my friendship is a heavy burden

During banter, Alistair questions why the crows sent Zevran since he is no master assassin like those he speaks about. It’s so sad hearing that banter after getting to know Zevran because the only reason he accepted the contract for the Warden was because he knew he was going to die. He wanted to die. The guilt of what happened to Rinna was too heavy a burden to bare, he saw no purpose in his life. He was a son of a whore, fatherless, and a murder, no one would miss him if he was gone. Then he met the Warden, someone who actually showed Zevran that he is more than that. Showed him that people would miss him if he was gone, and for that, Zevran gave his loyalty and even his friendship without any sort of personal gain. Zevran is more than wit and charm, and for that, he is one of my favorite characters.