my future valentine

The world has changed around me but here I stand, a rock in the surf, unyielding yet alone.

Quick illustration for what Nick will look like in my upcoming fic: a very loose continuation of History Hexes Us. It plays mostly in the far future, in a time the island’s undergone a metamorphosis. Everything is different but Nick is still mostly the same. …save for what he’s been though taking a toll on his mind.

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do you have favorite old ah/rt videos that are like mavin classics? I'm sort of new and I don't know which old videos to go back and watch

i do!! this list is probably gonna be all over the place timewise bc my definition of “old” goes from 2012 to 2015, and i’m gonna try to separate it into general series/videos that are good, and specific moments that are good. links will be in the name and direct to playlists when available, specific vid if not. and, fair warning, i’m gonna throw a couple of links to tweets/pictures in this too. replies should be enabled if anyone has something they want to add! readmore for length

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Acadia at the break of dawn.

It’s chilly and the mountaintop town still slumbers. There are no sounds in the crisp morning air save for the occasional bird. What is a sleepless synth to do? Why is he mulling over the same thoughts again and again? Stuck in a loop, he knows he can’t do this alone any longer. That’s why he came here, right?

My future Valentine:
This year kind of sucked not having someone to be with because most of my friends had Valentines. But for you, I’m willing to wait because I know I will be happier than I’ve ever been with you. I don’t care if you don’t get me a bouquet of flowers. I’d actually rather just one rose or something small and significant that made you think of me when you found it. I don’t care if we don’t go on a big fancy date. I’d be happy to just drive around all day with you, or cook dinner together and watch a movie. I don’t care that you won’t be perfect, just be imperfect with me. I’m sorry if I don’t meet all of you’re expectations, but just know that I will love you with all that I am. Please be gentle with my heart. I don’t know who you are or what you did today, but just know that I’m waiting for you and I know you’re going to be worth the wait.
Until then
—  I can’t wait to love you
Saigenos Chat Comics

~♥~Valentine’s Day Special~♥~

Sorry if it’s been a while since I wrote anything. Been training and going to orientation for a new job, so haven’t had a chance to sit down and write stuff; though I managed to keep a few of them on drafts.

But here’s to make up my absence; Valentine’s Day Chat Comics. ;D

Please enjoy Egg x Toaster and Co. cute little antics as they show their ‘love’ to each other.

Valentine for the Grandparents

Uncle’s Valentine Tradition

Uncles’ Passionate Valentine

A Valentine for Auntie

Nii’s Valentine

Unexpected Valentine

Saitama Household Valentine

Mommy & Daddy’s Valentine’s Day (WARNING: NSFW O////W///O;; )

Valentine’s Day at Uncle’s


Happy early Valentines day! I have been working on these almost all day and i really want to post them right now! Shout out to the people on tumblr that make my day a little brighter, happy (early) valentines day!

((Not sure how I feel about comic papyrus’ phrase))

Highway belongs to @sushinfood
Halpy belongs to @bluedew12
a wild @thewitebear approaches!
and comic papyrus is dedicated to @moofrog

You’re all amazing, and remember-