my furry husband

I totally was not drunk 2 days ago, and i totally sketched this

my fictional woof husbando
ur so beautiful i want to die
but first i want to hug and kiss u

Walters is Chesh’s oc

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M!A: you and your husband are fused together (like in Steven Universe) for 5 asks

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Does being smaller in Night Vale make it even more dangerous for you?

the minature city under lane five can beat me up easier now

I mean they managed it when I was full size but now really they got me–

That is my only request

Cecil, a scientist is always fine

But does that still apply to smaller scientist? what if I just kept you in my pocket? Emergency pocket scientist husband

It still applies, but I am not against a free pocket ride

Art trade with *+*+** @purple-phoney **+*+* :O Plx check them out they’re artsenpai really great!!

I drew their perfect Funtime Freddy (or at least i tried to oTL i just know i messed up the design somehow but he still survived heh)

I hope you like it friendo! :3

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hi, i'm jo, i'm really hecking rad and i brighten lee's life just by existing :// my furry fam is the best, i love my angry gay son and my gay furry husband and how our family can go from mothman drama to talking seriously about a super cool altean lance au in less than 24 hours

wow 10/10 this is all so right frick,,,,,, i love my fam,,,,,,,,,,,, me, looking at that sweet au: we did it………… we are a good team

write an ‘about me’ pretending to be me and i’ll rate the accuracy /10