but does yoongi really care? no. you know why? mmmmmmmmmoooonnnneeeyyyyy
  • what does he use in his potions? oh you know the usual rose thorns, goblin fingernails, unicorn horn, some interesting parts of fish, the fangs of a fallen vampire,,,,,,, the usual magical hocus-pocus ingredients that anyone who isn’t acquainted with magic would probably be horrified to touch 
  • yoongi’s brewing pot is passed down from generation to generation, just like how the families familiar is a crow,,,,things like this are just signature to the min wizards
  • and so you know,,,,you have no clue these people even exist until a friend of yours gets mixed up with it and comes running to you for help and you’re like ???? what you bought a love potion from some good looking guy in an alley and now he wants you to pay him an obscene amount of money??
  • and you go with her to meet ‘yoongi’ who explains that if your friend doesn’t pay up he’s got means of blackmail that could ruin her forever and you’re like “ok how much is the debt?” and when he says the number you damn near die,,,,,,,and you’re like “can i exchange anything else???” and yoongi thinks for a moment and he’s like “you can pay off her debt for her.” and you’re like how boy i am B roke and he’s like “easy. you work for me now.”
  • and with that he pulls you over and erases this whole thing from your friends mind in a matter of seconds and you’re like wwwwwhat,,,,,,is,,,,,happening and he’s like 
  • “first order of business, you need to drink this.” and he passes you this like black, bubbling drink and you’re like what ew no and he’s like hey. you belong to me until the debt is paid off
  • and so you drink it, and it surprisingly tastes like licorice and suddenly you notice an inking become visible on your skin and it’s a tattoo of a black crow that goes up you forearm and you’re like ????? rubbing at it with your finger and yoongi just laughs and is like
  • “it’ll stay on till we’re done here, let’s go human” and you’re like holy god what have i gotten myself into  
  • meanwhile yoongi is just like,,,,about you,,, like they’re cute,,, humans are usually not my style but ,,,,,hmm,,,,,,,he’s definitely interested in seeing how you two will get along ^^


  • clairvoyant 
  • really tired and bored of always being able to see the future and the outcomes of just about anything
  • will occasionally see the lottery numbers for the next day and ‘casually’ buy that card and ‘casually’ drop it beside someone who might look desperate for cash 
  • people have tried to become his friend simply to backstab him and take away his power, but thanks to his power he can see their plan and he’s like lmao yeah no get away from me or ill knock you out with my frying pan
  • “jungkook don’t run that way you’re bump right into namjoon and- oh there they go, namjoon make sure you don’t fall on your side it’s gonna hu- oh he already fell. whoops.”
  • you know jin because you work at a coffee shop he frequents and it’s really interesting because,,,,,,,if he focuses on you he can see that you’ll be quitting this job in the next 4 months to do something else and whenever you’re like “it’s really busy” he’s like “don’t worry, you won’t be here forever”
  • and you think he’s just being a kind, empathetic soul but lmao no he actually knows you won’t be there forever
  • but one day something happens that really startles him you guys are talking while you’re getting his change and you go “i wonder when ill meet the love of my life, valentines day is around the corner and it makes me so sad.”
  • and jin ,,,,, out of curiousity tries to focus on you and see how your love life will play out,,,,,,but he can’t. like at all
  • and he panics because is he losing his power???? but no if he focuses on your co-worker he can see that she’ll meet her husband in about 2 years on a trip abroad but you???? nothing
  • and when he gets home he calls up his mother, who has the same power and he’s like what does this mean??
  • and his mom is just like jin (: you know how clairvoyants can’t see their own futures? and he’s like yes,,,,,,
  • and his mom is like (: that (: means (: that (: person (: is (: part of your future honey~~~~~~!!!!!
  • and jin is like ,,,,, oh my god ,,,,,,,, 
  • and the next morning when he comes in he looks up at you while ordering and wow holy moley where you always this attractive,,,,,,


  • necromancer 
  • “guys i know you’re all dead, but you’re all my friends anyway. and no none of you can possess my body, you guys know that’s against the rules.”
  • started ‘accidentally’ summoning the spirits of the dead at a young age because apparently drawing a circle on the floor in chalk and then just sitting in it ,,,,added in ofc with hoseok’s magical aura was enough to pull all the ghosts that haunted the entire block into his room
  • and hoseok can conjure up the dead just about anywhere he goes and most of the time he doesn’t speak with their physical forms, but their energies still stuck on earth
  • and it’s a really cool ritual to get an actual physical body to come back to “life” but it involves too much blood and too much chanting for hoseok to ever try
  • and you are a strong believer in how ghosts are made up and fake and hoseok always chuckles under his breath when you’re like “the dead stay dead” and you wanna know why
  • so you keep pestering him and hoseok is like even if i told you you wouldn’t believe me
  • and you’re like try me !!! and he’s like “ok. i can call out dead people’s spirits and talk with them” and you’re like
  • well you’re like LOL you’re write i don’t believe you and hoseok huffs because fine let him prove it
  • and he’s like “you know how your family cat died when you were younger?? his name was mr. oreo right?” and you stop laughing because,,,,,how does he know that
  • and hoseok is like “when i call out a spirit i can do it by trying to call out spirits that follow alive humans. mr. oreo is following you right now. he keeps thinking you’ll get home and give him belly rubs.”
  • and you’re frozen because,,,,,holy hell how does he know that,,,,,,,
  • and hoseok is like “believe me now?”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,THATS SO COOL HOSEOK YOU’RE MAGICAL
  • and he’s like,,,,w,,,what??? because he DID NOT expect this reaction but at the same time he starts grinning and jumping up and down like “yeah!!!!! im magical!!!!!!” and you’re like omg grabbing his hand and you’re like we need to go to a cemetery or something we have to go talk to spirits!!!!!
  • and hoseok is like yeah we do- wAIT what cemetery heck no they’re creepy
  • and you’re like ?????? how can you find them creepy you literally bring back the dead
  • and he’s like nope. no. let’s just go over to my place and watch a ghost flick instead,,,,,,,,,,,and maybe ill try to summon the spirit of this old lady who lived above me before and you’re like cool sounds like a date
  • hoseok internally: screaming because you called this a date dghkbljfs


  • healer 
  • every part of him feels like it could heal any wound, from his smile to his soft hands to his sweet voice. but in reality it has to do mostly with his breathing and with concentration of his energy into the wound it’s actually a super tiring process and jimin usually passes out after healing just one person
  • but you know,,,,,,he’s still a glowing angel literally
  • it actually all matters on what type of illness the person has. for instance he can cure rashes with the touch of his finger, things like colds he has to focus only a bit of energy, but big bleeding wounds he has to hold his hands over the gashes or scratches and focus his energy into reviving the skin and tissue
  • and it’s really cool to watch because he emits this ring of golden when he’s completely focused and it looks really pretty,,,,,,,,aside from the fact that it’s literally like physically draining jimin of his own energy
  • you’re his assistant,,,,,since he faints after healing and needs his sweat dabbed from his forehead and things like that
  • you guess you’re a nurse,,,,,but jimin is much more magical than any doctor and he usually only heals other magical beings because if modern scientists found out about his abilities he’d probably just be taken in for experiments
  • and some of those beings are far from human looking, like jimin can also heal dragons and mermaids and even rejuvenate certain magical plants. 
  • you yourself don’t have the ability to heal like jimin, but jimin trusts you since you’ve been childhood friends and sometimes after a hard days work
  • he’ll go “you know,,,,,,out of everything my power can do it can’t work on me,,,,,,” and you’re like what do you mean you can heal your scratches just like everyone else’s
  • and jimin embarrassing smiles to himself and he’s like “yes,,,,but i can’t heal my own heart from my feelings,,,,,” and he like looks over at you from behind his eyelashes and you’re tilting your head a bit in confusion and he just chuckles
  • and you’re like ???? and he’s like “it’s ok though,,,,,,i have you to heal those feelings,,,,,,,,” he whispers this part so you don’t really make it out but,,,,,,,,lmao even in a magical!au,,,,jimin is quite the romantic 


  • animal whisperer
  • from horses to dogs to ants to snakes to birds to fish
  • he can understand and talk to them all,,,,,,and you’d be surprised how gossipy animals really are 
  • most other magical powers are inherited through family genetics and/or constant study of witchcraft but taehyung’s talent is singular to him because most people can only speak to one kind of animal,,,,,taehyung obviously can talk to them all
  • and people rumor that it’s because he was raised by wolves or something dumb like that. but it has more to do with the fact that taehyung just loves spending time with animals and so,,,,,,,he just picked up on as much as he could
  • and his favorite thing to do is to talk with domesticated pets. a lot of the times the stories are sad and dark, but sometimes the pets just spill embarrassing secrets and stories about their owners that make taehyung roll over in laughter
  • and that’s exactly what happens with you. as you’re walking your dog taehyung comes strolling by and asks if he can pet it and ofc you’re like sure!!!! and when he leans down
  • the dog is like “did you know every morning my owner turns on the same song,,,,,,,fire? i think is the name and they just dance around to it singing into a bursh like it’s a mic. isn’t that hilarious”
  • and taehyung can’t hold back his laughter and you’re like ???? and looking up at you taehyung gives you a once over and he’s like “i didn’t expect you to be the silly type.”
  • and you’re like ?????
  • and taehyung is like “i like that in someone, business on the outside but actually kind of goofy. im taehyung by the way, i also sing into a brush like a mic.”
  • and he sticks out his hand and you’re like wait what how does he KNOW,,,,,,,,but also,,,,,,,,,,,goofy??
  • and taehyung is like “your dog here told me kindly about your dorky side, it’s cute though.”
  • and ofc you think he’s joking but tbh he’s handsome and sweet so you’re like “do you have a pet? i want it to tell me something funny about you too so we’re even hehe”
  • and taehyung grins and looks down at your pup and while you’re distracted taehyung is like “hey , do you think i have a chance?”
  • and the dog is like “with my owner? no way. they’re too cute for.” and taehyung is like hEY did i just get insulted by a dog
  • (but dw taehyung,,,,,,obviously you wouldn’t say no to a cute date with him????? right~~)


  • werewolf 
  • incredibly playful in and out of wolf form, loves pulling pranks and challenging older wolfs in the pack to play fights
  • which is not surprising because when he shifts back into human form, his arms and legs are all bruised up from those play fights but jungkook thinks they make him look really cool and strong
  • everyone swoons over his athletic body and they’re like WOW he must swim or play volleyball to have such strong upper arms and legs
  • lmao no it’s that when he’s in wolf form he spends like 85% of the time running around like crazy,,,,,,,like a literal puppy
  • his wolf form is really pretty,,,,his coat is a light brown but the fur around his ears and paws gets snowy white
  • and his eyes get sparks of blue between the browns of his pupils
  • the only problem is he’s reckless and so sometimes he’ll get too excited and parts of him will shift without him knowing
  • which is how you find out he’s a werewolf because you’re over at his place beating him at video games and jungkook gets way to riled up and stands up and you look over and you’re like wait
  • why does he have a tail????? and ,,,,,,, are those,,,,,,,,,,ears on the top of his head?????
  • and once you’re like uh jungkook i think you’re mutating,,,,,,jungkook is like oH DAmmit the pack is gonna kill me
  • and you’re like the pack,,,,,,,???? and jungkook is like “well im halfway there might as well show you the whole thing” and before you know it he’s shaking his upper body and suddenly,,,,,,,,in the living room of your friend jungkook’s house is a big,,,,,,,,,,wolf
  • and you’re like WHAT IN GODS NAME but then the wolf like nudges the controller with his nose and points to the screen of the paused game with it’s paw and you look at it the character on the screen is named jungkook
  • and you look back at the wolf and you’re like,,,,,,,y,,,,,,,you’re,,,,,,,jungkook?!??!??!
  • and in a moment the wolf begins to shake it’s head and jungkook comes back to his human form and you’re like WOAH and he’s like “it’s cool isn’t it????”
  • and you’re like “y-yeah but also,,,,,,,,,” and your eyes are closed now and you’re like “you’re naked. please put on some clothes dog boy”
  • and jungkook is like DOG BOY
  • but also he runs out of there because right shifting,,,,,leaves one exposed
  • but when he comes back you’re like,,,,,,much more comfortable with the fact that your friends a werewolf and you’re like 
  • “hey,,,,,,,can people hypothetically ride,,,,,,wolves like on their backs??”
  • and jungkook snorts like iM never letting you on my back
  • (but he actually ends up letting you get on his back in his wolf form because jungkook likes you and will never admit it but he wants to show off by running through the woods with you on his back and the face you make when you end up seeing how fast he is makes jungkook’s ego like x100000 times bigger and it’s cute ,,,,,,,,,,,, werewolf boy in love) (get the pun?)
chasing cars|| charles xavier

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So, this is ½ for sweet baby Charles Xavier. The only way I’m going to fill my quota is 2 for Old Man Logan and 2 for Charles, so that’ll make four oneshots for the day.

Keep in mind, I’m currently working on an online driving class so at night I am more indisposed then during the day. If you send me a thoroughly detailed request it’s very like it will be posted after the more simplistic ones. 

Requested by Anon: After years of trying to track down Charles, you find him at the dismantled Institute with Beast. The sad thing about it is that he doesn’t remember you because he blocked out every memory of you from his mind with his telepathy. The reader refuses to leave until he does, learning of use and struggle. She makes it a mission to get him back to normal, and in doing so making the memory barrier break and Charles remembering her again. 

With my luck this is going to end up being 2 to 3 parts 

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