my friends raised me well

All I want is for Draco Malfoy to one day look back on his life and think… 

‘All was well’.

The Quiet One-Halfdan The Black x Reader Part 1

Summary: When Harald and his brother arrive in Kattegat, they are there to meet Halfdan’s wife to be. She isn’t the fierce shieldmaiden he wanted and she can see that. She wants to prove him wrong but finds that she is too scared to do so.

Characters: Halfdan the Black x Reader

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name
(Y/F/N)= Your friend’s name

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol


As I stood beside Ragnar and his family on the docks, the sad, anxious feeling began to increase within me. Aslaug and Ragnar had taken me in when I was a child after my father, a close friend of theirs, died in battle. They raised me well, his sons becoming close friends of mine, almost like younger brothers. I remembered most of my childhood here rather than with my actual father. However, that didn’t mean I had escaped from arranged marriages. My father had left me his riches, seeing as I was his only heir, making me more ‘desirable’ to men wanting power. And one man had finally taken the chance to have my hand in marriage.

“Deep breaths (Y/N), I promise that you will be happy and safe with this man.” Alsaug laid a hand on my shoulder.

“I’m trying. It’s just….it’s just so scary.” I admitted, looking up at her.

Her face twisted in sadness.“I’m sorry you could not choose your fate.”

“(Y/N), Halfdan is a good man. Mother tells the truth.” Ubbe comforted me.

Sighing, I looked back out to the see, shocked that they were already docking. Was time moving faster than normal? My heart started to beat faster and faster until I was sure that it would burst out of my chest. As soon as I had heard that Ragnar agreed to this marriage proposal, every night I had prayed to the gods that this man would be kind to me. There had been so many stories of young women such as myself being trapped in awful marriage, abused daily. It frightened me, I’d rather go into battle.

Two men stepped off the boat first, before others followed them. These just have been them. King Harald and his brother. I could tell because of how fine their clothes were. The man with long, dark hair in a plait approached Ragnar.

“Ragnar Lothbrok, it has been far too long.” he chuckled as they embraced before nodding to his wife.“Alsaug, looking beautiful as ever. And my, how your sons have grown.”

I tried to stay respectful but I couldn’t help my eyes wandering over to my soon to be husband. Just by looking at him I could see why people thought he was scary. His eyes were cold, there was no expression on his face; he was also very tall and well built, it was easy to see how intimidating he was.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), it is a pleasure to finally meet you.” Harald stood in front of me, bowing slightly.

“The pleasure is all mine.” I curtsied, trying to give my best smile.

“This is my brother Halfdan. I’m sure you two will get on well.”

We said nothing to each other, only bowing out of respect. After that I didn’t look at him. My hands started shaking, my breath becoming uneven. Who was I marrying? How was I going to get through this?

Later that evening, a feast was held in honour of the New arrivals. The only time I had seen the brothers was at the beginning of the feast, when the speech was made about our engagement. I felt a relief as he walked away, ignored me. Escaping from Aslaug, I found (Y/F/N), hugging her tightly. Suddenly I broke down, desperately trying not to cry.

“How are you feeling?” She asked as we sat down, pouring me a big cup of ale.

“Awful.” I simply answered.

“I can’t believe they are making you marry him. I’ve heard some terrible things about him.”

“Like what?”

“Like how he is a ruthless killer, he has no emotions, how violent he is…” her words trailed off as he saw my horrified face.

“I’m marrying a monster.” My head dropped into my hands.

“Perhaps he is not so bad. They may just be rumours from people that fear him.”

“Everyone fears him! Why would they marry me with him?”

“They care for you, they wouldn’t leave you with a man who would hurt you, Aslaug would never allow that.”

“Power overthrown emotions.”

The night dragged on and I did everything to avoid Halfdan. It wasn’t as if he was coming after me, but I didn’t want to be near him. For a moment, I was sat by myself, my mind clouded by what the future would hold. Glancing to the door, I thought about escaping, maybe I could hide in the hunting cabin.

“(Y/N), may I sit with you?” Harald suddenly appeared.

I nodded, the nerves creeping back up.

“You have not spoken to my brother since we arrived.”

“I just haven’t found the time.” I lied.

“No, you are scared.”

“I do not mean to offend either of you. I have heard….things.”

“About how fierce my brother is during battle?”

“Something like that.”

“My brother is not a bad man. When he has killed, it is for a good reason.”

He was trying to make me see differently.“Even if he wasn’t like that, I would still be upset.”


I didn’t want to get on the wrong side of the king but I couldn’t help scoff.“Because I’m being married off to a stranger.”

He leaned in closer, intimidating me.“It is not just you that is being forced into this. My brother was reluctant too. So not act like the victim. But believe me when I say that you will be safe with my brother.”


The wedding day came quickly. Aslaug had helped me prepare, her motherly side coming out as she tried to keep me calm. Whenever she looked to me, the fake smile came out, a part of me knew that she didn’t believe me. As we made our way to where the ceremony was taking place, I felt like I was going to be sick. I just hoped that I wouldn’t do it in front of everyone.

The ceremony was a blur. This would be the second time Halfdan and I spoke to each other and they were our vows. A chaste kiss was shared between us, the eruption of cheers making me jump. At least someone was happy today.

A feast was held again that night. Everyone else but Halfdan and I seemed to be having a good time. We sat next to each other amongst his brother and my second family, still no conversation being passed between us. Nibbling on bits of food, I drank more than I ate, knowing that I would have to be very, very drunk to survive the night. I saw one of my friends waving me over, wanting to dance.

As I went to stand up, Halfdan grabbed skirts and pulled me roughly down into my seat. He looked over to me.“No. You stay here.”

His hand was still gripping my skirts.“Why? I want to be with my friends.”

“Because I am your husband and I said so.”

I glared at him, the alcohol giving me a slight confidence boost.“I want to dance with my friends.”

“Too many men have been watching you, I don’t want you out of my sight.”

I huffed, sitting back in my chair. Grabbing a jug of ale, I poured another huge cup to myself, chugging most of it back. I could feel my husband watching me but I couldn’t care less. Carrying on drinking, angled myself away from him, forgetting everything Aslaug had taught me about being a lady.

Ragnar suddenly stood, grabbing the attention of everyone in the room.“I think it is time for the husband and wife to share their first night together.”

The noise escalated again, making me wince. Halfdan stood, holding a hand out to me. I looked to Aslaug, seeing that she looked guilty. Trying not to burst into tears, I took my new husband’s hand, trailing behind him slightly as we walked through the crowds. Halfdan received pats on the backm, the men roaring as encouragement. The harsh breeze of the night was a horrible contrast to the warmth of the hall. He kept a hold of my hand, though not in a tenderly way; as if I would run off, which I probably would.

I walked into the house first as he opened the door for me. There was no escaping now. Sighing, I took off my cloak, expecting him to grab me and drag me to the bed. Instead, nothing happened and out of my peripheral vision, I saw him starting up the fire.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“What does it look like I am doing?” he stood up again, dragging a chair over to the fire.

“Don’t you want to get this over with?” I stumbled towards him.

“I prefer to not force myself on free women.”

“Only slaves then?”

His eyes narrowed at me.“Besides, you are in no fit state to bed.”

“I did this for both of us. I made it easier.”

“Is that right?”

“Well, if we aren’t doing anything, I’m going back to the hall.”

As I went to turn around, Halfdan slowly got out of the chair, not needing to rush due to my drunk state. He leaned back against the door, watching as I struggled to walk straight.

“Let me past please.”

“The only place you’re going is to bed.”

“I thought you didn’t want to bed me.”

“I don’t. But there’s no way you’re going out there and embarrassing me.”

I said nothing to him, knowing I wouldn’t win this. Instead, I sulked away, disappearing into the bedroom. Before closing the door, I heard a smash and a grunt, almost making me scream. He had spared me tonight, but how many other nights would I be left alone? As I slid into bed, all of my emotions took over. This wasn’t the life I wanted, this wasn’t the life I deserved.

But now I was stuck in it.

The One Where Sherlock and Molly Are 'Just Friends'
  • *Molly's flat; lying in bed*
  • Sherlock: *smoking* We can be friends who sleep together.
  • Molly: *fiddling with the sheet* Yeah, this could be just...something we do. Like tennis.
  • Sherlock: *nods* Sounds smart and healthy to me *glances at her* Whilst we're on the subject, do you currently have any other tennis partners?
  • Molly: *shrugs* Just Mary *pauses* That’s actually tennis, though. But she is setting me up with a mate of hers next week.
  • Sherlock: *disappointed* Oh.
  • Molly: *swallows* Did you want me to cancel it?
  • Sherlock: No! *sits up; avoiding looking at her* No! Because, if you did, you’d be cancelling for me, and we’re just friends.
  • Molly: *smiles weakly* Exactly. I- my thoughts exactly.
  • ...
  • Sherlock: *ruffles his hair* I’m not fine, Molly. I’m not. How can I be fine? Picturing you with someone else, doing what we've been doing *sighs* Would it be so terrible if we were...friends who don't date other people?
  • Molly: *hopeful* You mean like exclusive friends?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Why not? Let's face it, this has been the best month. Even if we were friends who lived together *playing with his cigarette* Or, friends who stood up in front of their other friends and vowed to be friends forever.
  • Molly: *grinning* You've thought about that sort of thing?
  • Sherlock: More than is healthy, yes.
  • Molly: *sits up and strokes his arms* One day, we might even hear the pitter patter of tiny, little friends.
  • Sherlock: I'd like that.
  • Molly: *kisses his cheek* Me too.
  • Sherlock: *flicks the cigarette; smirks* Quick game of tennis before work?
  • Molly: *giggles* Yeah, why not? *kisses him*

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I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, timkon (I've been thinking about that for decades but couldn't get to it)

There was something Tim didn’t say often. Hell, it was something he didn’t think often. But when the bouncer just let him and his friends into the small, out of the way club without even bothering to card them, they words just came tumbling out of his mouth. “Jason was right.” He gawked, looking over to Bart, who looked like he believed what had just happened even less than he could. Stephanie snorted and pushed his head, earning a look that she promptly ignored.

“Told you he had a point. It’s Gotham for Christ’s sake.” She chuckled. It wasn’t like they were horribly underaged, Bart was the youngest at 18 and Steph was almost twenty. In another year or so, she could have gotten into the 21 plus club legally without a problem. But as she and Jason had stated, it was Gotham, as long as you didn’t stir up enough trouble to involve the cops, no one cared.

Even then, Tim thought looking around the club, which was an utter cesspool of drugs and underaged drinking. A place like this probably has more than a few of Gotham’s finest in the owner’s pocket.

It wasn’t long before Steph ditched them, disappearing into the crowd of sweat, drugs and rock n’ roll that was the dance floor, following a girl that, while Tim only got a quick look at her, looked suspiciously like his sister. He thought about asking Cass when he got home but decided on the (off) chance he was wrong, he wouldn’t give his adoptive sister the blackmail fuel. Not that Tim acted out regularly. No, that was Jason’s and the Demon’s jobs, ones that they were far too good at for Tim to even think about getting into competition with them. It just felt nice to be the one to break the rules every once in awhile.

Bart’s betrayal hurt a little more, seeing how the younger teen had even asked Tim to stick close to him so they didn’t all lose each other when it was time to leave. But a high energy place like this where there was lots of people? Tim really shouldn’t of been surprised when he turned to ask him a question and Bart was gone, probably dancing with strangers. With a sigh, he headed to the bar to see if he could get a drink without the bartender double checking his I.D.. Spoiler alert: He could. Easily.

Maybe an hour went by and Tim had stayed in the spot he had (somehow) managed to get at the bar, not for lack of trying on some of the other patrons lack of trying. He had been asked to dance a grand total of twelve times, he had counted and turned down each of them. He sat there with his rum and coke and kept an eye out for Bart. Steph had texted him about ten minutes before and said she met with a friend and got a ride home (maybe asking Cass was worth the potential of her having blackmail on him) and he wanted to make sure his own ride was okay. He turned back to check his phone and sighed at the text he had gotten. Speak of the devil. Apparently Bart’s cousin, Wally, was there and he had booked it before he could see him without thinking. The text was probably meant to be a warning, since normally where Wally was, Dick wasn’t too far behind but Tim knew his older brother was stuck at a GCPD charity dinner along with their adoptive father. Even if Dick was there, Cass wasn’t the only one who had collected blackmail over the years. He let Bart know he didn’t have to circle the block for him, he would get a cab or text Jason (the good thing about having an older sibling that didn’t mind bending the rules, he wouldn’t rat him out) when he finished his drink. So much for a ‘wild night out’ he guessed.

He got a refill and texted Jay, figuring he was at work or with Roy when he didn’t immediately text him back. Deciding he’d give it another half hour or so until he called a cab, he tapped his fingers against the side of phone in time to the song that was playing. It was older, but a crowd favorite, one that he liked a lot (was it Joan Jett? Or Heart? He couldn’t actually remember) though for the life of him he couldn’t remember what it was. Suddenly, there was another body next to him. Out of instinct, Tim looked up and blinked. The guy was taller than him from what Tim could tell, leaning over the bar to try and flag down the bartender like many before him. The dark curls that made up his fauxhawk fell over his eyes a little, causing him to brush them away. He wore a leather jacket, dark jeans and…a Superman shirt? The last one had caught him off enough to snort, causing the guy to look over at him.

“Something funny?” He raised an eyebrow, though the hostility that was probably supposed to be in his voice was gone, blue eyes softening a bit when he actually looked at Tim, who gestured to his shirt.

“Just wasn’t expecting it with the rest of the get up.” He hummed, sipping his drink. He wasn’t drunk, he could handle more than two rum and cokes, but he was maybe a little buzzed because he couldn’t help stare at the bright, gap-toothed grin the other gave him.

“What can I say, I like my comics.” He chuckled, turning slightly to fully face Tim, looking him over as he leaned against the bar. “Got a name?”

“What’s it matter if I do?” He hummed, earning another chuckle that actually sounded like fucking sunshine.

“Well normally I like knowing someone’s name when I ask them to dance.” It was then he noticed he had a bit of an accent. Midwestern maybe? Whatever it was, it was doing things for him.


“Conner.” He smiled, leaning closer. “My friends call me Kon.”

“Well?” Tim raised an eyebrow, finishing off his drink.

“Huh?” Kon blinked in confusion. Tim smirked a little.

“I thought you were going to ask me to dance.”

There was that damn laugh again. Kon stood up straighter and offered his hand. “Dance with me?”

He took it and sent a quick text to his brother.

‘I won’t need that ride after all.’

Pastel Meets Punk

Genre: AU, Fluff
Word count: 5k
Summary: Soulmate AU where pastel!dan is dragged to a party by his best friend PJ, who ends up leaving him alone at said party. Dan meets punk!phil and they hit it off immediately. Dan doesn’t realize their soulmates until later, and sets himself a mission to find his soulmate once again, with the help of his friends.
Beta: the wonderful and amazing @miememegan
Trigger Warnings: only swearing

A/N: This is the fic that I wrote for the phanficexchange and I finally get to post it!!

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