my fursuiting

Yo! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve uploaded anything, guys. I’ve been in the middle of a MASSIVE freelance project and I haven’t had the time to draw cats like usual. I should be able to go back to uploading more regularly around March. :)

Anyway, I managed to sneak in this doodle today - concept for a Scourge cosplay I plan to build. I’ve been interested in creating fursuit-type masks for a while, and I’ve finally decided to actually try it, lol. 
I’ll upload progress pics as I build!

I’m gonna rate/review Dio’s sons

1. Giorno Giovanna

Beautiful godlike angel being who’s beauty can never be tarnished. He is my son. The light of my life. 12/10

2. Donatello Versace/Versus

Has that hot bad boy aesthetic goin on and he rocks it. Looks like he comes straight from a 90s boy band. Could raw me anyday. 10/10

3. Rykiel

More…. fashion confused than anything. He’d clean up nicely if you got him out of his fursuit. Also my son. Nervous boy. 8.8/10

4. Ungalo

Someone had to roll a 1 in the genetic lottery eventually. His stand fight was cool tho. You Tried/10

And that is my 100% objective, factual review of Dio’s sons.


I had the pleasure of performing at a charity event yesterday in my new fursuit. My two friends and I volunteered to perform and interact with children involved with Variety children’s charity. Go check them out, they’re amazing at what they do!
I had an incredible time and it was an extremely rewarding experience to put smiles on all the childrens’ faces. I enjoyed dressing up a big brown dog and dancing around. Thank you for giving me such an amazing opportunity! ❤️


At Anthrocon 2016, Tracy J. Butler, the creator of the comic Lackadaisy, starred as a guest of honor.

Conveniently, Mordecai Heller (one of the characters from the comic) was able to appear as well.

After approaching him, he offered a business card. Someone else found another in one of the hotels as well.




I’m really proud to announce my first fursuit, Strawberry Cheesecake! She’s been a labor of love since September and she’s finally (mostly) finished!! She’s a pink, white, and yellow akita with wicked eyeliner and puffy paws!!!  I did her mostly by myself but with a lil help from @druidpup, my partner in LEMONBITE a new fursuit company by the two of us! Check us out!!! We’re gonna be making a ton more suits in the future and we’re super excited about it!! >:3c

If you want to keep up with our fursuit making progress, make sure to follow our twitter account!

(Handsome brown akita cameo by @druidpup of course)


my friend came over to wear my fursuit

never forget [prayemoji]