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Monsta X React To: Their Girlfriend getting jealous


He thought it was cute but he stopped talking to the other girl and would give you a hug.

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He would find it funny that you got extremely jealous about him dancing with someone else on stage.

“You’re jealous for no reason, you’re my future ex wife, not her. Chill, baby.”

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He would rub your back, mumbling that he loves you in your ear before continuing the interview. 

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He would feel extremely awkward because he didn’t know what to do about you hard eyeing the woman who was doing his makeup

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Extremely cocky, would push your buttons by complimenting the other woman. Then would smirk at you.

“Whoops, I didn’t see you there babe.” 

Would make it up to you though. 

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Would feel bad and apologize for making you feel that way. 

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“Am I in trouble?” 

Does aegyo until you stop pouting at him 

“I didn’t mean to make you sad, I won’t do it againnnn”

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I have to gush real quick to my Richonne fam because Michonne has me in my feelings. Honestly she always has me in my feelings but I digress.

It just feels so heavy but in a positive way that Michonne has become an icon. Not just a biased opinion, that’s a fact. Michonne represents something almost unprecedented in a way. What dark-skinned black female character not only has amazing character development and screentime, not only has a love interest that’s the white male lead (a move not a lot of writers would commit to) but also has dolls/action figures, t-shirts, posters, a video game, etc.? I mean I have a damn Michonne piggy bank! I’ll never forget when I went looking for a Michonne Funko Pop doll and only found Rick and Daryl. I thought the store just didn’t sell her until a store associate told me she sold out. Just grasp the implications of that.

I’ve been a fan of TWD since episode 1 but I didn’t become a fangirl until that imposing shot of her silhouette standing above Andrea. Never had I went looking for TWD spoilers until then.

Michonne doesn’t have to be everyone’s fav nor do I expect her to be. And as much as it’s a disappointment sometimes, it shouldn’t be expected that everyone should fully understand how amazing a character she is. But for people not to grasp WHY she’s so highly regarded and to continuously downplay her importance, they’re missing something major whether it’s intentional or unintentional.

But anyways, Michonne is life and Danai is my future ex-wife and I’m gonna go now so I can sob about them some more.

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SO I AM FREAKING OUT HERE!!REALLY FREAKING OUT!! I saw on Weinzapfel's page that she called you her future ex-wife and I all but THREW MY PHONE TEN FEET AWAY FROM ME! I dunno if it's some kind of joke or anything (I haven't been caught up with everything) but are you and her dating IRL??!! Oh God, you two would be my OTP!!! My favorite author and my favorite manipper!! I am just happy that you two are even communicating!!! I love your story and I love her edits and..UGH I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS

*Waves nervously* 

Hello, beautiful, rambling, freaking out anon. 

Ummm babe @weinzapfel …? You wanna tell them or should I…? I am not really much of a fan of breaking people’s hearts…

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The batboys favourite pickup lines?? (This isn't Gabe I swear)

uuuhuuuuuuuuuh sure i c u gabe i c u 

For Dick Grayson;

  • “By the way, I’m an acrobat.”
  • “See my friend over there? He wants to know if you think I’m cute.”
  • “Can I take your picture to prove to my brothers that angels do exist?”
  • “If I told you that you had a great body, would you use it against me?”

For Jason Todd;

  • “Did you sit in sugar? ‘Cause you got a sweet ass.”
  • “I died once.”
  • “Aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?”
  • “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?”

For Tim Drake;

  • “You’re hotter than the bottom of my laptop.”
  • “Hey, tie your shoes! I don’t want you falling for anybody else.”
  • “With my IQ and your body, we could make a race of super-children.”
  • “I don’t have a library card, but do you mind if I checked you out?”

For Damian Wayne;

  • “Didn’t you wear that yesterday?”
  • “You look exactly like my future ex-wife.”
  • “You’re almost as hot as my mother.”
  • “I’m not staring at your breasts. I’m staring at your heart.”

Sometimes it’s scary being this in love. I can deal with being in love. But this in love makes me feel out of control at times and that is something I have to grow use to. I’m totally consumed by everything this woman is and I don’t see a time where it won’t be like this. Even when we’re saying the worst to each other, all I see is my wife yelling at me… not some hoe or future ex…. I see my wife yelling at me, driving me absolutely crazy. I see the mother of my children going ham…

I’ve mastered deducing a person to nothing when they’ve hurt me in order to be able to get over them. With her, I cannot. She is everything to me. She will be everything to me.

Here's the full speech Jared Leto gave at the Independent Spirit awards

I’d like to thank, first of all, the youngest and the most inspiring actor in the entire fucking room, Bruce Dern. In case this is the last time that I get to thank anyone, I’ve wrote down a couple names. I want to thank Film Independent and Jason Weinberg. Thank you Jason for making this so fun and so classy and so cool. I’m really so honored to be able to work with you. Robin Baum, as well, the most beautiful and classy publicist in the business—wherever you are and your daughter somewhere, hiding. To my bigger and better brain, thank you for everything. Nick Sullivan and Jim Toth, I love you guys so much, thank you. Josh Lieberman, Mora Rifter, Jean-Marc Vallee, Matthew McConaughey—alright, alright, alright. After Dallas Buyers Club, I think I’m going to pull the opposite of a McConaissance and just do romantic comedies. I do want to say, my mother took me—Oh hey Keanu. I love you.— she introduced me to art house cinemas when I was a kid and she introduced me to  independent cinema. And I’m so fucking proud to be a part of this gang of dreamers here today—people who take risks and put it all on the line and people who change lives. Very, very proud to be a part of you guys. To continue the list now: Jennifer Garner, Robbie Brenner, Rachel Winter, Holly Wiersma, Logan Levy, Nathan Ross, Cassian Elwes, Robin Mathews, Kurt and Bart—they have no last names, but they are wonderful—Joe Newcomb, Nicholas Chartier, the absolutely incredible team at Focus Features—I love you guys. You are amazing at what you do. Calpernia Addams, Mark Twain, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Ansel Adams, Steve Jobs, Mozart, the one and only River Phoenix, Kurt Cobain, the seven billion human beings on the planet, and all of the planets and animals. Keith Stanfield. The late, great James Gandolfini, his kid, and his wife, who are here—I share this with you. Will Forte, you are talented and incredible—thank you so much. Michael Fassbender, David Fincher, Terrence Malick, Scorsese, Hermann Hesse, Stanislavski, Boleslavsky, Darren Aronofsky, Marisa Tomei, Reese Witherspoon, Diane Kruger, Sarah Polley, Peter Bogdanovich, Maria Bello, Peter Travers, Wayne Gretzky. I don’t know why I said that. I think that ’s a typo actually. Fucking iPhone. Sorry, the iTunes guys are here. Thank you as well. I want to say, #mymindisblown, just to get a little trending topic in there. I would like to thank the makers of vegan butter and baby Jesus. I have to thank Christopher Walken, who always deserves to be thanked. Homemade burritos, my brother Shannon, my mother Constance, Whitcomb L. Judson—the inventor of the zipper, the city of angels, and this is a special one: I want to thank all of the woman I’ve been with and all of the women who think they’ve been with me. Dr. Seuss. Ted Sarantos. Netflix. Philip Seymour Hoffman. My future ex-wife, Lupita, I’m thinking about you. And just a couple more: The C.I.A… I mean, CAA. The Echelon, the dark force, the dreamers, the believers, the 36 million who have died of AIDS. And the 35 million who are still living with H.I.V. AIDs around the world, I dedicate this to you. To the L.G.B.T. and Q community, here’s to life.


This was so heartfelt and touching. He thanked River Phoenix. And told Keanu he loved him. Just perfect.

Come cuddle babe (Jelena one shot)

(Justin’s POV)
“You’re making me dizzy”- I’ve been walking up and down in the room for 10 minutes now,so I expected Fredo to interrupt me
“Wait if something happened to her ?”-I asked looking at him,he was laying on the bed.
“Justin you sent 3 bodyguards everything will be okay she will be here soon”-I opened the door to check if she arrived but she wasn’t here
“Oh God I just wish I could pick her up myself”
“Sure if you want everybody to know you are back together”-I was about to answer but there was a knock on the door so I quickly ran to open it
“Jay”-She squealed and in the nest moment I felt her arms around my neck
“I guess it’s time for me to go”-I heard Fredo so I lifted Selena up and took a few steps backwards letting him leave,I spun her around until I felt dizzy
“Put me down Justin”-She laughed,and that’s what I did only because I’ve realized I didn’t see her properly yet,she kept her arms around my neck as I lept mine on her waist,I looked into her eyes,she was so perfect to me,I leaned in to kiss her lips
“I’ve missed you”-I mumbled against them
“I missed you too”-She smiled once we pulled away,we just looked at each other,I could never get enough
“But now I’m here”-She started running her hands through my hair something she liked to do every now an then
“Sorry I couldn’t come to pick you up”-I frowned tightening my grip on her waist
“You don’t have to be sorry,we’ve talked about this”-She stopped her hands for a second before moving them again through my messy hair,which is even messier now but who gave a fuck
“Yeah but that’s not normal,I should be allowed to pick my girlfriend up whenever I want”-I sighed as I let her go and sat down on the bed,she soon followed and sat down next to me taking my hand in hers
“Do you want to make this work ?”-She asked,I immediately looked at her and nodded
“Then please hold on,just a little longer”-She leaned forward so our noses touched “-I promise”-She whispered before giving me a quick peck on the lips
“Okay”-I mumbled
“Now come on,I didn’t even said hi to Fredo”-She stood up holding her hand out for me,I took it and we walked to the other hotel room.

(Selena’s POV)
After exploring Norway a little bit,we came back to the hotel and I was beyond exhausted so I threw myself on the bed to my surprise Justin sat down in front of his laptop in his own little studio,I guess Fredo was exhausted too because he sat down on the chair next to the bed,hours have past just us doing our own things,I checked twiiter and I saw that tons of people noticed that I was here,this will make headlines tomorrow,I’ve become frustrated so I put my phone
“Jay come cuddle”-I pouted
“I think I’m gonna throw up”-Fredo siad,I shot him a glare and he just shook his shoulders
“I have to finish this babe”-Justin answered but never took his eyes off of that screen
“But I’m bored”
“Just talk with Fredo”-so that’s what I did and another hour has passed
“Babe”-I called again
“One second Sel”-He replied but never looked at me,Now I was annoyed so I got out of the bed and walked up to him sitting on behind him and wrapping my arms around his waist
“You’ve been makin music for too long”-I whispered in his ear as I moved my hand lower and lower I could feel him tense up but I remember Fredo being in the room so I had to stop myself
“I need to take a picture”-His voice caused me to look at him,he had Justin’s phone in his hand and before I knew it he took a picture
“Goodnight Fredo”-Justin suddenly said,it took Fredo a nice 5 minutes to realize what he meant before he walked out of the room,the second he closed the door Justin turned around causing me to let out a squeal thinking I will fall off the chair but he put my legs around his waist and stood up with me before I could,he kissed me as I wrapped my legs around her waist more tightly,he grabbed my ass and pushed me higher making sure I won’t fall,after a heated make out session he finally threw me on the bed
(I wasn’t in the mood to write anything racy so I’ll let your imagination fly)
We were cuddled up in the bed,Justin was on his phone and I was running my finger through his tattoos
“I love you”-I suddenly broke the silence,I could feel him looking down at me so I looked up at him,he was probably shocked because that’s the first time I’ve told him this since we got back together 
“You’ll never know how much I love you”-His answer  made my heart melt so I leaned in and kissed his lips softly silence fell upon us again.
“I want to tattoo you on my arm”-This time he broke the silence but this sentence was more shocking than mine,I Sat up and looked at him properly
“Are you crazy ?”-when he saw that I was serious he sat up too
“Why ?”
“Maybe because a tattoo is there for a life time,what if we won’t last,what will you tell to your future wife ? Oh this ? This is just my ex girlfriend I was stupid enough to tattoo her on me “-I was desperately trying to knock some sense in him
“No,because that will be you”-He looked directly in my eyes
“Justin…maybe that’s how you feel right now,but you’re 19 you can’t know this…a lot of things can change”
“But my love for you never will”
“I don’t know”-I sighed
“Please I want you there with me forever”-He said taking my hands in his
“Okay…but not my name.Deal ?”
“Deal”-He smiled.we both laid back,on the bed.I continued drawing things on his chest with my finger as he took his phone  in his hands again.I eventually got bored so I sat up looking at his phone,he was starring at the photo of us taken by Fredo a few hours ago
“Post it”-I said after a couple of minutes
“What ?”-He looked at me in shock
“Post it”-I repeated
“But Sel,the media,the fans”
“It’s cute and I think I can handle some drama”
“Are you sure ?”
I nodded,he smiled and kissed my lips
“You’ve been makin music for too long babe come cuddle”-Her.I watched him captioning it,he looked at me to see if I was okay with it,when I nodded he pressed upload.After that he put his phone away and kissed me
“Us against the world”-He mumbled against my lips
“Us against the world”-I mumbled back,I couldn’t help but smile against his lips,wrapping my arms around his neck I pulled him closer depending the kiss

This was requested by an anon,a One shot about their reunion in Norway back in 2013

“I’m here tonight to present an award to my very dear friend and future ex-wife, Alessandro Michele. And I’d like to put some rumors to rest, once and for all. Yes, Alessandro and I are expecting a child.

And thank you - I appreciate the congratulations. And we are collecting names… (motions to Anna Wintour) I like Anna. …He likes Anna, as well.

Every once in awhile, someone comes along - whose talent and creativity shines so bright that it literally changes how we see things. It’s these people who shift our perspective and remind us that our wildest dreams can in fact become our wildest reality.”

Jared Leto introduces and honors Alessandro Michele //
Fashion Awards // via Tina Leung // 12/5/16

Hello, it’s me (Part 6)

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Riley and Lucas made it to the dinner in a short amount of minutes, they both awkwardly took up a booth. The place was quite nice and had couple of people scattered about, night owls looking for a late night meal. They ordered their meals and once they got them, ate in silence. Riley fed up with the silence decided to bring up something she wanted to know.

She cleared her throat and sipped on water. “So how’s your girlfriend?”

Lucas glanced up bewildered by her interrupting the peaceful silence, his sandwich half way towards his mouth. “I’m sorry what?”

“Your girlfriend?” She tried again this time louder and clearer.

“What girlfriend?” Lucas took a swig of his coke and tossed her an innocent smile.

“Oh don’t kid me, Friar.” She rolled her eyes and tossed a french fry at him. It bounced off his chest and onto the table. “I mean look at you,” She gestured towards him and gave him a knowing look.

Lucas laughed, his eyes twinkling with amusement and a cocky smirk formed on his lips. “What you mean by that?”

“Oh you know what I mean,” She giggled. “You’re amazing in every way and there is no way you’re still single.”

Lucas shook his head. “Nope,” He told her taking a quick bite of his sandwich. “No girlfriend. Honestly, the whole dating thing in general hasn’t been my thing in a while. A couple of awkward dates sure, but nothing serious.”

“Oh,” Riley said, her eyes showing an emotion that Lucas thought he was imagining. She seemed relieved by the new information.

Lucas shrugged. “I’m not really sure there’s someone for me.” Not anymore that is, he thought looking directly at Riley.

She stretched a tentative hand towards his and grasped it gently, a kind smile gracing her face. “There’s someone out there for everyone,” She told him, her voice soft and warm, wrapping him up like a blanket on a cold December night. “Good things come to those who wait. Something worth having takes time and life is a long story.”

Lucas’s eyes locked with hers and he felt his breath tangle up in his throat. She felt equally as breathless. There was something there, something neither could see, but they felt every bit of it. A warm surge that coursed through them that started from their touching hands. Their gaze was stuck on each other, a gaze that can only be described as soft summer rain.

What they had always felt like that. It was serene, refreshing and reinvigorating. Being with each other felt like going days being in a drought and finally feeling the drizzle of a summer rain on your back, the coolness of it slipping down your back and washing you in renewed energy. It was growth. Knowing each other was them flourishing like plant when it had water. Lucas knew that now and all he wanted was this annual drought to be washed away by the familiar summer rain that was Riley Matthews.

“What if I had someone and I lost them?” His eyes bore into hers with great intensity and she felt so utterly befuddled.

She swallowed and took a moment to respond, trying to reorganize her brain. “Well,” She looked around the room, not being able to take the intensity in his eyes. “You don’t give up on someone you love, Lucas.”

“What if they already gave up on you?”

Riley’s eyes snapped back to his and she pulled her hand away. He looked down at where her hand had been, hurt, but he swallowed it back and kept his expression stoic. He felt it crumbling at her distressed look and manic blinking. He braced himself for her onslaught of ticking bombs.

“Lucas,” She whispered. “I’ve moved on.”

Even though he had been prepared, it was painful blow.

She looked at him with watery eyes and he knew his eyes were equally as wet. “Lucas…I love Charlie.” Her voice broke, it didn’t seem sincere. Forced. But that could just be him hoping for the impossible.

He suddenly felt angry. He felt a heat burn through him so fiery it could rival the sun. Riley had never seen that fury in his eyes before, it was completely unrestrained and all-consuming.

He laughed bitterly, a harsh scowl marring the gentle features. “Oh please Riley not everything is about you.”

His voice was venom and she was being poisoned.

The few people in the diner glanced over at their booth with curious eyes.

“Lucas stop it right now,” She warned struggling to not break down and cry.

“What am I your child now?” He snarled. “Are you mad that I’m saying the truth?” He paused, his calculating eyes sweeping over her. “The world doesn’t revolve around you Riley! I get it. You’re happy. I guess what we had meant nothing to you?”

“Lucas what we had was special.”

“It was,” He nodded in agreement. “But it means nothing to what you have with Charlie right?” He paused. “Tell me Riley does he make you happy?”

A tear trailed down her face and she hesitated. “Y-yes.”

“Tell me the truth? Does he make you happy Riley? Tell me the truth and I’ll leave you alone.”

She paused, her lips moving and forming words that her heart didn’t agree with. “Yes! He does Lucas. He didn’t cheat on me with Missy Bradford and he was always there.”

“I was there,” Lucas said softly. “I’ve always been there Riley. I will always be.”

“What about Missy huh?” She laughed humorlessly.

Lucas didn’t know what to say. Missy had drugged him at a party, got him naked and in a motel bed and had gotten someone to take pictures. She claimed that Lucas had cheated on Riley with her during one of their fights. Lucas had figured out it wasn’t true, but by then Riley couldn’t look at him. Seeing her like that, seeing her so vulnerable and damaged it struck something in him. It wasn’t the first time he had hurt her.

Riley had always felt insecure about their relationship but he had too. He knew he wasn’t good enough for Riley, so he played it up. He went along with the cheating scandal. She eventually forgave him, but couldn’t trust him with her heart. Their friendship chipped away, the once beautiful foundation of their relationship broken into pieces because he felt like sooner or later she’d find someone better.

Everyone always thought Riley’s insecurity would end their relationship, but in the end it was his. That’s what got him yelling at her in a small New York diner. He was angry, but not at her for finding love, but at him for being scared enough that it caused him to let go of his love.

“I should go,” She stood up quickly, her voice thick with emotion. She made her way towards the door and he didn’t stop her, too deep in his thoughts.

She turned with a sad smile and heartbreak written in her eyes, “I used to wonder how my life would be like if we were still together,” She paused as a fresh set of tears fell down her face. “I realized that you left me because I was never good enough for you. I hope you find someone worth your time and don’t let them go.”

She left Lucas sitting there in the booth, his mind going over what had just happened. He didn’t mean to get so worked up. He was mad at himself. Mad at Missy Bradford for breaking them apart in the first place, though he definitely kept up with appearances there. He was mad at Charlie Gardner for being the keeper of Riley’s heart.

He made his way to the same bar he had been earlier that night. He didn’t care, he just wanted to forget. To let all the anger dissipate. He was so mad and all he could do was break down and let the world tear him apart for his mistakes.

Riley, though she tried not to, broke down also. She rushed into her apartment tossing pillows angrily and crying softly under the moonlight streaming from her bedroom window. Her phone buzzed and she realized it was Charlie again. She calmed herself down enough to answer.

“Charlie, hi,” She hoped he couldn’t hear the way her voice sounded so broken.

“Riley,” He said merrily. “How are you?”

“Good,” She struggled with the word, she was anything but good.

“You don’t sound good,” He paused. “Riley what is it?”

“It’s…it’s Lucas,” She started. “He came over and it was a mistake, Charlie.”

“What was?” There was an edge to his voice and she winced.

“Letting him in,” She said hollowly. “I saw him earlier and-”

“What have I told you, baby?” His voice was sickly sweet and it made her feel like a child. “Lucas Friar was never worth your time. Riley he doesn’t care. He didn’t value you, not like I do. Riley, sweetie, both you and I know he doesn’t love you.”

Riley remained quiet. She leaned back on the edge of her bed, breathing in shallowly.

He continued, “Riley not everyone can handle your…unique personality,” He said slowly. “You’re lucky to have me. I love you, you know I do. Stop being so naive and see him for what he is.”

Riley sniffled, she didn’t want to be lectured by Charlie. Not now.

“I gotta go, sweetheart,” He said. “I don’t want you seeing Lucas Friar again. I don’t like my future wife hanging around with her ex-boyfriend. What would our acquaintances say if they saw you with him?” He heard her sniffle again. “Don’t cry, sweetie. Although, you deserve it for seeking out, Friar. I’ll talk to you later. I love you, don’t forget that.”

Riley hung up the phone and crawled into her bed, letting all her emotions overpower her. She cried silently wishing that everything would just stop hurting so much.

Note: Yes, Charlie is emotionally abusive. We’ll see more of that later. Lucas is still having some anger issues. Riley still loves Lucas, but is being influenced by Charlie and she’s overpowered by her insecurity, as is Lucas. Will there be a wedding or not? The story is far from over.

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That editorial by the atlantic about trump was really good!

Yes, it was a fantastic piece and the Republican Party should be terrified that those words that were used in an editorial to describe their Presidential nominee were not exaggerations. I imagine that my future ex-wife Alex Wagner (shhh….don’t tell @gohst-prncss-awez) had a lot to do with that editorial.

Like I said, it’s pretty amazing company for Hillary Clinton to be in – one of the oldest and most respected magazines in the United States has only endorsed three candidates for President since 1857: Abraham Lincoln, Lyndon Johnson, and Hillary. I mean, I know it’s because they are just as worried about and disgusted by Donald Trump as we are, but it’s still a nice thing for Hillary to brag about.