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new breed- actual water dragons! :D

so i kinda went through every new breed suggestion i could find, but none were quite to my liking… so i made my own! these guys are from the water flight, and i tried to make them as aquatic as i could considering apparel restrictions. ive taken to calling them gulpers for now C:

gulpers are from the murky waters on the border between the tangled wood and the sea of a thousand currents. the poor water visibility there makes sight hunting difficult, and so they use their barbs to sense vibrations in the water instead. they are ambush predators, waiting hidden in the silt with only their feelers exposed for prey to pass by.

gulpers arent picky eaters either! they’ll try to eat anything they can fit in their mouths. the expandable pouch on their throats allows them to swallow a large amount of water- this can be used to make a vacuum that draws in food. this pouch can also be used to hold excess water which can be discharged with great pressure as a defense mechanism.

behaviorally, gulpers are patient dragons whose hunting tactics often cause other breeds to see them as lazy gluttons. in reality, while gulpers can sit around all day waiting for food to swim into their mouths, they are capable of being surprisingly agile if need arises. they strike with extreme speed and precision, and will defend their territory fiercely, though they would much rather avoid conflict if possible.

anyway, thats my take on a possible water breed for now! :D there are lots of good ideas for aquatic dragons (whales, plesiosaurs, mosasaurs, sea turtles… etc) and i hope to draw more varieties later. i just hope fr does introduce some kind of aquatic species in the future! ovo

fic: how to dig your own grave

for @xfficchallenges dialogue only challenge; pg; MSR implied; angst; season 8 spoilers; Mulder runs some errands in Raleigh, North Carolina.


“We try to be simple here, you know. Understated.”

“That’s one way to do it.”

“It’s all become such a flashy experience and I gotta tell you, it’s a little off-putting. This is supposed to be your resting place.”

“But my coffin is bigger than your coffin.”

“Very funny, sir. It’s good to see you hanging on to your sense of humor during what must be a very trying time in your life. Now, what is it you’re looking for? You need to get it right.”

“Understated. A resting place.”

“Well I’ve got just the thing. Look over here: solid walnut. Nothing more classic or comfortable.”

“I’m not sure comfort is a good angle for you.”

“Well we don’t know too much about the dead or what they want, I’d say. All I know is if I had my choice I’d spend eternity crawling back into bed with my wife at night. This is the next best thing.”

“Some people believe there are ways to find out what the dead want.”

“And what does your loved one want, Mr. Hale?”

“To not die.”

“Mr. Hale…”

“Understated. A resting place.”

“You know, it takes a lot out of a man to do this for a person. That’s why I like this job. People think it’s morbid and it probably is, just a little. But I find it a testament to the resilience of humanity and our devotion to one another.”

“Are you as talkative with your other customers?”

“Well they’re not quite so good at responding.”

“I… need to sit down. I shouldn’t be doing this. This isn’t right. I shouldn’t be giving up.”

“Wouldn’t you want somebody to do this for you, Mr. Hale?”


“Mr. Hale?”

“Understated. A resting place. What else you got?”

“We got Norwich Pine over here, elegant, simple and better for the environment.”

“The whole concept of a cemetery is directly at odds with that statement. I mean we might as well just be buried in mass unmarked graves or burned if we want to save the environment. But we get attached. There are treaties and rituals regarding death in every single culture, each one more extravagant and nuanced and steeped in mysticism than the next. Six hundred thousand years ago the Neanderthals were burying their dead with blunt tools and fashionable bones.”

“I thought I was spooky.”


“I guess we just need to know where we’re at. Gotta keep each other safe. Would you rather be buried in nothing? Knowing there’s no way your people could find you?”

“I don’t want the pine.”

“What would you want to see them in?”

“I don’t follow.”

“Your last glimpse of a person. One you love a whole lot. What would you want to see them in?”


“Take your time, Mr. Hale.”

“That sign over there says cherry poplar.”

“Prettiest shade of red you’d ever seen in your life.”

“Let me see it.”

update on my life: my parents are bikers now and are part of a biker group. they wear leather and everything 

so now I theoretically have a group of bikers rooting for me and willing to back me up like in those tv shows where the kid makes friends with rough and tumble bikers and they show up to defend them against the bullies

My wardrobe is still missing some basic items, like wristcuffs, and since my wardrobe seems to have been mostly taken over by brown, I felt that was the appropriate color to start with. I have yet to see how ‘real’ wristcuffs are actually constructed but for my first try I think they came out ok :3 I’ll make extra ribbons in different colors to coordinate them with different outfits, like the golden ones here for Chess choco~

The picture looks really dark but they are nice dark chocolate brown.