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Couple of gems from tonight’s session:

“You know me, overkill is my whole thing”

“Congratulations, you made a velociraptor puddle.”

“Wow, I really thought that between the three of you someone might have damaged the monster by now.”

“Your bag is full to the brim and dripping blood, but by god you harvested the drake’s heart.”

“My goal is to be bigger than whatever we fight. Always.”

“Let’s take some of the meat and cook it!” *the other players start chanting “RAGE STEAKS”*

I love my party.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are perfectionists and when it comes to learning something new they can become frustrated. Especially if it’s a new skill they want to be good at. They are frustrated that their work isn’t their best, but haven’t learnt the skill enough to know how to fix it.

This can cause some Ravenclaws to give up and try something new. So they become notorious for hobby hopping. Other Ravenclaws become extremely driven to get better and put all their effort into trying to make their best work, but they still find flaws in their work.

No You Go Next!

I was playing a 2.5 campaign as a human fighter with my dad as the DM.  Our party had come across an abandoned inn filled with 100 orcs which attacked us on sight.

DM: Okay, Allyssa (me), a group of Orcs is running towards you, what are you doing?

Me: I’ll take a swing with my long sword at the one nearest to me.

DM: Roll

Me: 20!  That’s automatically max damage!

DM: The one in front running towards you keeps running as you swing your sword to the side and cut his head clean off.  Another one is moving to attack you, only slightly phased by what just happened to their leader.

Me: I’ll swing again.  *Nat 20* A 20 again!

DM: As the orc runs at you, you bring your sword down and pull it up through his body, cutting him clean in half.  Both halves of his body go racing past you on either side of you.  At this point the orcs have formed a circle around you and seem more hesitant to attack.

Me: I’ll attack whatever one is closest to me.

I ended up rolling another 20 and two 18s and the orcs ran away from me only to die by the fire wizard’s hand.  My dad and the rest of the party called me the blender from then on.

*context* we were all some kind of evil alignment and had just finished a fight with the security of a property we were trying to break into

Rogue: So now the back is clear and Ty & Brutus can…What in the gods names are you doing?!

Assassin: *cutting the heads off the corpses and putting them in a sack* Nothing.

Rogue: *pained sigh* Put them back.

Assassin: No, I need them.

Rogue: Put. Them. Back.

Assassin: They’re for my alter!

Fighter: I swear to god if you don’t put down the bag of severed heads I will fight you in the middle of this kidnapping!

the-lil-potato  asked:

Can you do Chat Noir with 5A and Marinette with 5C?(p.s. I LOVE your art, you are very talented)

“Mari.. is that.. is that… yoUR NEW DOG OH MAN MARI Y DIDNT U TELL ME U GOT A PET”

(awww thank you~~ Im happy you like my art!! (even tho they can be quite messy sometimes ^^;;))

Yeah I’m impatient I guess, so I did part 2 already lol. I couldn’t help it, these are so fun to make! 😁❣️

(In case you missed it, here’s the first part-

How does Isak know Even is drunk? Well, the thing with drunk!Even is that he gets happy and clingy. Don’t get him wrong, Isak is not complaining. Where someone might think he’d find that annoying, he finds the constant need of contact, the flushed cheeks and the ruffled hair of his boyfriend were nothing but adorable.

Even doesn’t drink often, which is why, when he does, he gets drunk pretty quickly. He usually just nurses one or two beers over the timespan of the party but on some occasions he allows himself some more drinks.

If it is one of those rare nights, a few things are very likely to happen:

  • Even exclaiming “Halla!” even though they stood beside each other the whole time with a crinkly smile that makes Isak’s mouth widen into a grin in return. With a much softer and lower voice Isak responds, “Halla, baby.” which earns him nose nuzzles when Even leans in. Isak pecks his lips once and then assesses his boy and asks quietly “You ok?” while he bumps their noses once more. Even nods enthusiastically.

  • Even slumping down close to Isak on a couch (or rather, at least half on him) or scooting closer and closer until he has a leg over or under him before he circles both his long arms around Isak’s middle, settles his head down against his shoulder and sighs contentedly. 

  • Even falling asleep curled beside (or on top of) Isak, who strokes his arms up and down or scratches his head or just has an arm around him.

  • Even talking with Eva, Mags, Eskild, Vilde, Ricardo (who even was that again? A friend of Eskilds? Doesn’t matter tho, he’ll be rambling) about how much he loves Isak. (Drunk Eva and or Eskild always agree excitedly and well a lot of gushing happens until Even goes off to find Isak bc he misses him).

  • Even hugging all the boys repeatedly and telling them how awesome they are. Mahdi and Jonas always gently shove him in the direction of either Isak or Mags when this happens (which both of them gladly take on, Isak not at all jealous that the attention wasn’t on him for a minute. Not at all. Ok? He isn’t. Stop, he really isn’t jeez. But that’s enough Mags, give him back already). 

  • Even inviting everyone for breakfast at their place for the next morning and promising a variety of pancakes, fruitsalat, waffles (cue fingerguns at Mahdi), scrambled eggs etc. 

  • Even allwoing Mags to crash at theirs (which Isak revoks instantly).

  • Even hugging Isak or attacking him with cheek kisses out of the blue even though they were in a conversation with someone else. 

  • Even telling Isak he loves him a good 20 times in an hour and dramatically pouts when Isak doesn’t respond with i love you, too in an instant. (which he really always does but Even is an impatient fucker when drunk). 

  • Even poking into Sana’s dimples when she grinned at something sassy Isak says at which both bio buds roll their eyes but can’t really surpress a smirk.

(Thir friends don’t find the cuddling out of the ordinairy since A) they have seen Even drunk before and B) drunk!isak is honestly way worse with the PDA bc drunk!isak is just one hell of a horny guy.)