my friends didn't even get why i was laughing

  • Gavin: So, er, I heard from twitter, that you told the internet that I once tried to make out with you.
  • Geoff: Oh, I could have sworn that story had come out before.
  • Gavin: I mean it's not true so whe-
  • Geoff: It's absolutely true.
  • -Geoff goes on to explain what happened-
  • Geoff: We were watching Tommy Boy,
  • Gavin: Yep, remember it.
  • Geoff: We we're all fucked up,
  • Gavin: -laughs- yeah
  • Geoff: Like super fucked up, watching Tommy Boy. Griffon left to go a party, er next door with Chad and Brandy. We were laughing, and sitting like err... not cuddling, but sitting very close to each other on the er, lovesac.
  • -argue over whether it was the lovesac or the couch-
  • Geoff: So we're sitting there, and er... you turned over to me and you said err "You know what would be funny-
  • Gavin: -laughs- Nope. -proceeds to tell his version of events-
  • Gavin: This is what happened, bunch of people walking through the house constantly, we're trying to watch this movie, we're kinda laughing at the fact we couldn't hear anything, I think Larcon was there, everyone was there running around and then all of a sudden everyone was gone at once and the door shut. And /as a joke/ I turned you and said and I was like "So we should probably make out now, right?" Ya know, like a little, throwaway comment. In /your head/, ever since you've thought I wanted to bang you and you thought that was a real attempt at making out.
  • Geoff: I didn't say you wanted to bang-
  • Gavin: I didn't lean in, I didn't try, I didn't say anything more than that.
  • Geoff: You had a look on your face that said you were serious
  • Gavin: No! I didn't!
  • Geoff: You we're like "It's a joke hahaha I mean it-
  • Gavin: Why would I wanna make out with you?!
  • Geoff: I dunno, I could think of a lot of reasons I mean look at me.
  • Gavin: -laughs-...what?
  • -they discuss with Michael how this has come up before-
  • Michael: You wanna make out with dudes.
  • Gavin: What?!
  • Geoff: It's true, you even did it in a video.
  • Gavin: Well, that was for a video.
  • Geoff: You had your camera.
  • Gavin: ...
  • Geoff: ...
  • Both: /Anyway/
  • Geoff: I-I-
  • Gavin: I-I I think your a nice person and a nice friend but I think you're disgusting, you're like a weird-
  • Geoff: I was really flattered and I appreciate it but I just don't think of you that way, my wife would be upset, so...
  • Gavin: -argues Geoff is uncomfortable with his sexuality-
  • Geoff: You just! You- you know why you're upset? 'Cos I said no to you. You got scorned.
  • Gavin: You didn't even say no or get weirded out you just laughed.
  • Geoff: ...and then I said "What are you serious?" And you said ""
  • Gavin: Not true at all.
  • Geoff: And you got all quiet and nervous and realized you been a little too honest with me and er you we're uncomfortable.
  • Gavin: Because Tommy Boy is the time for honesty.

rat-tarot  asked:

Courferre who have been best friends since they were like 5 and we're each others first kiss and and all that stuff but didn't even get together until their late twenties/early thirties because "dude why would I date him he's my best friend"


when they’re 12 and at a party someone asks them why they haven’t just dated. they look at each other and courfeyrac crinkles his nose and combeferre laughs a little and they just go “we’re best friends! that’s weird!

15 and they’re asked again during lunch and courfeyrac still laughs and says “he’s my best friend! it’d be a little awkward!” combeferre hesitates. “yeah, it’d be weird”. but he’s thinking maybe it wouldn’t be

18 and they’re graduating together and courfeyrac’s mom shakes her head and comments, “i swore you two are like a married couple! you sure you haven’t been dating behind my back?” they both shake their head, and mumble “we’re best friends” before being shuffled on to the next family member who says congrats. we’re best friends, it’d be weird, he only thinks of me as a friend they both think

24 and everyone around them is getting together. cosette and marius are adorable and are pretty much married. enjolras and grantaire have finally got their shit together. joly bossuet and musichetta are the dorky, advice-giving relationship who are the actual parents of the group. everyone wonders why haven’t they got together. “we’re best friends” they insist. jehan notices the said look in both of their eyes, but jehan doesn’t say anything, even though they desperately want to. 

29 and it’s been 24 years since they’ve met and they’ve both dated others, none of which have lasted. marius and cosette have been married for two years, and enjolras and grantaire are still dating. joly, bossuet, and musichetta may have well been married. eponine’s got an amazing job and feuilly’s works at a daycare and teaches on the side and bahorel’s opening a business and combeferre and courfeyrac are still pining and they’ve kept it in for years and enjolrassees but doesn’t say anything. “why won’t they say anything?” he whispers as he sees them share another glance. “they’re best friends. they still think the other sees them as only that” jehan whispers sadly in reply.

31 and it’s a christmas party. a dumb christmas party that joly, bossuet, and musichetta do every year, even though bossuet’s jewish, and most of them are agnostic or athiest. but they go together, and everyone’s having a great time, and maybe it’s the season or the champagne or the gifts, whatever it is, but they can’t do it anymore. courfeyrac drags combeferre into the hallway and confesses everything. combeferre just kisses him and said “we could’ve been doing this for years.” “what the hell is wrong with us?”

by the time they’re 32 they’re already married