my friends deserve the best gifts

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This is the best Christmas gift I could receive.
Ultima has a big heart, I feel a bit embarrased, but so, soooo happy the support he gave to me. I’m so glad I can be her friend, because this kind of person really deserve the best things of the world.
I’ll use this money not only for bettter equipment for my animations, I’ll use it for paying the amount the bank requires for buy a house for my mom and I after more than 20 years finding our own home.

Thank you so much for all my Patrons that are helping me a lot too! All of you, you’re making me live my dream and feeling like a worth person who can help her family and bring to them a deserved life. Thank you, thank you so much.

(I’m still having some problems between Paypal and my local Bank Account, but I hope to find a solution soon, by the way, I can receive money there at least for buying some useful stuff for my work via internet. Yayy!!)

The Bet

Sterek, 8K words, Mature (here on AO3)

Cop AU, Fake Relationship, Mutual Pining, Mutual Obliviousness

This is a birthday gift for @cobrilee, one of my best fandom friends (BFFs, if you will). She seemed excited by this idea when I told her about it, and she deserves all the nice things in the world. Tomorrow’s her birthday (the 19th), so be sure to wish her a happy birthday! Happy birthday, love!

“I am totally a better cop than you,” Stiles said, punctuating his words with a little hiccup. He set his glass down on the table with a little more force than necessary and squinted at Derek.

Derek just rolled his eyes, though, and smirked around the edge of his beer bottle. “Oh, yeah?”

“Yes!” Stiles said triumphantly. “Me and Erica are better than you and Boyd.”

Erica leaned into Stiles’ shoulder in solidarity, even as she winked at Boyd. “I can’t say that I disagree.”

“Hmm,” Derek said, tilting his head. “How do you feel about backing up that claim? Like, say, with a bet?”

Stiles hesitated. He was pretty much just bullshitting—Derek was a fucking awesome cop, actually—but he couldn’t pass up a bet. “Like what?”

“Most arrests,” Derek said thoughtfully. “Over the next three months.”

He smirked again, and Stiles gulped. 

“What are the stakes?”

“Well, if I win, you’ll be doing my paperwork for the next six months,” Derek said, grinning, and Stiles groaned. Erica and Boyd both laughed, and Stiles glared at them. He hated paperwork, from the very depths of his soul, and everyone knew it. He’d been known to offer anything, not limited to covering shitty shifts and giving away his first-born, in exchange for other people doing his paperwork.

“Wait, wait,” he said, the gears in his mind working. “Do I get to pick the stakes if I win?”

Derek shrugged and nodded. “Sure. But we have to agree to them now, and I have the right to refuse. I will not do anything that involves me getting naked,” he added, frowning, and Stiles made a show of rolling his eyes and sighing. 

“Okay,” Stiles started. He had a monumentally stupid idea, but well, that was kind of his trademark. At least they usually worked out for him. (Emphasis on usually.) “If I win…you have to go to my ten-year high school reunion next year. As my date.”

Derek laughed, a short, staccato burst that even he seemed startled by, and Stiles grinned, unreasonably proud of himself. Derek was definitely the surly, grumpy type, and even after working together for the past two years, Stiles could probably count on one hand the number of laughs he directly provoked. Even with his constant shitty attempts at flirting.

“Okay,” Derek said, still chuckling. “You got it.”

“You two want in on this?” Stiles asked, elbowing Erica. She and Boyd were smiling bashfully at each other—and probably playing footsie under the table, if Stiles had to guess—but it happened so often that he wasn’t fazed by it. They had started officially dating a while ago, which was why she was Stiles’ partner and Boyd was Derek’s.

“Maybe,” she said with a little hum, before her grin turned lascivious. “But our stakes will be private. And sex-based, obviously.”

Boyd blushed, and Derek rolled his eyes. Stiles mimed gagging as he pushed his stool back. “I’m gonna go get another round.”

“Get me something better than this Budweiser shit,” Derek said, poking him in the side, and Stiles shoved at his shoulder.

“Is that how you treat everyone who buys you drinks?” he asked. “No wonder you never get laid.”

Derek rolled his eyes again—his eyes were practically permanently skyward when he was talking to Stiles—and Stiles smirked at him before heading toward the bar. He pushed through the crowd, waiting for the bartender while he dropped his head in his hands with a sigh.

As if Derek had trouble getting laid. He was the most gorgeous person Stiles had ever seen in his entire life, which, sadly, was only a small part of the huge, embarrassing crush that Stiles had on him. It started as physical, obviously, the very second Stiles laid eyes on him, but it only deepened and got worse as Stiles realized that he was hilarious, smart, sweet, and all those other adjectives that people use to describe people they’re in love with.

He barely refrained from thunking his forehead on the bar, as a punishment for his own stupidity. And now he had three months to arrest more perps than Derek, just so that he could drag him across the country and pretend to be his boyfriend. Which would either end up being the dumbest or most ingenious idea he’d ever had.

His money was on the dumbest.

Read the rest on AO3!

This is for the wonderful @thegalacticpope. I know you’ve been having a hard time and I hope this little HC will cheer you up. 

Imagine Damian Wayne playing Sleeping Beauty in a gender bent version of the play at a junior theater as part of a case.

It’s the best news Tim and Jason have probably every gotten. They are so pumped for this, cameras ready and teasing set to 100%.

Dick is super excited too, because Dami is going to be in a play. But please Damian for the love of all that’s good do not cause trouble, the last thing Dick wants is to get a phone call from the person heading up the whole thing.

He gets more than he cares to admit and wonders why he didn’t set Bruce as the emergency contact. Oh yeah, because Bruce has no idea they’re trying to run a sting/undercover operation.

Of course Bruce knows all about it (Alfred told him, because when it comes to theater Alfred is always in the know) and he’s having a blast watching it all go down. He’s also planning on attending the actual play because he’s not going to miss his son’s debut no matter the reasons behind it.

Damian hates the play, but he’s learned his lines by the time they’ve had their scripts for an hour and knows everyone else’s before the end of the day.

If he’s going to do this it will be perfect, and everyone one else will be perfect too. He gets coaching from Alfred (who was shocked and honored that Damian would ask him) and then proceeds to push that coaching onto everyone else in the play.

On more than one occasion he’s told that his only job is to play his part because no Damian the set has to be this way so we can move it, a full replica is not possible and these costumes are as best as we can afford, deal with it.

Subsequently the Wayne’s make a very generous donation to the costume department and Damian gets the true to era style costumes he wanted.

Cass is silently thrilled. Theater? Plays? Getting to see Damian dressed as a girl? Nothing could be more perfect.

Steph is right next to Tim and Jason with a camera. When else will she get such perfect blackmail material?

Duke is grinning the whole time Damian is telling him about the case, he offers to give Dami some pointers but is shot down right away, he’s also invited (if he’s planning to be useful that is).

Everyone is at opening night. Bruce is beaming, Alfred is hoping things go smoothly and he’ll be able to see the whole play.

Tim and Jason are supposed to be on the lookout for the perp, but are instead taking a billion photos of Damian, Steph is videoing it all for posterity.

Dick was trying to pay attention to what they were supposed to be doing but instead got distracted by how well Damian was doing. Who knew the kid could act? And he looked so adorable all dressed up.

Everyone had lost sight of the real reason they were there until Damian literally throws himself out of a tower and into the crowd, tackling the perp and dragging him behind the stage and discreetly calling Gordon to handle the rest.

The crowd, while confused takes it in stride- weirder things have happened in Gotham.

Damian then returns to his place in the tower and acts as if nothing odd happened (he did have to glare at the girl who was playing the prince when she gaped instead of saying her lines but she figured it out quickly).

After the play Damian complains loudly that he had to do everything, but he’s also really happy with his performance, and everyone (including Father) came so maybe the night wasn’t that terrible.

leinajanson  asked:

14 with Phil or dan please??? Thanks!!!


Sickness has taken over your entire body. If you had to rate your feeling from 1 - 5 you would most likely pick 12. You were sure you had gotten the plague from the public transit. Phil had told you it was probably from sharing your drink with your best friends kid.

“She would never give her favourite person in the world this sickness. I am blaming the public for poisoning my body with germs.” At this point, you were just getting sick and you had no idea what you were in for. Now you could bearly move from bed without having a coughing fit like you had just run a freaking marathon. Phil made you take off the rest of the week as no one at work deserved the gift you could give them. Today was day three of spending the day in bed and you were starting to go stir crazy. Phil was in the lounge working on his newest video. Dan was in his room working so it didn’t help that the house was way too quiet. You decided to do something/ anything before you go absolutely mad.

“Phil?” You waited for a few seconds before giving up and crawling out of bed. You took the soft extra blanket and wrapped yourself in a terrible sick burrito. The moment you stepped into the lounge Phil looked at you like you had lost your god damn mind.

“What are you doing up? I heard you call and I was just coming. can’t you wait a few seconds? Phil was now walking towards you ready to shew you away like you were a snoopy little kid.

“Hello to you to love.” This made Phil roll his eyes as he closed the gap between the both of you. He was holding you into his chest as you snuggled your head in.

“Hello. Now tell me what you’re doing out of bed? Your sick and need some rest and relaxation.” You coughed a little before you responded to his comment.

“I think I’m going to lose my mind if I stay even a second longer in the room alone. Could you maybe edit in the bed and sit with me for a little while? That way I won’t go crazy and you get the satisfaction of keeping me kidnapped like some weird zoo keeper who likes sick animals.” Phil laughed as he let you go to grab his laptop. “Does this mean you’re coming with me?”

“Yes, I am. But only because I feel bad that you are sick and lonely.” You smiled as you lead the way to the room in your blanket of warmth. Once in the room, you took off the cape and crawled back into the somehow already cold bed. Phil took his sweet time finding his charger and getting comfy in the bed. You didn’t really feel much for sleeping at first but once you crawled in bed and had your head right beside Phil’s arm you started to drift back asleep. You felt like you had just fallen asleep when you started to feel the bed shift from Phil getting out of bed.

“How long have I been asleep?” Phil smiled at you in your sleepy confused state.

“Only a few minutes pet. I didn’t want to wake you up so I figured I would go back to the couch.” You all of a sudden felt really sad.

““Please…stay…” Phil looked crushed as his love was feeling so sick and apparently needy.

"Fine but only for a while.” You smile as you pat the bed beside you.

other prompts list.

My Advice to the Sixteen Personalties

•ISTJ- Try something new, it might work.
•ISFJ- Spend some more on yourself; you deserve it.
•INFJ- Don’t be afraid to tell others how you feel.
•INTJ- It’s okay to fail because you can learn from your mistakes.
•ISTP- Use your natural gift to help others.
•ISFP- Make sure the people who you care about care about you.
•INFP- Make sure to share your creative ideas with others.
•INTP- Don’t be afraid to talk to someone new; they might be your best friend.
•ESTP- Sometimes it’s okay to have your head up in the clouds.
•ESFP- Join a hands-on activity like sports, clubs, etc.
•ENFP- Even though it’s good to think about the future, sometimes it’s better to live in the present.
•ENTP- If something’s not broke, don’t feel the need to change it.
•ESTJ- Stop and think about how others feel.
•ESFJ- Don’t let just anyone in your life.
•ENFJ- Find an outlet that works for you.
•ENTJ- Not everything needs to be planned.


Happy Birthday, @scathachbane!!!

Wishing you a wonderful birthday, sweetie. We’ve only known each other for such a short time but you’ve already became such an important part in my life. Thanks for being awesome, a true friend to talk to, who makes me smile and especially somebody who always cares so much.

I hope you like your little gift. Thanks again for being your amazing you and I hope you have a fabulous day! You deserve all the best in the world.

1D Imagine - Baby Thirst

A/N: A gift for the beautiful and amazing Christina over at dibsonthat1d for being an amazing friend and a genuinely incredible person. I love you and I hope you enjoy the best gift I can give - Niall smut.

You’re pretty sure that Niall planned this all just to torture you.

Standing in front of you with a baby grasped easily in his arms, a wide smile on his face as he turned to you, you could feel every muscle in your body clench. The scheming bastard.

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im so tired and full of love i love my best friends zero nd soph so much words cant express they’re so amazing im so lucky i wish i could shower them in gifts and good things everyday bc they deserve all the good things and i wish i could boop there when they’re upset nd im just.. so sappy rn i love my friends i wish i could hug them
@dcwees @ninendo


     i need you. are you with me?

wishing the happiest birthday to my daryl, normy, and pisces sister, reedusgif​! you’re such a good friend to me, and i hope that you have an amazing birthday because you deserve it! sending lots of love and hugs your way, ♥

flyingchancla  asked:

Coco Jambo!!! Happiest day for you. I am so honoured to be your friend, you are an amazing human, full of love and talent, I really look foward to see you on my dash. Wish I could offer more for you that deserve good things, to be healthy, to be in peace with yourself. Adulting sucks so muc but I know you are doing your best and that's ok, I love you, wish I was there to hold you and tell you this, and more, in person. Te quiero mucho. kocham Cię tak bardzo

Alej, gracias mi amor! Reading those kind words from you is a gift <3  You’re my inspiration, always fighting against the odds *hugs*


Ever since the The Picnic, heck, ever since the trailers for the show got shown on Disney Channel, I’ve been in love with Wander over Yonder. It has brought me so much happiness and joy that I can’t even put it into words, and sure- while there have been a few…. Things that could have been better about the fandom, I still can’t believe just how many amazing friends I’ve gotten here.

This is my “See you later” gift for the show that changed my life for the better. I really hope that we the fans can repay what this show has given us, by giving it the third season it and its creators so deserve.

Remember to keep sending letters to Disney, as they can do a lot, as well as sharing the petition.

Keep Wandering everybody.

While the show may end today, me, and other great fans, will do our best to help keep the fandom active.

And to the crew of this show, thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you for being such good and creative people. Thank you for being such good friends with the fandom. And thank you for making this amazing show. We love you all very much.

*dressed up just for the occasion. happy birthday, kiddo.

AAAA @jjhoa HAPPY BORN DAY! this is unfortunately all i can muster as a gift right now because of the exhaustion my final exams have been bringing, i’ll make you a proper gift another time, i promise, because you deserve so much more! I know we met not too long ago, but i already feel like we’re hella close friends!! you make me smile with your upbeat and loveable attitude (and you’re extremely lovely compliments to my own art) and you’re so freaking cool! you’re so talented and your art is so hecking amazing!! ily as much as an aromantic such as myself can, and i only hope the best for you!! happy birthday agghg

[today is my friend’s bday!! (@ask-the-usa | @catty-kitkat)

go send ‘em love bc kit is rlly precious and deserves the absolute best!!]



hey T…
It would mean a lot if you would read this.

PLEASE follow my best friend faith!?

Faith has gone through (and is still going through) so much this year, especially these last few months. I know it would mean the world to her if you followed her. All I want is for her to be healthy and happy again. She’s the sweetest, most beautiful, most amazing friend ever and doesn’t deserve any of what’s happening right now. It would be the greatest gift and I would never ask for anything ever again of you @taylorswift so please, would you follow my best friend faith and give her a little happiness right now? I love you Taylor.

Faith’s URL is @giveyoufaithwiththissong please follow her? 💗💗