my future father in law

The other day, my future father-in-law said something about how he hated the service at this one restaurant. He said it was because of a couple things, but then he was like “and they tried to let this woman serve me that had scabs and scars all over her arms, hell no, there’s no way someone like that is gettin anywhere near me or my food”.

So I’m sitting there like. Cool… that woman could very well have had dermatillomania, and gotten the courage one day to wear short sleeves just to have some customer refuse to let her help them because of her arms. Of course, it could’ve not been derma and could’ve been other things, but either way, like why you gotta be such a dick?

Also, I was like I’m glad to know I can never feel comfortable around you if I decide to do something as simple as wear shorts one day or something. 


For any of you wondering, Joe Odagiri and his wife (Yuu Kashii) met on the set of the movie The Pavillion Salamandre, released in 2006.

It’s a really strange movie, with an overall nonchalant feeling until the last 20 minutes or so, but it’s also really good and really confusing. I recommend it. It’s available on Netflix.