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The Pawns And The Kings

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Smut

Plot: The reader is kidnapped, left alone in utter darkness. Once the day of her auctioning comes, she’s given to the head of one of the worlds most powerful gangs, Jungkook. She was nothing but a gift to him. But her little soul turns out to have the power to turn the tides in the worlds angriest ocean. And it turns out, Jungkook isn’t the only man whom eyes have settled upon her.

The devil was once an angel - a beings who’s sole purpose was peace and love. He held the grace of heaven in his hands and the love of God carefully sewn into his skin by a master seamstress. But one day he grew jealous, the sin in the form of an emotion plagued him. He aimed his heart towards this jealousy and lurched in it, losing himself. The thread in his countenance unwound and the needle grew dull. He had lost his grace. He fell from his family, being crowned the king of despair and agony, becoming the utter essence of hatred that grew in him, becoming the nature of his still beating heart. He had lost it to the desire to be worshiped, and granted himself, henchmen. 

And so he was given a new name, a name that has only been uttered from a dead man’s lips. What a cold pale purple they hold, the cracks running down the skin as they shiver out the name. “Min Yoongi”

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What are some of your favorite tf fanfictions? any human x transformers? ;)

To be honest, it’s been a long time since I’ve read any transformers fics because there’s just not much out there I’m interested in. But I do have one on here I love so far and my favorite transformers blogs so hopefully that’ll help. 

So @writeyouin has a new Swerve fic that is so freaking awesome so far! I love their writing and definitely recommend their blog because they have a lot of other great content. 

Okay so here’s a long ass list of some transformers blogs I love. You probably already know some but I’m gonna tag them anyway because they deserve it! 

@zenxenophilia (a mutual, friend and overall amazing person who inspired me to start my own blog and is also a fantastic writer, has talked to me about personal stuff thank you, CRAZY KIND PERSON OKAY PRAISE THE GODDESS)

@mycarhasasecret (a mutual who always does my requests despite them being stupid, thank you fam you rock and so does your writing)

@cybertronianrecords (has no idea who i am lol but i love their blog so much, so much detail in their writing??)

@anonymous-human-girl (awesome writer x100, mutual, friend, kicks ass, good person who i am rooting for)

@fortheloveofsinkind (an NSFW tf blog that has some good quality shit okay, good shit)

@rocksinmuffin (i fucking love this blog, i would die for this blog, lots of other fandom content too, so much awesome smut my god)

@transformers-headcanons ( awesome writing and sent in one of my first requests)

@theamicaendura (great writing!!! love it! so jelly!!)

@robotrashcentral (omg i love this blog omg)

@tilallareimagined (yo great content and really funny, fucking amazing match up they did for me, big inspiration)

@til-yall-are-one (also really funny and great content!)

@tranformers-4-life (a friend, a mutual, i love their blog SUPPORT, also has talked to me about personal stuff thank you)

@random-bubble-writings (i need them to come back because they have some banging writings)

@peachcanwrite ( i have loved her blog for a long time and she’s another person that really inspired me, helped me get my blog running and with my insecurities about writing, friend, mutual, best person!! great artist!!)

@robotsandromance ( funny, great writing, cool people)

@caribouwritings (she’s been busy with school and i miss seeing her on my dash because great writer and really nice person)

@smstransformers ( a kind, good person with hilarious stuff on their blog and fun content, i love all the lambo twin with ratchet as their dad, FOR REAL CAN’T GET ENOUGH)

@self-indulgent-scribbles (been following them for a long time and i love their blog HOLY SHIIIIITTTT)

@herzspalter (has some of the best fanart i’ve ever seen!)

@transformativeramblings (freaking amazing blog woot woot)

@ask-shadowsinner (long time follower, amazing blog!)

@beebeegal (a lot of awesome writing and reblogs of cool art)

@mtmte-headcanons (Omg i love them! super nice person, super great writings, super cute blog!)

@spaceficsforall (yo check them out! it’s worth it, good shit!)

@veesheadcanons (another blog i’ve been in  love with for a while)

@tfwiki (okay so this is more if you ever need to know about the tf universe but they have good information and it’s been helpful multiple times for me)

@more-than-meets-the-canon ( i miss their content because HOLY FUCKING CRAP IT’S GOOD)

@until-all-are-one (one of the first transformers headcanons blog i followed and began to get me excited about the fandom again)

@letsdiscussrobots (SMOOCH EVERY ROBOT INDEED, go follow for real they’re a great writer!)


There are plenty more but these are the ones I get excited about the most!! All of them are amazing and deserve lots of attention!! Go check them out~! <3 


After the Beep.


Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: All of the in-between moments of a relationship, captured in the one-sided monologue that is voicemail. 


This has been sitting in my drafts for over a week whoops.

This isn’t the Untitled Garbage Fic that I’ve been rambling about but hopefully it will hold you over until that one is post-able.

Basically, I wanted to start getting words flowing again for the first time since we finished WYCH and that manifested in me choosing the absolute worst format for telling a narrative story. Honestly, this may or may not be the dumbest thing I’ve ever posted like @ becca why would you think this is a good structure for a fic? 

I hope you get a kick out of me fumbling my way out of writer’s block lmao.

Also ps shout out to @fragmentofmymind​ for being great at all times and for reading through this monstrosity for me (and providing that gif), she’s super awesome and super talented and if you aren’t following her already then honestly where have you been??

Word Count: does it even matter? the format on this is weird I’m so sorry.

The number you are calling cannot be reached. Please leave your message after the beep.

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A/N: this is just a funny little concept (also add me on snapchat bc I’m v lonely lmao and I like to post snaps about my fat cat: sammy-campbell) (plzzzzzzzz I’m v lonely and I want friends lmao)

Genre: fluff I guess idk shits pretty funny

Pairing: Dan x reader

Summary: let’s just say there’s a pretty awkward confession of some sorts

Warnings: swears but that’s to be expected (it’s also gonna be really short and most of it will probs be written in a texting format)

Word Count: 871 words

Your P.O.V

I was on the couch eating a bag of crisps while the tv was blaring in the background when my phone vibrates beside me, and then again, and then again….. and then again

‘Stupid group chat’ I muttered to myself in annoyance. It wasn’t much of a group chat, just some of my closest friends. There was my ultimate best friend, and then there were Dan and Phil.

I really liked talking to Dan and Phil on this particular group chat in all honesty, because the banter is always top notch that leaves me in laughing fits, especially over Dan (no I don’t like him pffffftttt what are you talking about you’re crazy???!?!??!!?!?!!!!??!?)

                                        Internet Sluts 👅🍆💦 
                        (an actual group chat name I’ve been in)

okay, who the hecky was in charge of naming this group chat?

Best Fraaaannnnd:
that would be me 💁👑

why am i not surprised?

                           I mean, the original idea for the name was gonna be way worse

Do I want to know?

Best Fraaaannnnd:
Probs not tbh

ive imagined it and now I have regrets

Best Fraaaannnnd:
Oh please it’s probably not as bad as you’re thinking get a grip dan omg

whAT COULD POSSIBLY BE WORSE THAN ‘internet sluts 👅🍆💦

                                            Okay that’s enough you two, break it up yeeeeaaaaa

These were the kinds of moments I lived for in the group chat, there was never a dull moment

'You need to tell your boyfriend to get a grip’

I get a text from my best friend. I roll my eyes at how salty they’re being. And yeah, okay so maybe I like Dan, but it’s not big of a deal…. right?

'He’s not my boyfriend lmao I wish tho’

I reply back and then lock my phone. And then I started thinking and contemplating things, I unlock my phone and start typing a message to my best friend

                                                  Sometimes I wonder if Dan will ever like me back

                                                                             Well, the way I like him anyways

I suppose you don’t have the wrong chat, do you, (Y/N)?

                                                                                                             HOLY SHIT

                                                                                                                OH FUCK

                                                                                                   WHAT THE FUCK

                                                                                              WRONG CHAT SHIT

                                                                                                    HOW THE FUCK


                                                                           HOW DO I DELETE MESSAGES

                                                                                                     FUCKING FUCK

Best Fraaaannnnd:

                                                             sTOP LAUGHING AT ME YOU JACKASS

                                                                                                             IM CRYING

                                                                       HOW DID I FUCK UP THIS BADLY

Best Fraaaannnnd:


Wtf did I just walk in on?

A lot ngl

Best Fraaaannnnd:

                                                                How the fuck do you leave group chats?

Best Fraaaannnnd:


                                                                                     THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT

                                                                                       I BLAME YOU ENTIRELY


wait, you like me?


Best Fraaaannnnd:

Ngl this is the single best thing to happen all week lmao

I might need some popcorn this is like a modern day soap opera

                                                                                               PHIL NOT HELPING

(Y/n), you like me?


its okay bc i like you too

like the way you like me

ive had a massive crush on you for years


                                                                                                                   You do?

Best Fraaaannnnd:
You do?

Yeah, you do?

I’m so confused

I thought you would’ve told me

The reason I didn’t tell you Phil, is because you can’t keep secrets to save your life

I mean, you’re right,

But still,

I’m offended.

Best Fraaaannnnd:





                                                         Okay first of all, (best friends name) get real,

                                                                                                          Second of all,

           We literally just found out and in all honesty I’m still trying to process what            happened

                                                                                                           And honestly

                            I never thought it would happen in this god forsaken group chat

I guess all there is left to do is this:


Would you be willing to go on a date with me this weekend?

                                                                                              of course I would dan

Best Fraaaannnnd:


                                                                                    i thought phan was your otp

Best Fraaaannnnd:

(Tag urself I’m 'best fraaaannnnd’)
Undefined ( Tom Holland )

Request by anon: #3 and #6 with Tom please! (as two different prompts if you have the time :))

a/n: HI GUYS!! I feel like its been such a long time since I’ve written something so I decided to smoosh this all into one story. Sorry Anon I would have loved to write it as two prompts but I don’t have time. Anyways I enjoyed writing this one; it’s a bit longer then my others so GRAB A SNACK! I hope you enjoy hehe Also I’d like to thank @hollandsenses she’s really great and she helped me come up with the story line!! Go follower her and her amazing blog :)

p.s. bold means its the prompt

word count : 1915

featuring : Zendaya

Pairing : Tom Holland x reader


Prompt list (now accepting Sam Holland requests)

A silent tear rolled down your cheek and dropped onto the already damp shirt of Tom Holland, lying in your lap gasping for air. The bullet hole in the red and blue suit he was wearing, became more and more red than blue as his blood seeped through the material.
“No Peter, You can’t die. Please don’t die. I need you.” Tom continued to wretch and gasp for air as he keeled over and blood ran from the corner of his mouth. He turned back to you and locked eyes, his brown ones danced with fear as they searched your face for the truth.
“You need me?” He questioned a look of longing appeared on his face. “I don’t think I’m going to make it.”
“No.” you said firmly, “you’re going to,” and you looked up into the blazing spotlight mimicking the suns rays on set.
“And CUT!” The director yelled from his chair. “That’s a wrap on the Infinity War! Thank you all so much for being part of this production!” An eruption of cheers made its way throughout the studio as you and Tom got out of your scene positions.
“That was a great scene Tom, I can’t believe we are done.”
“I know,” said Tom nonchalantly, “you’ll get used to this eventually.” You nodded as four makeup stylists came to remove the special effects from your bodies and to wipe away the fake blood. Tom turned to you and you couldn’t help but giggle at the fact that his face was being pulled every which way by makeup wipes.
“What do you say we go out to dinner tonight?” Tom asked suddenly.
“To celebrate?”
“Uh- yeah to celebrate.” Tom replied with wariness. “I’ll text you the details, right now I have to get this sticky suit off of me.” You nodded in reply as you were continually poked and prodded by the stylists. You watched Tom walk off to his trailer. Damn. You hated to see him leave but loved to watch him go.

Once you were back in your trailer, you turned on your speaker and hopped in the shower, letting the steam melt away the stress of the day. Your muscles released their tension as you let the hot water cleanse the places you wouldn’t allow the makeup wipes to reach. Rhianna’s Umbrella came on your speaker and you couldn’t help but laugh, Tom coming to mind. You really wish you could pull off that wig as well as he did. You mentally made a note to tease him at dinner about it. The hot water ran cold as you started thinking about dinner. There were other members of the cast. It wasn’t just you and Tom. Surely he would have invited them too. If it was just you two, was it a date? Or was it just two friends out at dinner. You stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around your middle and went on a hunt for something to wear. Was it formal? Was it casual? Was it burgers and fries or some $70 crab leg? You saw Tom’s name pop up on your phone thrown on your couch.
“Dinner tonight at 7:30. I’ll pick you up at 7. Dress fancy. Location is a surprise ;)”
What a fucker.
You riffled through your closet hoping to find something appropriate for you to wear. But not too appropriate, if you know what I mean.
“Damn it y/n! This is your first time on a movie set. You don’t need to hook up with your co-star! You shouldn’t be that girl!” You openly said to yourself.
A light knock on your door startled you and you were suddenly very aware of your stark nakedness.
“Hang on one second!” you frantically yelled. What if it was Tom?
“It’s just me!” Zendaya called back.
“Oh okay, I’m naked don’t come in.” You were glad that you had reached that level of comfort with her. As soon as you met on set the first day of production, you two clicked as if you had been friends since grade school. A minute or two later Zendaya popped her head in the door.
“All clear? I’m not in the mood to be flashed today.”
“Mhm” You mumbled back pulling your shirt over your head. She strolled into your kitchenette and started opening the cupboards; clearly in search of food.
“Time to go grocery shopping?” you questioned in a laughing tone.
“I swear, everyone comes into my trailer and eats my food. Is it really that hard to go to the store? There’s one about 5 minutes down the road from HERE.” She heightened her voice when she found a box of crackers and popped one in her mouth.
“I would love to accompany you to the store tonight, but I have plans.” You replied in a sly tone, as you worked a comb through your hair in the bathroom. You heard fast paced foot steps towards the you. She swung her head around the frame of the bathroom door.

“I know that tone. Oh. My. God. Are you going out with who I think you’re going out with?”
“Okay okay relax, I know it sounds crazy; this whole thing is undefined. I have no idea whether we are going out as friends or something more then that. I guess I’ll find out tonight!” Zendaya grabbed your hands and you guys jumped up and down together as if you were in second grade.
“What are you going to wear?” She asked pressingly. “Is it casual or fancy?”
“He told me it was fancy, can you see if you can find anything in my closet that might be close to acceptable? I don’t think I have time to run back to the hotel.”
“You know who does? This girl. I did have a date with Netflix tonight, but I think he’ll understand.” Zendaya snickered.

A life time later - or so it seemed - Zendaya came knocking on your trailer door again. You had lightly curled you hair and it fell in beachy waves over your shoulders. A soft dusting of makeup was thought to have completed the look until she showed you the dress she found.
“Now that completes the look.” You said almost breathless as you stood marvelling at yourself in the mirror.
“I couldn’t find one in your closet that was right for the occasion, you know, uncertain-of-where-this-relationship-stands-but-I-really-like-this-boy-dinner, but I sure as hell found one in mine. Damn even I would date you,” She said sitting from the couch behind you. The dress fell to about mid calf and it was tapered at the bottom so it gave a slimming and sculpting effect. The red of the dress set a fire in your eyes. You turned around and your heart started the hammer. What if he liked me?

When 7pm rolled around you have convinced yourself that this was just a fancy dinner with your friend, so if anything a little extra happened you would be surprised.
“You look great,” Z exclaimed, “Just pretend I’m not he-.” A knock at the door stopped her mid sentence. You took a deep breath and opened the door to a fresh pressed white shirt; sleeves rolled to the elbows and trousers accompanied by smiling eyes.
“You look gorgeous,” Tom breathed, his eyes spilling over the fitted red dress.
“And you just look - wow,” you could barely form a sentence. You were going out with this man? Score. The car ride was pleasant. There were some silences but they weren’t awkward, they were comfortable. It gave you a change to appreciate his presence. You noticed how the car was filled with the faint smell of cologne. The woody masculine smell, was just the right amount to make you melt; almost completely, looking into his eyes would surely take care of the rest.

The restaurant welcomed you by taking your coat and your name for the check. They did the same with Tom and you were taken to your seats. A table right by the window, overlooking the skyline of the city. You must have been distracted by Tom in the car to have realized you were driving up so high.
“So,” Tom said, snapping you out of your thoughts, “I think that we both deserve to know each other better. We both worked so hard on set, we hardly got any time to know each other. And I think you’re one to get to know.” The last few words make your heart nearly break out of your ribcage and insist itself upon Tom.
“Well I was born in Winnipeg. It’s a smaller city in Canada. I’ve always wanted to be involved in acting. You were actually on of my role models when we were younger,” you glanced up from your glass. You hadn’t realized that you were playing with the condensation collecting on the outside of it. Tom’s eyes were locked on yours and a warm blush arose to his cheeks. You continued. “My family is very important to me. But I had to see that fall apart when my parents got divorced. It really showed me that I had to be there for myself, and to love myself.” You let out a sigh, the worlds weight lifting off your shoulders. Tom smiled that award winning smile and he reached across the table and grabbed your hand. His thumb ran in circles over the back of your hand as he told you about how he grew up in Kingston and how it’s been hard for him to be away from his family this much. How he’s glad he has people like Harrison in his life and how he’s happy he now has you. Your heart threatened to leap out again when he showed you a picture of his dog Tessa on his phone.
I’m not jealous,” you said crossing your arms and turning up your nose in sarcasm. He chuckled and let go of your hand as the waiter brought the food that you had ordered. The comfortable silence fell over you two once more as you began to eat.

The plates were cleared and you sat back in your chair; stomach full. A sigh escaped your lips; your heart was content. Tom’s hand came crawling back to yours at the soonest opportunity. His touch grew flowers in your lungs, they were beautiful but they made it hard to breathe. The connection thought your finger tips whizzed with electricity you were sure could be heard by the people sitting behind you. When you looked into his eyes you felt him reading your emotions, trying to understand you; trying to listen.

He draped your shawl over your shoulders as you stepped outside into the night air. The hand of his on your lower back provided protection and a sense of warmth. You sat on the hood of his car with him next to you, the skyline of your future reflected in your eyes. You hadn’t realized you’d driven so high. High enough that the air was thinner. But also high enough that you realized he would provide you with all the oxygen you would ever need. He was your air to breathe.
“It’s beauty reminds me of you.” Tom interlaced his fingers in yours as you leaned your head on his shoulder. And suddenly, all at once this relationship was no longer undefined.


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Okay I have no idea how I got 1K, like holy shit my mind is blown, but my whole life has waited for this moment LOL. Idek how to express how happy I am😭 It makes me so happy to know that 1,000 people like my blog enough to follow it! You guys all mean so much to me. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. YOU. When I reached 10 followers back in July, I thought it was the greatest day of my life😂 WELL LOOK HOW FAR WE’VE COME! I say “we” because we’re basically a huge family haha this entire fandom means the world to me, and so does every single blog!

THANK YOU TO SO MANY PEOPLE I CANNOT TAG EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. BUT I CAN TAG A LOT! (Also I’m sorry for being that annoying person who goes crazy with thank you’s I promise it’s just this one time! I’m just very excited ahhhh and I feel the need to thank a lot of people!)

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Message For You - Part Two

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

Pairing: Stiles x Reader


A/N: I’m gonna do a part 3. Not gonna I struggled writing this and I don’t really like it. So, please be nice.

This is not really edited and English surprisingly is still not my first language.

As always, thanks to Lele for kicking my ass and helping me with this. I love you more than skittles. ❤️ @golddaggers


Part One 

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Constellation- 2

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Lee Minhyuk

word count: 2539

Nothing’s going to tie you down. Especially not a boy with a telescope.

🎧 Blister in the Sun - Violent Femmes

You see Minhyuk around campus a lot more now then you used to, or maybe you just look for him more. Either way, you see him leaving the library, you see him switching classes, and you see him heading to the cafeteria. Almost always heading in the opposite direction of you. Whenever you see him your breath usually gets caught in your throat and you can feel yourself longing for the connection you get when the two of you are on that rooftop.

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PLL 7x18 Review

HELLO people reading this. I have a lot to say and its 3 am so I’m just going to get on with it. Here is my review for 7x18 (only two episodes left) of PLL. As always its all over the place and doesn’t make sense at times, but hey you’re watching one of the most confusing shows of all times, I’m sure you can figure out my bad review. Sorry it’s really long…

1. Let me start this all of by saying this episode was very good and I was very (HANNA RIVERS IS OFFICIAL) happy with how they seemed to balance the (HANNA RIVERS IS OFFICIAL) romance with the game. Also the (HANNA RIVERS IS OFFICIAL) countdown was pretty cool.

2. OH and HANNA MARIN IS NO LONGER. She now goes by



5. I love a good countdown as long as it isn’t counting down to Hanna Marin’s *cough* Rivers *cough* possible death.

6. But now lets start at the beginning of the episode where Marco left? But hey Tanners back. I would rather have Marco arresting me but, THAT’S ME.

7. Spencer is playing the whole “I don’t know him”. How could get forget the most pointless ping-pong date ever?

8. “Wait , so are you two…?” “Well, about time” HANNA MARIN IS ICONIC

9. Mona was finally on to Aria being on AD’s team. THANK GOD.

10. Mona keeping her receipts on Aria

11. Anyone else REALLY thinking Ezra is AD? I mean he knew everything? Showed up at all the right times. Ezra would give Aria a free pass out of jail.

12. “Ezra would’ve gone to jail” “So what?” GOD BLESS YOU ALI I NEEDED SOMEONE TO TELL HER THAT.

13. No offence, Aria but most people think he should have gone to jail? I KNOW. Crazy.

14. Aria was looking at Spencer the whole speech? And Spencer low-key broke up with her.

15. “You can find your own ride” YES SPENCER

16. Aria thinks she can just hang up on AD *cue AD’s creepy monotone laugh*

17. Ezra was weirdly okay with Aria’s report BECAUSE HE KNEW?

18. Tell me Ezra how?

19. Toby recovered well from his wife dying like two days ago..

20. I knew there was a Spoby kiss (from the promos that spoil the whole episode) but I didn’t think they would go there SO soon after, you know…

21. But yay Spoby is back and Emison are probably being recorded in the woods.

22. It’s like these girls forget they have a stalker. If it was me I would be Mona, with three locks on my door.

23. Speaking of Mona, she isn’t AD.

24. I see people on social media (Besides Tumblr We see through the writers) being like “Mona’s AD these writers are amazing” “OMG Mona is in on the game” Honestly I feel like these are the people that the writers see, and that’s why I’m afraid for the ending. Twitter fans (not all of them) are so far up the writers asses, the writers probably think they wrote an Oscar winning ending.

25. Sorry, rant over.

26. Ezra get your hairy leg out of the Emsion scene

27. Ezra get your hairy leg out of my Spoby scene


29. Oh yeah Haleb got married tonight… Look at me acting like I forgot I was sobbing then screaming at Ezra to roll of the couch.

30. I won’t cry at my own wedding like I did at Haleb’s




34. I love Hanna and Ashley’s relationship. Watch next week Ashley covers for Hanna again and confesses to killing Rollins…

35. I love Caleb to death but he can’t keep a secret

36. Ashley asked him twice about Hanna and he cracked.

37. Imagine that conversation “Yeah your daughter killed Rollins, lol”

38. Ashley was just fine with her daughter killing someone? I mean, why wouldn’t you be?

39. Hanna not being able to stay mad at Caleb was the cutest thing ever.

40. I’m so glad Ashley was invited to the wedding, even though we didn’t get to hear any vows because Ezra’s sweaty back was on my screen.

41. I love how Haleb’s wedding was shown in a montage with the other couples going at it.

42. Who thought that was a cute idea? Sex scenes can be a different montage then A WEDDING.

43. I can already feel people saying Caleb and Hanna getting married is sketchy. But we all know from this episode that Caleb can’t keep a secret so if he was hiding something I’m 101% Hanna knows too.

44. Just so you know the faces Hanna and Caleb make after Spencer smashes the phone, was my face through out most of this episode.

45. AD can now cause phones to go up in flames? It’s reasons like this I have little faith in a good AD.

46. “Lets make a pack guys, we will all have each others backs” “I swear” “Me too”

47. Alison isn’t stupid.

48. All the girls were pissed off at Aria yet Caleb calls his best buddy Ezra to help him solve his phone mystery.

49. Hanna control your husband

50. Caleb is Hanna’s husband

51. Hanna is Caleb’s wife

52. I love that concept.

53. Can the police arrest Aria for being an idiot and choosing creepy Ezra over her friends? Please?

54. My second favorite ship is back Mona+Game board forever. I hope they are the big wedding in the finale.

55. Nerd Mona is back?

56. PROMO TIME. Here is a crazy idea, how about for once we don’t spoil what will happen in the next episode. No? Okay.

57. Charlotte’s killer is revealed and she wasn’t scared of them? I don’t know who is in the episode next week but my guesses are Jason, Ezra, Aria, Melissa and my main one baby face Lucas. I KNOW LUCAS IS LYING I JUST NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WHAT.

58. But other then that the promo was kind of chill? A lot of #endgame and crap with running shots.

59. But aren’t Spencer, Hanna and Caleb working together to find out more about Charlottes death? I could be making that up…

AD guesses

Lucas- I’m going with probably not, but PLEASE

Ezra- PLEASE???

Spencer’s twin- GOD NO

Wren- He isn’t I just miss him:)

Some other irrelevant character we barely know- Probably

Thank You :)

Okay, I just - thank you all, so much. You wonderful and kind people, I can’t thank you enough for following. It’s honestly crazy. I started this blog to post some of my wild ideas, maybe get some feedback - and have been inspired by what I’ve found. 

An amazing community, truly wonderful friends and readers who brighten my every day. I know it hasn’t always been easy, but I’m happy to be here. Thank you very much, for enjoying the worlds inside my head as much as I do. Here’s to many more stories <3

320 State Street: (11) May 3, 2017 | AO3


Pay attention to the date.

“Hey there, this is Phillis Hofferson. I’m unable to take your call right now, but if you leave a message or text me, I’ll make sure to—“ Astrid hung up the phone and grit her teeth. This was the eighteenth time she’d tried calling in the last hour, and her mom still wouldn’t answer.

She had gotten home from a nearly 12 hour drive, at 10 o’clock at night, only to find the house empty. Barely any furniture and both of her parents were gone. There was no point in calling her dad, considering he couldn’t answer…and her mom had to be with him anyway.

Her phone rang. Finally!

“Mom! What’s the big idea!? Where are you guys? Where is all the furniture!? What’s going on!?”

Astrid honey, calm down.” Her mom’s soothing voice from the line spoke. “Your father is at Hanson’s right down the road.”


You know, the Hospice on Glenlord?

“Hospice! Since when!? I thought dad didn’t want to go to Hospice!”

Well, he didn’t. But…” There was a quiet pause on the other line, and Astrid heard traffic.

“Mom, where are you?”

Honey…I’m not coming back.”

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Lucky Ones.

I sat in the passenger seat of my best friend Cecilia’s car looking out the window and wishing I could just remain inside the comforts of the 4-door vehicle. Having a best friend meant a lot of things, including doing things you didn’t really want to do.

Like attending concerts of music artists you didn’t really like just because she liked them or skipping out on a night of Netflix and chocolate to go to a club.

…And breaking into her ex’s home to retrieve a laptop.

Okay so maybe it wasn’t technically breaking and entering. She had a key. I just didn’t think that Max had thought of the fact she still had that key or at least thought of a way to pry it out of her slimy hands.

I missed happy Max and Cilia. They were now angry M&C after their bitter breakup that just so happened to occur in my living room while I sat on the couch awkwardly trying to watch tv and ignore the yelling and they stood in front of me blocking any chance I had of a decent view.

Yayyy love!

Now Cecilia had insisted on dragging me to her ex’s place of residence in order to get back a laptop the couple had supposedly shared throughout their relationship. Had I been thinking straight I would have opted to just buy her another. It would be cheaper than having to spend my night in jail after Max called the cops on us.

“Why did I let you talk me into this? Max is going to kill you and more importantly, me! He actually used to like me, you know?”

“Oh please. He’s not even home. Live a little.” She gave that shrug and coy smile that is always given in the movies before the character ends up doing something bad. Something really bad. I was just waiting for the lights of a car to pull into the driveway and come and save me from this wretched plan my best friend had come up with.

Without another word she stepped out of the car and I stupidly followed suit. I could hear the vibrant jingle of the car keys in her hand as she searched for the key to the home on her chain.

“What’s on this laptop anyway?” It had to be something important if she was going through so much effort to retrieve it.

“A sex tape,” she spoke nonchalantly while I, meanwhile, almost choked on my own spit. Cecilia looked to me and giggled with amusement. “Juuust kidding. It just has a few documents for work on it that I stupidly didn’t email myself.”

“Why don’t you just ask him for it?”

“Because it’s no fun if I just ask. Besides he’s not going to just hand it back to me. We’re bitter exes. That’s not how it works.”  I guess that was a sufficient excuse. Arriving at the door, Cecilia calmly entered her key into the lock and twisted, pushing the door open and I could hear a slight sigh of relief as she gained access to the home. “Still works.”

My heart was beating rapidly, as if I had just run a mile instead of driven here. “So what do you want me to do? Be the lookout?”

She quickly shook her head. “No. That’s my job. You’re going to go upstairs and grab the computer. It’ll be easy.” While she spoke as if I was just pouring myself a glass of water, my eyes widened in fear.

“What? No way! This was your idea! Why do I have to do the dirty work?!”

“Because just incase he’s a psycho who has hidden cameras placed around his room, it’ll catch you, not me. He likes you remember? He wouldn’t call the cops on you but me? Whew. He’d put me in Guantanamo Bay if he could.”

Oh great. Thanks. Bet my livelihood on someone’s liking of me.

“You’re fast. You’ll be fine. Now go!” She urged me forward with a light push to my back and as I reluctantly glanced back to her over my shoulder, I knew there was no turning back. It was now or never. I couldn’t fail too miserably, right?

I inched towards the staircase, my eyes glancing around the unfamiliar home. Though Cecilia and Max had been together for eight months and I was forced to play third wheel quite often, I had never been in his place. I didn’t have much time to learn my surroundings now either.

Approaching the top of the staircase, I saw a bedroom on the right side further down the hall. I went towards that first. The door was slightly open so I simply pushed the door and crept inside some more. The room seemed empty as my eyes did a quick sweep and there were no sounds emitting that suggested I was invading Max’s company.

Like a treasure chest waiting to be discovered, my eyes fell on a Mac placed right in the center of the bedspread. This was turning out to be simpler than I thought. I moved towards the computer and grabbed it into my arms but the slight sound of a soft patter of a foot nearly made my heart jump out of my chest.

That was when I noticed the bathroom door in the corner of the room, light emitting from it as it began to pull open.


I thought to haul my way out of the room, down the steps, and to the safety of Cecilia’s car but it seemed my feet weren’t moving quite as fast as my mind. The figure from behind the door began to walk out, unaware that there was someone else in his room too.

My mouth began to form an apology to Max until I realized it wasn’t him.

And that was when he noticed me.

“What the hell?!” He yelled as his hand that was once playing in his wet, messy hair now dropped to his side.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry!” I could feel my cheeks flush red in embarrassment, from not only being caught but from catching this stranger fresh out of a shower with only a towel wrapped around his waist.

It seemed now that any fear he had of me, if there ever was any, dissipated when he inched forward until he was standing right in front of me. “What are you doing with my laptop? I’m going to give you 5 seconds before I call the police.”

“I-I was grabbing it for my friend. This is Max’s laptop and it has something that belongs to her on it.”

“What? Max’s room is down the hall. This is mine.” Without warning, he grabbed for it and pulled open the screen, revealing a desktop background of what I assumed to be him in a vibrant jersey.

He looked a little different fresh out the shower.

The intensity of my blush found a way to get worse. “Oh…I’m sorry. I guess I had the wrong room.”

“How did you get in here?”


Just in the nick of time, my best friend’s voice could be heard coming closer to the bedroom. “What is taking you so long? Can you not find it?” It was then that she entered the doorway and her steps halted as soon as she saw the stranger half-naked beside me.

The man uttered a disappointed groan, his head resting back some as he sighed her name. “Cecilia.”

“Oh. Julian. Funny seeing you here,” she said through a fake smile.

“I live here. What…what are you doing here? And why is she in my room?” He now motioned to me.

“We came to get a few things. That’s all.”

“Get out or I’m calling Max.”

“Aw, come on Jules. That isn’t necessary. I just need a few documents for work off of the computer Max has. That’s it. You know if I would have called and asked if he would have even picked up, he would have said no.”

The man I now knew as Julian sighed, looking sternly at Cecilia for a moment before mumbling his first sign of approval, “Fine. But that better be all you’re getting or I swear…”

“Scouts honor!”

Cecilia quickly exited the room, leaving me awkwardly standing next to the towel-clothed male who now decided to turn and look down at me. “I am so sorry,” I began to apologize again. For the first time, a smile broke his face.

“I’ve had worse things happen than finding a strange, attractive woman sneaking in my bedroom.”

Attractive. That word lingered on repeat in my mind for a while before I spoke again. “Strange?” I teased with a raise of my eyebrow.

“Strange in the sense I don’t know you, not personality though that may be true too,” he winked. I think I liked this guy. He took steps toward a dresser and began pulling out items of clothing, turning to hold two shirts up in his hand. “Since you’re here which looks better?”

He held them up so I was better able to see. “They look nearly the same.” The only difference was one shirt seemed to be a darker shade of red than the other.

“Exactly. They’re my lucky shirts.”

“You have lucky shirts?” I questioned incredulously.

“Yes. You don’t?”

“I have lucky underwear.”

“See. Same concept only one gets you laid and the other just makes you look like you have potential.”

An amused giggle left my lips as I tried to hide my amusement behind my hand. Julian smiled as well, tossing the shirts to the bed and holding his hand out to me. “I’m Julian. And you are…?”

“Y/N, Cecilia’s best friend who gets dragged along on her crazy adventures.”

“I see. If you’re as crazy as her, maybe I should be ending our conversation now.”

There was another giggle from me. “I’m not.”

“Well it was lovely meeting you.” I could see him look in the direction of the clock on his dresser. “I must be getting dressed or I’ll be late but if you did enjoy stalking me and breaking into my bedroom as much as I enjoyed you doing it, you should join me tonight,” he chimed with a charming smile. It was a charming smile I couldn’t deny.

“And where would that be, Julian?” I teased with a smile of my own.

“There’s a bar a little ways down the street me and a few friends will be gathering at. Max won’t be there so if you have to drag Cecilia along, I suppose that’s fine. I guess the story would be much funnier told with her there.”

“Are you sure your friends won’t think I’m crazy after hearing your version of the story?”

“Oh, they will but crazy is how I introduce all of my girlfriends.”

An amused chuckle escaped my throat. “Then I guess I will be seeing you there. I’ll leave you to get dressed.”

“Good idea. I don’t typically show off until the second date.”

“So tonight is a date?”

“Is this right now not a date?” He joked, as he motioned around the room. Julian laughed a bit. “Okay okay. I’m being too forward and my stupid jokes and yeah…I’m ruining my chances already. I’ll see you at the bar,” he nodded, now wanting to shut himself up which I found absolutely adorable.

“See you then, Julian,” I called over my shoulder while I exited the room and shut the door behind me. Who knew breaking and entering could end with me getting a date? 

gif credit to juliandraxlerfans.

EXO’s Reaction to YOU Being Pregnant {Requested}

“EXO reacts to their partner being pregnant :)”

Here you go anon! :)

Xiumin: “You’re pregnant?!” Ahh he would scream grabbing you and wrapping you in a big hug before backing up and asking you if hugs would hurt the baby. As you happily shook your head no, he’d scoop you up and hug you again.

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Luhan: “This is so amazing baby” he would say with a big smile “I hope we have a little girl so that she can be beautiful just like her mom” He’d step behind you and hug you from the back laying his head on your shoulder. “I guess i got that good good after all.” You’d groan and wrestle out of his hold as he laughed at his silly joke.

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Kris: “A baby? Really?” He would stand there with you looking at the pregnancy test. Oh my goodness Jagi! we have so much we have to do we have to buy so many things, aughhh!!! Why are you not planning with me?” He’d ask you as he produced a pen and paper from his pocket. “We still have 8 more months babe, I think we can take it slow.” He’d laugh at himself then pull you in for a hug. “I’m just happy.” He’d tell you “So very happy.”

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Suho: “I love you Y/N….I’ve always loved you but i love you even more now.” he would say as he kissed after you had showed him your ultrasound pics. “A baby, our baby, This is great.”

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Lay: “So you’re telling me that all of my amazing hip thrusts actually may have made a mini me?” He’d ask you with a smile and you would playfully shove him and groan at his silliness. “Yes babe your awesome moves are the sole reason we’re having a baby.” you’d answer with an eyeroll. “Good!” He’d respond before wrapping his arms around your waist. “Then we did pretty good babe, pretty good”

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Baekhyun: “Awhh cuddle bug we made a baby? Oh wow I’m going to be a dad! Hmm if it’s a boy Let’s name him Baekhyun Jr. and if it’s a girl let’s name her Baekhyuna!” You crossed your arms and looked at him. “You’re never serious, are you?” He’d come to you uncross your arms and hug you close. “I’m serious now babe, I’m really excited for this.”

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Chen: “Babyyy!!!” He’d rush you pick you and twirl you in the air! “We’re having a baby!!” He scream out to anyone that could hear. “My love and I are are going to be parents!! Ahhh.”

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Chanyeol: After you told him that you were pregnant he would be speechless for the first time in his life. After hugging you for a long moment he would finally be able to say “This is unbelievable but it’s the best unbelievable thing that’s ever happened. I love you Y/N.”

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D.O.: “Look at this Jagi” He would tell you as he pulled out an old worn stuffed animal. “This was my first friend and maybe this could be the first friend to our baby too.” You ‘d smile at him as he waved the toy in front of your belly. “I think that’s a great idea hon.”

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Kai: “Me? A daddy!” He would start smiling and not be able to stop before then asking if you felt okay, and if you needed anything, and would let you know that he would make you any crazy dish you wanted, even if it was peanut butter on pickles. “Anything for the mother of my child” he’d say as he kissed your forehead.

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Tao: “So you’re telling me that in a few months we’re going to be the proud parents of our very own baby?” You smiled and snuggled in to his arms. “Yep, that’s what I’m telling you.” He would tighten his hold around you where you lay “That’s so cool Y/N! Ahh seriously this is the best!”

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Sehun: “I can’t stop smiling!” He’d tell you. “We’re having a baby and I’m going to be a dad and I just can’t stop smiling!” You laughed “It’s okay you can smile as much as you want baby.” He’d grab you ad kiss the smile still on the corners of his lips. “I feel like I’m experiencing the full definition of joy, right now, with you.”

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anonymous asked:

FUCK i had no idea you were the author of 'devour'! i love mpreg too! but what about Hux? any headcanons/fic ideas about pregnant omega hux?? pleasee??

omg omg okay omega Hux has become my  o x y g e n so you came to the right place my friend

  • ok Hux would hate being pregnant…his clothes not fitting him anymore, his feet and back aching like crazy during his long hours on the bridge but mostly he’d hate people knowing that he’s been bred because thats what the alphas at the Academy used to bully him about, that a weak omega like him would only be useful as a breeding bitch
  • but, bless, Kylo is so supportive and so protective of Hux, scowling and growling at any alpha officer who dares allow their gaze to linger on Hux for too long, and Kylo constantly makes a point of telling Hux how strong he is for carrying their child, though Kylo can’t help but linger around Hux on the bridge to make sure that his pregnant mate is taking care of himself
  • and Hux totally can’t fight his natural instincts so he starts to nest, building a den in the corner of his and Kylo’s quarters, using Kylo’s warmest robes as blankets
  • and Kylo totally lets him do whatever his precious omega wants
  • Hux swells with Kylo’s child, his stomach grows bigger and bigger until he’s deemed unfit for active duty and he’s confined to his quarters for essential work only, which Kylo is only too happy about because now he can keep a close eye on Hux’s and the child’s health
  • Kylo, almighty and domineering alpha, would totally sing Alderaanian lullabies to Hux’s stomach (MIRRORBRIGHT)
  • two words: pregnant sex
  • Kylo would love it, seeing his bloated pregnant mate writhing underneath the touch of his alpha, whispering his name until he comes all over his own stomach
  • OH and Hux would have suuuuch sensitive nipples and Kylo’s new favourite thing to do would be to suck and bite them until Hux can come from that sort of touch alone
  • ….but then Hux would absolutely have a complicated labor
  • Kylo would wake up in the middle of the night to find empty sheets next to him, looking across the room to find Hux in his nest of blankets and Kylo’s clothes, sweating and in pain that something isn’t right, it isn’t supposed to feel like this
  • and Kylo has to soothe Hux to the point where he’ll leave the safety of his nest and allow Kylo to carry him down to medbay
  • the child is incredibly distressed (force sensitive baby? Hux is too thin? early labor? you decide!) and Kylo is trying so hard not to rage at the doctors, to scream at them to do something to help Hux, who’s crying in such pain
  • but when Hux wakes up from the c-section, he looks to his left and sees Kylo sitting with a little red-haired baby, smiling down at her with such a wild admiration in his eyes
  • and Hux knows that Kylo is going to be the most protective father in the galaxy
I’m always there when you need me-Anon Request

Hiya, everyone!

I hope everyone’s having a good week so far.

So here I am, with another imagine. i feel like its a little short, and mostly dialogue, so I apologize about that.

But I liked writing it, nonetheless. 

‘Hi! I love your blog an was wondering if you could right an imagine for me? (my boyfriend is really sick and he wants me to come over to his house and take care of him) is that ok? Thankkk youuu!!!’

Love, Sarah

y/n= your name b/n= boyfriend’s name

Sleep. Sleeping is great, such a great thing. A thing that shouldn’t be disturbed unless:

1) the house is on fire, but even in that case, I could be carried outside and not be disturbed from my slumber

2) someone is dying

3) Dylan O'Brien is at my doorstep

4) you are in possession of a (preferably more than 1 but I’ll take what I can get) Hershey’s cookies and cream chocolate bar


And so, last Saturday, when my phone’s obnoxious ringtone started blasting loudly from its place under my pillow, let’s just say I was not a very happy camper. In a groggy state, I’d reluctantly reached for my phone, slid my thumb across the screen, but not before my eyes shot a quick glare at the time: 2:55AM, and brought the phone up to my ear with a loud sigh.

It went a little like this…

“For your safety, I seriously hope someone’s dying for you to be calling at a such ungodly hour of the night.”

“So you want my brother to die? Geez, y/n if you want to break up with him don’t be so harsh about it.”

I frowned and pulled the phone back, long enough for me to see who was calling. I quickly sat up in bed after seeing my boyfriend’s name on my phone screen and brought the phone back up to my right ear.

“What? What’s going on? Why are you calling from b/n’s phone?”

“Well, dear apple of my brother’s eyes. I got home to find my brother puking his lungs out on his bedroom floor. Extremely gross.”

At that point I was more than awake, and quite worried.

“How in the world? What did he eat this time?”

“I have no idea,” b/n’s brother murmured with distaste in his voice. “He was out with his friends tonight though. They always end up doing some crazy, and stupid, really stupid shit. And-oh God, ew! He’s puking again! Mom!”

I pulled the phone away from my ear, cringing at all the commotion coming from the other hand of the line.


“Yeah okay, y/n. My brother’s being a little bitch and he’s whining about some pot brownie, I think he’s high and drunk, definitely drunk. And he’s fucking puking. It’s disgusting. Anyways, he won’t let anyone touch him and he wants you to come over. I think he’s about to cry, hurry up.”

“Huh, okay,” I mumbled, immediately springing into action. “I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

After slipping a pair of shoes on and grabbing my keys, phone and raincoat, I slipped out of my room and towards my parent’s. I knocked twice before pushing the door open and rushing to my mom’s side.

“Mom, mom,” I said, frantically shaking her shoulder until she woke up. “b/n’s sick and I need to go take care of him.”

My mom’s tired eyes took me in a she sighed before glancing at the time on her nightstand’s small clock. “y/n its 3 in the morning.” She remarked with a sigh.

“I know mom, but he needs me, I’ll be careful and I’ll text you as soon as I get there.” I don’t know what struck my mom to let me do such a thing but I didn’t question her and nearly squealed in happiness before pressing a quick kiss to her forehead.

“Love you guys!” I whisper-yelled before slipping out of their room and down the stairs.


Thankfully, the roads were crystal clear at 3AM and I made it to b/n’s house without breaking any laws. Okay, I might’ve ran a red light, or two, but that’s a detail.

Once I was safely parked into their driveway, I sent a quick text to my mom to let her know I was doing okay.

After locking my car’s doors, I made my way up to their door and rang the doorbell once. Less than 5 seconds later, the door swung open to reveal b/n’s very annoyed brother. “y/n! Thank God you’re here!” He cried, pulling me inside and closing the door. “I don’t know how much of my brother’s delirious whining I can take.”

I rolled my eyes at him, and quickly slipped my shoes off before darting towards the stairs. Once at the top of the stairs, their very distressed mom greeted me. She proceeded to hug, and thank me a million times before ushering me towards the bathroom.

With a small sigh, I pushed the door open and cringed at the smell and sight. My boyfriend’s top half was slouched over the toilet with him holding onto it for dear life. Another sigh left my lips and I let my raincoat fall to the ground before entering to bathroom.

“b/n, hey.” I crouched down next to him and brushed some hair away from his forehead.

 ’‘Baby, you’re here.“ He looked up at me, eyes redder than ever and lips quivering.

 ’'Of course I am.” I smiled at him, my heart breaking at the sight of his limp figure. I just about jumped out of my skin when an inhuman sound left his throat before his head disappeared inside the toilet.

“Oh, God.” I groaned, turning my head away from the sight, rubbing my hand over his back in circular motions. I let him go until the only sound I could hear was him coughing and spitting in the bowl.

“Okay,” I reached for some paper and helped b/n sit down, with his back resting against the bathtub. He seriously looked like he was about to cry and I knew I could laugh about that later. I wiped his mouth and chest until all trace of vomit was gone and threw the paper away with a grimace. 

“What did you get yourself into this time?” I sighed, running my fingers through his damp hair.

“Th-they were like hey, hey! Lets eat this and,” he giggled before poking my cheek with his index. “You’re so cute, babe. So beautiful.” He was then full on stroking my cheeks with both of his hands.

The click of a camera was heard from behind us and I watched b/n’s eyes widen in horror before he tried pulling himself up. I glanced behind me and glared at b/n’s brother who raised his hands up in surrender.

“Go.” I order and he rolled his eyes, walking away and snickering down at his phone. I turned back and came face to face with a pouting b/n.

“He took a picture, and I look horrible.”

“No baby, you look great, I promise.” I lied because he did look pretty horrible. Two words. Sweat. Puke. The smell was horrible and he was literally glistening under the bathroom light because of how sweaty he was.

“Okay, I love you. S-so much, like bigger than the Milk Road-”

“You mean the Milky Way?” I corrected him with a chuckle. He simply fell silent and sat there, staring at me with a blank face.

“Okay, do you think you can stand? You need a shower.”

He shook his head and jugged out his bottom lip. “Can I have a bubble bath?”

“Jesus. No, we don’t have time for that. C'mon, I’ll help you.” I slid my hand under his armpits but he almost immediately slouched down after hearing my response.

“No? You don’t love me anymore?” His eyes were glistening with tears and I sighed.

“Of course I do, sweetie. I love you but you can’t have a bubble bath right now.”

With his right hand, he reached up for my cheek and started stroking it. His hand was super clammy but I didn’t pull away, not wanting him to start bawling his eyes out on me. “K-kiss me. ” He demanded, lips puckered up and right hand still stroking my cheek.

I frowned and placed my hand on his, pulling it down until it was resting on his thigh. “I can’t, you’re all-”

“Oh my God, ” He cried, his body slumped down even lower and his head fell backwards. He closed his eyes and his face contorted into a pained expression. “You don’t love me! Oh m-my God. You don’t wanna kiss me anymore. I don’t want a new lover, please. ” He whined while clutching my t-shirt.

“No, ” I held back a laugh and pushed some hair away from his forehead yet another time. “I love you, but I can’t kiss you right now sweetie. I’ll hug you now and later, once you’re all clean I promise you can get a kiss. ” I bargained while chewing on my bottom lip, hoping he’d stop whining so I could get him into the shower.

He frowned before lifting his head up and opening only one eye. “Pinkie promise? ” He asked, holding his pinkie out in front of me. I nodded and tightened my own around his for a seconds before resting both of my hands on his thighs.

“Good, okay. ” I pulled him in for a quick hug, smiling when he rested his chin on my shoulder. “Okay, lets get you in the shower. ”

Now, I’ve taken care of this fool before while he was sick, but never once was he drunk, and possibly high while it happened. It was already hard enough when he was just sick, so imagine having to help a delirious teenage boy shower at 3:40AM. What could’ve been done in 10 minutes took us 30 minutes. I ended up with the top half of my sweatpants completely soaked and my patience hanging on a very thing thread. But I loved him, and I still do, so I wasn’t that mad.

At 4:15AM, I’d changed into an old pair of b/n’s sweatpants and he was lying down in his bed with a damp towel over his forehead. The effects of the alcohol had started wearing down and he was looking at me with the guiltiest of looks on his face. I got up from my crouching position and placed his empty glass of water on his nightstand before sitting down next to his lying figure.

“How are you feeling? ” I questioned, running my fingers through his hair, a thing I knew he loved.

“Better. You’re so good to me, too good. ” He frowned before taking my free hand in his and pulling me down until I was lying face to face with him.

“You need to rest, ” I rolled my eyes, ignoring what he’d just said. “Do you need anything else? ”

He shook his head; frown still etched onto his pale face. “I’m sorry. I know you were tired because of work, I didn’t mean to. ” I smiled at him and rested my hand on his cheek before pressing a kiss to his nose.

“It’s okay, babe. I’m not mad at you, ” His features softened and I scooted closer to him. “You needed me so I came. Just stop doing stupid shit; I don’t want you to get really hurt. Then I’d be mad and scared. ”

“I love you so much. Can I get my kiss? ” He pleaded with a cute pout. I laughed and pecked his lips a few times.

“There, ” I smiled. “You got like five, how’s that? ”

He grinned at me and gave me a thumbs up before closing his eyes. “I’m so tired, can you stay with me? ”

I smiled and leaned in to press a lingering kiss on his lips. “Yeah, sweetie. I’ll stay. ”

The End

Voilaaa. I hope I lived up to your expectations Anon 😊 

And I hope everyone enjoyed!

Have a great night everyone 💙

Love, Sarah

SMH as things people have said to me (since everyone is doing these kinds of things)
  • Jack: Sometimes I can't tell if you're joking or not and it really fucks me up.
  • Bitty: Your southern ancestors are rolling over in their graves at you pronouncing it puh-cahn.
  • Shitty: Did you know your grandmother was the one who taught me how to sort the seeds out of the weed? She taught me how to roll a joint, too.
  • Lardo: Sometimes I think da Vinci just tried to see how gay he could make his paintings without getting caught.
  • Ransom: I think I have everyone I've ever met as a friend on Facebook. Is that not normal?
  • Holster: I think I'm mostly straight? Probably like 95% straight. I don't know, but I would totally bang my best friend, okay?
  • Nursey: Wanna hold my hand and pretend to be dating to piss off that homophobic guy that's always preaching the Bible outside of the dining hall?
  • Dex: I think it's pretty awesome how we became friends because we hated everyone else that lived on our floor.
  • Chowder: I feel like if I had to live with you I would go crazy.
  • Whiskey: You don't actually have to be the greatest person in the world. You just have to, you know, not suck.
  • Tango: Is it a bad idea to microwave raw bacon for like, 5 minutes?
  • Johnson: It's accepted knowledge that we know for certain some things. But have you ever thought about how exactly we know what we know? Like, the color blue. How do we know that it's the color blue for everyone? What if my color blue is actually your color red, but we just learned the same name for it so it's called blue to both of us?
  • Kent: If your cat is missing after I leave, don't check my bag.

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I like to think that at Josh and Donna's wedding, they fought over who got to have Sam as their Best Man/Man of Honor.

Donna glanced up from her clipboard when Josh walked in the front door and threw his overcoat onto the already precariously balanced rack. She made a bet with herself. Thirty extra minutes on the treadmill if he went ninety seconds without-

“I can’t believe you’re still being so unreasonable about this!” he whined as she mentally awarded herself an extra scoop of ice cream after dinner. “Twenty years, Donna!”

“That’s a long time,” she agreed mildly, looking back down at her clipboard and hiding her smirk. “Does it make you feel old?”

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Happy Birthday Stef!!

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(warning: this is fluffy)


I’m so so so thankful that we met you have no idea! Like when you first messaged me about brownie points (omg that was so long agoooo) I was like wtf are brownie points and I felt so awkward and you had to send the post and I was like ohhhh yea i forgot about that and I was so scared that I scared you away with my awkwardness but IT ALL TURNED OUT OKAY!😂 I’m so happy you can deal with my craziness, and just ME in general lol. You’re my Itaian buddy, my best friend, and someone I can talk to anything about knowing I won’t be judged. I know that we’ll always be friends, and I hope you have an AMAZING day because you deserve it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY❤️