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And that was last time Kylo told Hux to shut up while his meditating…

I thought first I’d edit the horrible handwriting to more readable but tbh it fits Huxs drunkness… |’’D 

‘‘Yeah? Oh? What? Oh am I bothering you! Is this bothering you, oh lord REn? Yeah!’‘ ‘‘Oh it’s too loud for your meditating!? OH NO! Oh Lord Ren, what will you do!’‘

And yeah I originally thought i’d draw Hux throwing paper balls etc at meditating angery boy before this conversation :’’)) 

bonus angery meditation!

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M!A: you and your husband are fused together (like in Steven Universe) for 5 asks

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may i ask for something, anything with lucio ??

(lucio anon) maybe some dating hcs ? something something fluster him

Lucio is, in a word, extra. He loves the spotlight, loves attention, and absolutely loves to command a conversation. However, while he does have a tendency to talk over people even without meaning to or move into a conversation that catches his intrigue or attention, he also knows when to concede on a topic he has little to know understanding of. 

He may not realize it, but it’s obvious when Count Lucio knows next-to-nothing about a topic when he all but stops talking in a conversation, but is more than happy to listen intently to the people who do know what the hell they’re talking about.

You would be hard-pressed to work the admission out of him, but that does translate into a defined fondness for hearing his loved ones talk about topics that they enjoy. He may not know anything about some of your hobbies and interests, but Lucio will keenly listen into whatever you have to say about them. The more he cares about you, the more genuine and honest the questions are that he asks while you’re explaining your interests.

Lucio not only enjoys living in the lap of luxury, he absolutely loves to relish in it. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself as his chosen romantic partner (and not one out of arrangement or convenience for social means), he will take a personal enjoyment in being able to smother you in wealth and material goods. Not only does he like it as it makes you happy, but it’s also a way for him to show off his boundless wealth to others.

“Look how much I can spoil my beloved with gold, gems and furs of all sorts! You can’t hope to have as much as I do in life.”

He struts like a peacock constantly, in a metaphorical sense, and will take any opportunity to show off his skills, knowledge and abilities to others and, especially, to you. He wants to seem powerful in your eyes, to seem worthy of your attention and affection–his perspective is as selfish as it is selfless, in that sense. 

Despite his extroverted tendencies, it is surprisingly easy to fluster the dear Count. Acts of innocent or gentle affection leave him plenty flustered, beside himself with the attempt to organize his thoughts. Lucio is so used to rivaling others in a sense of power or control that, when confronted with gentle affection, especially without warning, will certainly leave him momentarily surprised. 

You see the facade of embellished ego melt away for a moment when you press a hurried chaste kiss to his lips or throw your arms around him in a needy hug–for a moment, he can’t hide the genuine, selfless adoration he holds for you.

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Does being smaller in Night Vale make it even more dangerous for you?

the minature city under lane five can beat me up easier now

I mean they managed it when I was full size but now really they got me–

That is my only request

Cecil, a scientist is always fine

But does that still apply to smaller scientist? what if I just kept you in my pocket? Emergency pocket scientist husband

It still applies, but I am not against a free pocket ride

Art trade with *+*+** @purple-phoney **+*+* :O Plx check them out they’re artsenpai really great!!

I drew their perfect Funtime Freddy (or at least i tried to oTL i just know i messed up the design somehow but he still survived heh)

I hope you like it friendo! :3

1. You’re like a dream come true.
2. Just wanna be with you.
3. Boy, it’s plain to see that you’re the only one for me.
4. Repeat steps 1-3.
5. Make you fall in love with me.

If ever I believe my work is done, then I’ll start back at one~  ❤

Back at One by Brian Mcknight

A gift for the most amazing husband I could ever ask for. ❤

Ace @canyoudrawit
Miyo @ Me

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Boi I'm already crying I'm not getting my fe boyfs I don't need the extra stress not getting my furry husbands and wives. I'm shooting the game may be a collecting game or maybe a tiny ac simulator where you fish/catch bugs, garden, dig fossils and customize a villager with the bells you'd make

I feel you, I’d be in hell trying to get Flurry, she’s the only one who matters.

Yeah that’s what I’m hoping or like you design your house and can kinda collect houses while walking? I don’t know. Though I imagine with how well fire emblem did compared to mario they’ll throw in gacha somehow.